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West Carleton Arts society eBulletin


CHAIRKaren Mackay,President

MINUTES: Ginny Fobert, Secretary
24 people in attendance - 22 members, including 9 board and executive at the table
Opening Remarks– Karen Mackay
First Orderof BusinessCommitteeReports
Karen Mackay welcomed everyone and thanked the executive and board members at the table.
1.   Events
  1. Articulate–Mario Cerroni
Submitted by: Mario Cerroni
Coordinator: Mario Cerroni
We had a variety of activities, presentations and demos:
  • January - David Kearn - watercolour demo
  • February - Gallery Tour
  • March - Laura Jean Starkey - clothing / mixed media
  • April - Anne Wright - Abstract/mixed media; residencies
  • May - Anne Remmer Thompson - jurist - preparing for and understanding the jury process
  • June - Carrie Brummer - Anonymous Women, mixed media and embroidery project
  • September - Janis Miller Hall - process and product (with her painting)
  • October - Gallery Visit
  • November - Jacky Macdnald - Painter; palette knife demonstration
  • December - ATC & Social
Unfortunately, many of our evenings were sadly, fairly poorly attended.
As a result, a survey was undertaken to try and determine whether ARTiculate has run its course and that a different format or different event needs to replace it.
Unfortunately, the survey as well was completed by a relatively small number of our members.
ARTiculate survey Results
  • 32 surveys completed (about 29% of our membership)
  • 23 indicated that winter and night time driving is the reason they don’t attend
  • 3 indicated that evenings do not work at all for them
  • 1 indicated too far to drive for an evening talk
Suggestions for improvement:
  • needs more interesting speakers - 2
  • subject matter is not interesting to me - 1
  • more demos - 2
  • have workshop - 1
  • more social time - 2
  • more news/events of interest to members - 2
It is my opinion that the event is not supported enough to continue in its current form.
Mario is requesting someone to take over articulate. The new person could take on the same format, or bring a different format to the group.
b. Spring into ArtConferenceandWorkshopJo-AnnZorzi
2019 WCAS Conference and Workshop
Submitted by: Jo-Ann Zorzi
Location: Trinity Presbyterian Church
1817 Richardson Side road
Carp, Ontario
K0A 1L0
3 day felting course with Marjolein Dallinga:
Venue: Trinity Presbyterian Church: $395
Instructor teaching fee and conference speaking fee: $2050
Instructor accommodation: $657.83
12 attendees (plus a waiting list)
Conference venue: Trinity Presbyterian Church: $640
Speaker fees: $600 for:
Brian Turner
Carrie Brummer
Dale Dunning
Suzanne Warren Powell
MarjoleinDalling fee covered under felting course
Caterer: Leatherworks
35 attendees
Submitted by: Jo-Ann Zorzi
All attendees were invited to join WCAS but most felt that it would not be beneficial to them as felters.
We receive the same number of attendees every year. Caterer is good and good prices. Will use them again.
Date April 4th for 2020 for the Conference. Kathryn Bossy has agreed to do a three-day workshop before the conference.
  1. Rod Prouse WorkshopCatherine Gutsche
WORKSHOP 2019 - Year end report:
Submitted by: Catherine Gutsche
Rod Prouse Workshop
12 attendees
4 cancelled
4 drawn from waiting list
Workshop fees $350/student
Expenses were $347/student
Workshop broke even.
Next year’s workshop in 2020 will be organized by Elaine Decoursey.
The workshop is usually held in the first week of June.
  1. Meet-ups PayalBhatia presented by Karen Mackay
WCAS AGM Report - MEETUPS –Bi-weekly
Submitted by: Payal Bhatia
Groups of artists meet and discuss art- draw or make a small piece of art.
For 2019, we held 23 meetups. People numbers are between 5-15. The average number of people attending a meetup is 8.
Location: Stittsville United Church, 6255 Fernbank Road, Stittsville, Ontario K2S 1X5
Meetings: biweekly
Meetup cost went up drastically last year. For the first 6 months the costs were USD 89.94 and then 98.94 for the next 6 months. This equated to 122.08 and 135.24 CAD. I asked my group to help contribute to the meetup for the 2nd payment and I got about 80$ from them. I intend to request WCAS help to pay for the first half of the meetup (122.08). Will be submitting the receipt for that. 
