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Passion-based Learning Community - join us for a transformative learning experience.

Our Passion-Based Learning Community is a year-long, job-embedded professional development experience. We focus on the classroom and look deeply at the values, dispositions, beliefs, implementations, and assessment involved with inquiry-based learning.

Previously, only PLPeeps (members who have been through the year one long PLP Community experience) could participate in our Passion-Based Learning Community, but this year, we are opening up the community to pairs of educators who are interested in a year of learning.

This Community focuses on project, problem, and passion-based learning. We teach you how to use inquiry-based learning through the lens of social technologies. You’ll have provocative conversations and explore collaborative solutions to assessment. We work on re-envisioning classrooms and curriculum through hands-on, online, student/teacher collaboration. These teams will develop a cross-curricular project aligned with state standards and embedded with 21st Century skills and literacies. We look closely at how to scale learning while involving students in the PLP process. See an example of how our students and teachers saved the world through their problem-based learning experience. View all our PBL units.

What they're saying

"I've learned so much that I have no ability to define or catalog it yet. I would say that my biggest takeaway is that I'm learning to be a better questioner than I was when I arrived. I think I've learned loads and loads about what it means to be a community... In some small measure, I'm coming to grips with the notion of being a community builder through the lens of strength-based coaching. I am convinced I'll probably spend most of the rest of my life working on doing that better and better." – Marsha Ratzel

About the Community experience

  • Teams are made up of 2 (or more) educators
  • Virtual kickoff workshop on November 1st to jump start your year of learning
  • Five two-hour, synchronous, online webinars about understanding the powers and potentials of project, problem, and passion-based learning: using inquiry-based learning through the lens of social technologies; provoking conversations and collaborative solutions to assessment issues; re-envisioning classrooms and curriculum; developing cross-curricular projects embedded with 21st Century skills and literacies; looking closely at how to scale learning while involving students in the PLP process
  • Immersion in an asynchronous Virtual Learning Community where teams can collaborate, connect with other educators, and reflect deeply upon their learning anytime.
  • Ongoing support from Powerful Learning Practice Community Leaders, Connected Coaches, and visiting Experienced Voices.
  • FREE live, interactive Project-Based Learning (PBL) Power Sessions – where student/teacher teams actually execute a PBL plan together online with PLP leaders and subject matter experts from around the world – See this year’s example
  • Participation in other PLP Live events – FREE
  • Discounts on future courses & offerings
  • Get all the complete details about the Community experience here


Year 2 Communities are priced at $700 per person for an entire school year of job-embedded PD. That means year-long, expert-facilitated online PD every single day of the school year – all for under $4 per day.

Enrollment is now open

Our kickoff event is November 1st! Hurry!
Form your team of two with another educator from your school or district and click the button below to get in!

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