Featuring Ambassador Pisan Manawapat
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Buddhism: A Pathway to Peace and Conflict Resolution

Wednesday, June 22
12:00 to 1:30 p.m.
Berkley Center
3307 M Street NW

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In today’s world, we have witnessed increased conflicts not only between states but also devastatingly within states. Religious beliefs are frequently cited to justify violence and acts of terrorism, contributing to a recurrent debate: is religion in fact the main cause of these conflicts? Some would argue yes. On the other hand, some would argue that religion is all the more essential and relevant in guiding followers towards conflict resolution and lasting peace.

Theravada Buddhist monks Ajahn Pasanno Bhikku and Ajahn Jayanto Bhikku will share their unique perspectives on the notions of peace, mindfulness, compassion, and tolerance in Buddhism through the eyes of Western-born monks. Ambassador Pisan Manawapat will offer introductory remarks.

Lunch will be served.

This event is co-sponsored by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs and the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C. 

For more information, please visit the event page.
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