Please note- Payal is working with the Church to allow the meet up to be open and accessible to the church members.
2.   Shows/Sales
  1. Expressions of Art2019 AnneMoore
EOA 2019 –Report for the AGM
Submitted by: Anne Heather Moore
The 2019 Expressions of Art show was a great success with record sales of over $20,000 up from $15,000 last year; this, even though there appeared to be fewer visitors than last year according to our count at the main entrance. However, people were also coming in through the other doors so the count was probably inaccurate.
The feedback from the participating artists was very positive and there were many favourable comments about the various changes we had made since last year’s show.  Most people liked the new layout of the hall, which allowed visitors, especially on the right hand side, to mingle and chat with the artists. Booths on the left hand wall were still a little cramped and there were complaints from them that artists on the other wall had an advantage because they had lots of room for tables and extra space at the end of the booth to hang artwork. There needs to be some change to the layout so that all artists get similar exposure.

Publicity and promotion of the show - There was great appreciation for the banner across the main street. There were some complaints that there were not enough signs. Signs were available for pick-up but we had few volunteers offering to place them around the area. The brochure and social media information was considered excellent, and ads and newspaper articles were seen by artists and visitors.
Vernissage Most people loved the musicby Kate Weekesand James Stephens. The food by Leatherworks in Carleton Place was very well received and a great improvement on last year.
The student volunteers from Goulbourn Public School were invaluable serving the food during the vernissage as were those from the local high schools who volunteered their time during the rest of the show to meet and greet the visitors.
I would like to thank Karen Mackay, Catherine Gutsche, Kathryn Sauve, Kathryn Bossy, and Kate Ryckman, for all the work they did to make this show a success as well as the team of volunteers who set up and took down the booths.
  1. 100 and Under 2019Judy Barr and GinnyFobert
$100 and Under AGM Year End Report: 2019 Presented by Judy Barr
Coordinators: Ginny Fobert, Judy Barr
Submitted by: Ginny Fobert
The $100 and Under was held at St. Paul’s United Church in Carp, from Friday, December 6 to Sunday, December 8. Leads were Judy Barr and Ginny Fobert, with Kathryn Sauvé organizing the cash system.
A decision had been made this year to slowly move away from Arts and Crafts to Arts and Fine Artisan items, and selection of artists took place accordingly. The format of the room was changed which allowed for more participants, more open traffic flow, and a more pleasurable shopping experience for customers.
Fees were increased to $50. 38 people applied. 26 artists participated, with one occupying a double space.
Paid ads were placed into The Humm, Community Voice, and Citizen’s Our Town, generic laws signs were placed throughout Kanata and Carp as well as flags at the entrance to the church, and a sandwich board at the entrance to the Carp Fairgrounds. The event was promoted extensively on the WCAS website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and postcards were provided for each participant to distribute. Increased promotion on social media showcased each artist individually. Volunteer students strolled up and down the street between the fairgrounds and the church, handing out flyers to lure people to our sale.
We believe that increased sales and traffic were due to a number of changes: increased promotion, student volunteers handing out flyers, better layout, more professional look, higher end art and artisan pieces, easier traffic flow, visual appeal for purchasers, music, higher quality of art and craft, and positive vibe amongst the artists. 

Approximate Attendance: 

Friday: 259
Saturday 9 - noon: 411
Saturday noon - 4: 284
Sunday: 55
Total Attendance: 598

Approximate Sales:  

Friday  $4,700
Saturday $6,400
Sunday  $1,900
TOTAL SALES: $13,170 !!!!!!!!!
…. an increase of $3,000 from 2018
After expenses, WCAS netted approximately $213.00
A survey was collected from each vendor resulting in very positive comments. Feedback will be further analyzed with respect to improvements for the future.
New organizers for 2020 will be needed, as Ginny and Judy will both be stepping down. Detailed step-by-step procedures, wrap-up notes and survey results, will be passed on to the new committee. The organizers for 2020 should meet with the past organizers, and the executive in the spring to discuss the next show.
