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Digital Curation Centre Pipeline Newsletter | February 2011


We’re delighted to introduce our new member of staff. Curation Services Officer Magdalena Getler joins us from the BBC, and will be responsible for the DCC's communications and resources, as well as contributing to external projects and other items of work. We’ve also been recruiting for an online tools developer, and hope to announce another appointment in next month's Pipeline.

Ahead of Magdalena's arrival, Joy, Angus and Sarah have been reviewing the Resources section of the DCC website, to make it easier for you to navigate and find the content you need. We have plenty of ideas for reorganising this, but we welcome your views too via

The Sixth International Digital Curation Conference
Held in Chicago in December, 2010's International Digital Curation Conference was our most successful yet, with the highest ever number of attendees, excellent keynotes, papers and posters, and lots of connections being made between people.

Many thanks to our co-organisers at at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) for helping to make it such a success, along with all of those who attended. You can review video, photos, interviews and presentation slides and more on the IDCC10 event page, and relive the event as it happened by browsing the Twapper Keeper archive.

Libraries@Cambridge conference
On 6th January, Graham spoke at the Libraries@Cambridge conference, attended by circa 250 library staff, in a joint session with Catharine Ward from the JISC-sponsored Incremental project. Preparing the ground for an explanation of Incremental’s very pragmatic action plan for supporting researchers, Graham’s talk explored the historic role of librarians as custodians of organised knowledge and their potential role in the curation of digital research data. The slides from his presentation can be found on the DCC Publications page.


The Future of the Research Data Management Forum
On 13th January, a group of representative stakeholders from the research data management community met in London to to consider the content, outcomes and impact of the first five Research Data Management Forum (RDMF) events, to reflect upon the changes that had taken place in the research data landscape since November 2007 (when the RDMF was created), and to realign the forward strategy accordingly.

Several changes were agreed: the event should have a ‘roaming’ venue, hosted by members of the RDMF community; there should be greater inclusivity, to ensure that the exchange of best practice includes that arising from emerging institutional initiatives; topics for each event should be posted in advance for discussion and development on a billboard; and that the format for the event should include a greater mix of presentations and break-outs. A full record of this meeting will be posted on the DCC RDMF pages in early February.

UK-US collaboration on Data Management Planning
As a result of discussions at IDCC10, we’re moving forward with concrete plans to make DMP Online available for those submitting applications to the US National Science Foundation (NSF). Martin has already collaborated with Sherry Lake at the University of Virginia to map the NSF requirements to the generic DCC Checklist, and colleagues on NSF Datanet projects will be working to test and adapt this further, building in extra functionality to enable institution-specific rules and guidance.

DCC Data Management Roadshow, Sheffield, March 2011
The second DCC Roadshow is coming to Yorkshire in early March. If you are in the area, come and join us and our colleagues at the University of Sheffield to get a taste of how we can help you build capacity for institutional data management. The Roadshow will also provide a chance to do practical work alongside other colleagues working in your area. Registration and further details are now available via the DCC website.

Data Licensing: next ‘How-To’ Guide unveiled
Data licensing is an area of continuing international concern. We’re pleased to hear that Science Commons will be organising a short international summit on the topic this spring, in which the DCC is planning to be involved. Fittingly, the second title in the DCC’s series of ‘How-To’ guides will be “How to License Research Data,” written by Alex Ball. This will explain the different licences that can be used for research data, and how they can be applied in practice.

Our ‘How-To’ guides aim to deliver working knowledge on a range of topics. They are aimed at people in research or support posts who are new to curation, but who are taking on responsibilities for managing data, whether this at local research group level or in an institutional data centre/repository. Some interesting potential collaborations have been taking shape from discussion at the IDCC10 conference, including one or two with colleagues from the DataONE project. New titles will be announced soon, and proposals are always welcome.

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