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Digital Curation Centre Pipeline Newsletter | May 2013

What we learned this month

RDMF Special Event - a conversation with the funders
Three outstanding issues were presented at the meeting with the major research funders: 1) Don't waste time waiting in the hope that some great pot of money is going to come your way, use what you already have in new and inventive ways; 2) the funders are as keen as the research universities to achieve greater clarity about what one can and cannot do with research grants to manage and share your data; 3) tackling research data management and sharing is not an optional addition, it is just one part of the process of effective research governance to which all good universities should already be committed. A detailed blog about the event, including some of the judgements and variations between the funders, has been posted on the DCC website. 

Reaching out to librarians in South Africa
DCC's Joy Davidson and Sarah Jones gave a webinar on digital curation co-ordinated by the Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA). The event was very well attended, with close to 100 participants representing virtually all of the 23 universities in South Africa and the National Research Foundation. Details of the session and a link to the slides can be found on the DCC blog.

Research data management for the arts
In a recent Oxford Research Data Management Survey, 25% of all respondents said they worked in the Arts and Humanities disciplines. This is an area where we want to improve the support and guidance available. Last month DCC's Marieke Guy attended ECLAP 2013, the 2nd International Conference on Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment. Details of the themes discussed are available in her blog post

An update on DCC's Institutional Engagements 
The programme of Institutional Engagements allows us to provide intensive and tailored support to increase research data management capability. Here are some of the examples of what we have been working on recently. At the University of East London Sarah Jones has put together an online module, slides and exercises for session three of SupportDM on Data Management Planning. DCC's Monica Duke has been writing module five on data sharing and catalogues. We have also run a couple of generic RDM workshops for researchers, slides are available online. At the University of Edinburgh funding for research data management has been approved. Brian Gilmore, Director of Computing Services, hosted a seminar for the Higher Education IT Directors in Scotland (HEIDS), where the DCC also spoke about progress on developing DMP support at Edinburgh. The focus of DCC support is on developing a local guidance and templates for DMPonline and a library of data management plans (DMPs). At the University of Loughborough DCC's Angus Whyte, Sarah Jones and Alex Ball ran a training session for librarians on data management planning. Some really constructive brainstorming sessions were held to help plan RDM training provision for researchers and to develop RDM policy and strategy. It was also a good opportunity to flag resources and models that were not commonly known and could be reused. 

Resources of the month

Ruins of Roman Civic Library in Ephesus, Turkey

Research data management for librarians
Last month DCC's Sarah Jones and Marieke Guy ran a three-hour course on research data management for librarians. The course consisted of five short sessions, each of which included an exercise followed by a discussion. Like all DCC resources, the slides and accompanying handbook are CC-BY licensed so free to reuse.

Future events

Public Access to Federally-Supported Research and Development Data and Publications: Two Planning Meetings
These meetings are being held in the US related to the 22 February memorandum from the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) entitled 'Increasing access to the results of federally funded scientific research'.
The Now and Future of Data Publishing
This one-day symposium is to address emerging questions around data publication, e.g. how it responds to changing research practices and policies, and advocacy of more open research. DCC's Angus Whyte will be participating and blogging about the meeting.   Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG)
This independent, community-led meeting provides a forum for practitioners, researchers, industry experts and vendors in the field of digital preservation, long-term information retention, and archiving to exchange ideas, identify trends, and forge new connections.
IASSIST 2013 – Data Innovation: Increasing Accessibility, Visibility and Sustainability 
This year the conference's theme reflects recent efforts across the globe from government agencies to the smaller independent research units to make data more open, accessible and understandable for all. DCC's Marieke Guy and Monica Duke will be presenting on The Rise of the Data Journal and Angus Whyte on the PREPARDE project's work on repository certification guidelines for data journals.
  • Cologne, Germany, from 28 to 31 May 
17th International Conference on Electronic Publishing: Mining the Digital Information Networks
The conference will bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss data mining, digital publishing and social networks along with their implications for scholarly communication, information services, e-learning, e-businesses, the cultural heritage sector and other areas where electronic publishing is imperative.
5th International Summer School for Archivists
The 5th EABH Summer School for Archivists will be dealing with both theoretical and practical issues related to ‘Digital Resources Management’. 
  • Venice, from 23 to 27 June 

And finally...

Marieke Guy and Michael Day ran an RDM training day for library and support services at Cardiff University which is in the process of implementing a new Research and Information Management Programme. This was one of the best attended workshops of this kind with over 28 participants from Research and Commercial services, Information Services and the Governance and Compliance department. Slides from the day are available. This week Joy Davidson and Sarah Jones are running two training sessions in support of Jisc MRD projects. Yesterday (15 May) they were in Leeds with the RoaDMaP project talking about research data management to research administrators; today (16 May) are in Nottingham with the ADMIRe project where they are holding a morning session with research support staff from the library, IT and research office and an afternoon session with researchers and academics. 

IRMS conference
Sarah Jones will be speaking in a panel session at the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) conference in Brighton in May. The panel will consider the role of Records Managers in supporting RDM. Other speakers include Phil Oakman from the University of Northampton, Suzie Mereweather from the University of Surrey and Elizabeth Lomas from the University of Northumbria.

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