Kat McClure has offered to organize the show for 2020.

3.   Galleries/Display Spaces
a.  Carp Library–NonieSmart presented by Karen MacKay
Submitted by Nonie Smart
The Carp Branch of the Ottawa Library is a local venue located just outside Carp adjacent to the Diefenbunker Museum. This open bright space accommodates approximately 8 works which were viewed and enjoyed by many library users. In 2019, there were three shows highlighting the following WCAS members. Calls for submission resulted in one or two applicants. One sale was recorded for the year.
The January to April shows featured Elizabeth Thompson (mixed media) of Carp River Studio and Beth van Wyngaarden (quilt works). From May to September, Beth van Wyngaarden provided a solo exhibition of her works. 
In September, the show included mixed media works by Shelley Reiter and oil landscape paintings by Catherine Willis-O’Connor.
The final show of this year, and continuing into February 2020 features mixed media artist Susan Clement-Beveridge.
The works were well received by library patrons and staff. The predominant theme of the works displayed throughout the year was nature (animals and landscape) and this subject matter was a great match for this library environment.
b.  Constance Bay Library–Janice Johnston
2019 Year-end report for Constance Bay Library Art Display
Submittedby Janice Johnston
Exhibitors for 2019
  • January 10- April 4: Wendy Southin
  • April 4-Aug 15 (prolonged date due to flooding in Constance Bay. Community Centre andLibrary were ground zero for support): Victoria Smith and Cor Beattie
  • Aug 15-Nov 14: ArunaChagarlamudi, Catherine Willis-O’Connor and Janice Johnston
  • Nov 14-Feb 2020: Jo-Ann Zorzi and Joan McClean.
The Library displays an Information sheet, indicatingthe artists’ contact information and that the works on display are from members of WCAS. 
No sales. Appreciation and positive feedback from Librarian.
Coordinator updates Facebook page for WCAS Constance Bay Library for each new exhibit.
c.  Hazeldean–Lynn Morin presented by Karen MacKay
AGM 2020 430 Hazeldean for 2019:
Submitted by Lynne Morin
430 Hazeldean (2nd floor) for 2019:
Large hangable art
Team Leader - Lynne Morin
Team- member: Catherine Schissel
At this venue the artist is paid a rental fee.
# of shows - 2
# of sales - 0
# of participating artists - 24
Comments - The owner has increased the number of spaces that house artwork from 10 to 14.
d.   Herb GardenJudi Miller
WCAS – Venue: the Herb Garden 2019
Submitted by: Judi Miller
The Herb Garden, 3840 Old Almonte Road, Almonte, Ontario K0A 1A0
The Herb Garden had 2 sales in 2019, (as did both 2017 & 2018). 15% stayed with the Herb Garden. The Herb Garden looked after the sales and provided artist information.
Hanging took place the week of Mother’s Day (early May) the Herb Garden’s first event and take down at the end of September. The vernissage was held June 20th, in conjunction with an Herb Garden event with Jabulani Vineyard & Winery.
20 artists took part in the hanging.
Anne Moore has volunteered to be the organizer for 2020.
  1. Juke Joint Soul KitchenFreeman Keats
The Juke Joint Soul Kitchen - 3740 Carp Road, Carp, Ontario
Submitted by: Freeman Keats
Display Venue for WCAS
Team Leader: Freeman Keats
Team Members: Ginny Fobert, BinaMirza
This year we had  (I believe) 18 different artists who displayed artwork at the JJSK.  Only one artist was accepted but did not deliver the work for hanging.
Unfortunately, while we received lots of compliments on the artwork, (from the owners, staff and customers), there were no sales.
As in year one of our relationship with the JJSK, the call for artwork regularly fell short of requirements, and I was required to call other artists and/or “strong arm” photographers to search their catalogues for material, or I was required to do the same in order to fill the available spaces.
Having the coordinator use his/her own work to fill empty spaces can give the incorrect impression, and I would prefer to not have to do that in the future.
BUT, we need submissions appropriate to the venue.
The support from the JJSK management continues to be excellent and a long relationship is possible, but we need artwork.
Noted that their first sale was January 2020
f.   Plant Bath Wall Space Karen Mackay
Year End: 2019
Submitted by: Karen Wynne Mackay
Team Leader: Karen Wynne Mackay
Plant Team Members:  Jo-Ann Zorzi, Mario Cerroni and Karen Wynne Mackay
Total number of shows:4
  • 12/1/18-6/4/2019 - 23 artists 23 pieces of art
  • 6/4/2019-1/6/2019 - 21 artists - 21 pieces of art
  • 1/6/2019-7/9/2019   - 23 artists - 23 pieces of art
7/9/2019-7/12/2019- 22 artists - 22 pieces of artNumber of Artists participating: 89 Artists participated21 - 23 per show
Sales: 4 Sales
Total amount of Sales: $1600.00
Please note: 15 percent of all sales go to WCAS - (as per City of Ottawa rules)
Noted that the current show has sold three pieces.
g.   Village Station GalleryGinny Fobert
Year End Report: 2019
Submitted by: Ginny Fobert
Coordinator: Ginny Fobert
The Village Station Pop-Up Art Gallery
Dates: May 1, 2019 to July 31, 2019
Location: 3722 Carp Road
This was a first-time endeavor of this kind for WCAS and came together very quickly.
The owner of the property was approached by in the spring with three options:
  1. WCAS could place art on the walls while they attempted to rent space, in hopes that something might sell.
  2. The Village Station could rent art from WCAS to brighten up their walls.
  3. WCAS could pop up a gallery on a month-to-month basis, and would vacate if the space was rented.
#3 was agreed upon for a reasonable rent and we were given a 3-month commitment with a possible option to continue. Each artist paid $150 for three months and submitted pieces according to the size restrictions.
We opened with 19 artists and 60 pieces of original artwork representing all media, with a changeover half way through our term. We occupied the main room of the building as well as the halls, stairwell, loft and one office room. AND IT LOOKED AWESOME!!!! The building was shared with two other businesses, and all sales were processed through the cash system at the on-site florist.
This was an artist-run gallery, with every artist participating and assisting with all aspects of the operation: sitting at the gallery, hanging, painting and furnishing the gallery, label making, curating, flyer and postcard distribution, making and putting up signage, along with regular artist demonstrations, painting on the porch, photo ops, and a very well-attended Vernissage.
Publicity by WCAS – Featured article in the West Carleton Community Voice, The Humm, Social Media, flyers, postcards, Curbex sign, BIA guide, as well as flags, signage and a banner at Village Station.
Publicity by The Village Station – notices further abroad to places such as the Carp Villager, the New Community Newspaper and Ottawa Life, as well as advertisement to their circles on social media. The owners of the Village Station had ordered a very large lawn sign that was to have our name added to it, but unfortunately was not installed while we were there.
Five pieces of work were sold, with 5% commission going to the florist for use of her cash system, and 5% going to WCAS.
Sales: $1970.00
Expenses: -$1373.39 + $904 return security deposit (pending) = -$469.39
A call went out at the end of July to continue to September, but there was not enough interest at that time. We feel that for a first-time pop-up, it was very an overall positive experience, and given better spring weather, timely Curbex and Village Station signage, and more time allotted for the second call out, we would have continued successfully.
WCAS discussed the fact that we should consider doing another pop-up in the spring of 2020 or possibly a spring show. We continue to have discussions with the Carp BIA for future opportunities.
h.   WCHFT 2019Leeanne Laforge presented by Karen MacKay
Submitted by:LeeanneLaForge
WCFHT-119 Langstaff Drive, Carp, Ontario  K0A 1L0
Team Leader: LeeanneLaForge / Maggie Wesley
2019 was a year of transition at the WCFHT Clinic.
A new show that had been planned for March 2019 had to be postponed until later in the spring due to renovations and painting being done at the Medical Centre.
With the help of family, we carefully wrapped and moved all of the art into a basement storage at the clinic until notification was given to be able to put the art back up in April.
During that time, artists who needed their work back, contacted me and we arranged for the art to be picked up and often replaced. Everyone was accommodated during this period of change.
We were also being phased in to the WCAS submission ONLINE process. It was the first time that we were accepting ONLY submissions using the new format. The WCFHT ART ON DISPLAY had previously operated on allowing existing artists to switch out their art without submissions at each showing. New artists joined us from time to time.
In the History of the WCAS, The WCFHT was the very first place that the WCAS was given for displaying art by our members. 
While things were on hold due to the renovations, several new artists had made submissions and were accepted. Arrangements were made to get the work up and on display between Shows.
A call went out for a new facilitator for the WCFHT ART ON DISPLAY and we were happy to announce that Maggie Wesley would be taking over.
June 6, 2019 was the next show. Many of the original artists who had been hanging for the past 5 years had decided for various reasons not to return. This turn over allowed for new artists to be part of our WCFHT family.  It was exciting to see several wonderful new artists.  12 artists participated.
October 30th SHOW brought in a whole new group of artists. We were able to feature the work of 14 artists, 8 were new to the WCFHT ART ON DISPLAY. Maggie Wesley was on hand to help facilitate the show and meet the artists. 
To date there have been no sales at the Medical Clinic. Several inquires about specific paintings were made and the staff at the WCFHT continue to tell us how much the community enjoys seeing the art on their visits to the centre.
It has been a privilege to serve in the role of facilitator over the past 5 years and to meet so many wonderful people in the art community.
  1. ZolasRichard Pell and Debbie Guthrie presented by Deborah Guthrie
Report Date:  January 15, 2020
Venue:Zolas Restaurant             
Coordinator:Richard Pell and Debbie Guthrie
2020 Exhibit Schedule:  It is our intent to coordinate one Vernissage at the restaurant over the year and dedicate one of the exhibits to either a solo exhibit or an exhibit of artwork from two or three artists. The exhibit schedule for the year is as follows.
Exhibit Theme Exhibit Install Exhibit Removal
New Beginnings Jan 5 Mar 8
Looking Forward Mar 8 May 17
Green May 17 Jul 12
Summer Heat Jul 12 Sep 13
Fresh Start Sep 13 Nov 15
Embrace the Season Nov 15 Jan 10
Number and Value of Sales:  Throughout the four exhibits last year we had one sale of $75.00.  One sale is currently underway from the current exhibit in the amount of $575.00.
Dates of Current Exhibit: January 5th to March 8th, 2020
Theme of Current Exhibit: “New Beginnings”
Number of Participants:13      
Number of Artworks on Exhibit:  21    
Exhibit Changeover Date: March 8th, 2020
Sales: 2
Comments:   Zolas Restaurant has agreed to provide members of the West Carleton Arts Society showing a membership card with a 20% discount on meals for members and friends. This applies to breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Hope you can take in the exhibit and take advantage of this great opportunity.
Deborah has been director at large for two years. Thanked everyone and is looking forward to the upcoming years.
j.  Spring Fling Report Judi Miller
Spring Fling 2019
Submitted by: Judi Miller
27 artists applied, 66 pieces juried into the exhibition. Jury at Trinity Presbyterian Church Show is at the KCAG. Broke even
4 sales
In 2020, the jurying will be at the Mllack Centre, which will reduce some of the costs
Show costs - $580
Jury venue rental – (Trinity Presbyterian) – $140
Jury fee ($125x3) - $375
Juror’s Choice award - $50
Misc - $15
WCAS funds raised -  $591
27x$20 fees - $540
5% commission from sales - $51
Spring Fling 2019 was successful, with a minute profit. Show and vernissage was well attended and 4 sales during the show was very encouraging.
There were 4 fewer applicants in 2019 than 2018. More applicants are welcome and should be encouraged. In-take could have been smoother with better-assigned tasks. Jurying ran very smoothly with all jurors offering constructive comments.
4.   Membership ReportJudi Miller
Submitted by: Judi Miller
WCAS membership was 165 at the end of December 2019, half our members renew their memberships by mid February. There is another blip for Expressions applications and for the $100 and Under Sale.
There are many active members in the events and hanging opportunities.
WCAS bulletins remind members to renew but many membership renewals appear to be event/opportunity driven.
Our 2020 membership is currently 84.
 5.   Publicity TeamKathryn Bossy presented by Kathryn Sauvé
Submitted by: Kathryn Bossy
Social Media 
Busy year with an increased following on Facebook and Instagram 
FB: 801 followers
Instagram: 595 followers 
Algorithms are unpredictable on FB, therefore it might seem that the traction is slow. We get more traction with more photos of members’ paintings at venues and shows. The content is important and needs to be regular and the old adage less is more can be applied here. Inundating the newsfeed doesn’t help build a following. Timed, interesting photos are capturing the attention of our followers. 
Instagram is a very useful tool for arts community. We have gained positive traction there and our following is expanding.  It is important to note that we only follow other artists. We don’t follow personal accounts and we don’t necessarily follow back. The relationship must remain arts focused. 
Kathryn Bossy has started to receive photos and information from our members to publish on our social media accounts and I will begin this soon. A focus on individual members may encourage our other artists to send information and to engage more on social media. 
As with all things, it is very important for our membership to like, comment on and share posts. 
We are working on improvements to application forms and will continue to evaluate social media needs and tweaks. We are always open to suggestions and assistance.
Erika Farkas has agreed to take on the continuation of our Instagram account - this will be explored further sometime this year. 
I believe that Twitter has not been a useful tool for our purposes. I’msuggestingwe delete our account and focus more on our other platforms.  (If this is not a board decision, this doesn’t need to be discussed).
Non-social Media
We continue to use free and paid online and print avenues for marketing our major events. 
This year, we took out paid advertising in The Humm, Community Voice and The Citizen’s Our Town for Expressions of Art and $100 and Under. This is in addition to ensuring all our major events were placed on key online calendars. For Village Station, we also took a paid ad in the local BIA promotional publication, and did some CURBEX signs.
News releases were sent to local media on our major events and resulted in considerable coverage in Community Voice and The Humm for EOA, $100 and Under and Village Station.
Our largest investment was in some new signage for Expressions of Art. This included a street banner that went over Carp Rd, as well as two additional banners.
Postcards for events and shows were printed and used as promotional handouts.
We believe that these increased promotional activities, including increased social media efforts, had a positive impact on our shows.
We will continue to develop our publicity program for WCAS. New volunteers are eagerly welcome to join us.
6.   Website Management-Catherine Gutsche
Web Report
Submitted by: Catherine Gutsche
Web work in 2019 when forward as usual with the addition of Lori Law joining Catherine
Gutsche in maintaining the website. Going forward, Lori will be the main contact with Catherine as a back up.
Lori brings with her additional skills in CSS programming to WCAS allowing us to further customize our website. Lori has agreed to take on a more active role in making edits to the website with Catherine assuming a background assistance / background position. In 2020 Lori will be our primary contact for web edits and additional information will be passed onto Lori such as Domain Name registration info, email forwarding, Weebly details, etc.
Links to media team, profile page, etc. Extra publicity for all members
7.   E-bulletin Jean Morin
Comment by Karen MacKay
Noted that there was not a report, but just a special mention and thank you to Jean Morin who handles all of the e-bulletins for WCAS.
8.   GridsKaren Mackay
Grids -Year end Report sent January 2020 for y/e 2019
Grids -Year end Report sent January 2020 for y/e 2019
Submitted by: Karen W. Mackay
Currently stored at: Dymon Storage, 110 Didsbury Road, Kanata , Ontario K2T 0C2
Karen Mackay - need a leader and two volunteers
Inconsistency with Volunteers
WCAS is looking at these options:
1.       Find volunteers and continue public renting of grids 
2.       Find volunteers, rent to art associations/organizations and members only
3.       No rentals- cost of business - please note that:
          we do store other WCAS items - banners, signs, etc.
4.       Sell grids and hire movers as required
•         costs for this option are below:
•         Expressions of Art and 100 and Under- 350 grids at $2 a day for 3 days 
Total with HST $2373.00
Option 2 was decided on by the Executive.
2019: $170 x 10 (2 free months to join) + $1700
2020: $182 x12 = $2184.00
HST is included
Money earned from grid rental 2019: $1122
WCAS Requirements:
WCAS needs a Team Leader as well as 2 or more members to help out with grid rentals.
Below is a description of what is required from the Volunteers:
Team Leader: receives all emails with regards to rental of grids from the WCAS website. Sets up a google document for organization- pick up, drop off, dates, times- volunteer’s name, email and telephone number for the pick up and return rental as well as confirmation of count and grids in good condition at pick up and drop off.
Team Leader alerts renters that they will need help loading the grids we don’t provide that service.
Please note*  If the team volunteer cannot make the delivery date or return date due to an emergency then the Team Leader will be advised and complete the return or pick up of grids. If the Team Leader cannot make the date then the President will be contacted.
Team volunteer/member - requirements: 
Pick up: Meet the renter at the facility- count the grids and sign them out. Once this is completed send an email to the team leader letting them know that the grids have been counted and picked up.
Drop offs/Returns: Count the grids, sign the grids as back in stock for rental, email team leader to advise that all grids were counted and returned in good condition
Catherine Gutche asked if the rentals covered our costs. See above. Kathryn Sauvé noted that it is close and that our fees for 2020 would increase from $170 - $182 per month
9.   Treasurers ReportKathryn Sauvé
Treasurer’s Report
Submitted by: Kathryn Sauvé
Over the past year and two months, we have been organizing and restructuring our accounting systems. This is underway with the invaluable assistance of Freeman Keats.
Once fully up and running, tracking and reports will be easier to manage.
We have also been implementing more detailed budgeting for our key activities and this will expand in the new year.
WCAS is looking for someone to fill the positions of Treasurer (on the executive) and Bookkeeper. A call out to this effect will/has been sent.
2019 Financial Report
Bank Balance:
December 31, 2019:                                                  December 31, 2018:
$11,174                                                                    $14,494
December 31, 2019:                                                  December 31, 2018:
$3,739                                                                      $2,938
$14,913                                                                    $17,432
Key Expenses:
EAO Street Banner: ($2090) (production, installation, take-down) Half of this expense will not be repeated. The rest will be incorporated into the budget for EOA.
Village Station: ($ 469) We knew that this would happen. WCAS decided to take the chance. We tried to keep the costs down for artists and absorbed some of the costs as an organization. It was an experiment and perhaps next time we would do it differently.
All expenses were understood by the board and were approved.
Grids (NET):           ($ 578)
Key Revenues:
Membership: $4950
Commissions:  $2088
Most events and activities of 2019 were revenue-neutral with +/- of up to $100, with $100 and Under making a $212 profit.
Noted that key expenses were all anticipated and approved as valid investments in WCAS.

SeconOrderof BusinessNew business - presented by Karen Mackay
  1. Motion to increase membership fee by$5/year beginning 2021.
  2. Motion to modify section7.1 the WCAS Constitution regarding the organizational structure of the Board of Directors.
  3. Motion to modify section2.12 of the WCAS Bylaws regarding the description of duties of the Board of Directors
  4. Motion to make changes to the Executive for 2020
As discussed earlier, various costs are increasing this year. This includes grids storage, church hall rentals, which have doubled and professional services.
The current membership fee of $30 has been in place since 2015 (5 years).
In recognition of rising costs, the President moves that beginning January 1, 2021, the regular adult membership fee be increased to $35.00.
Motion by: Karen Mackay
Seconded by: Judy Barr
Carole Ferrari:  Members who just join to show art, should pay more. Volunteers should pay less.
Kathryn Sauvé mentioned that we do take a commission, so artists are paying in that way.
Judi Miller noted that it is difficult to rate that, as some volunteer a lot more than others.
In Favour: 19
Apposed: 0
The President moves that effective immediately, in an effort to ensure maximum flexibility in the make-up of the Board of Directors, and in order to reflect the evolving needs of the Society, the following change be made to Section7.1 of the WCAS Constitution:
7.1 The organizational structure of the WCAS will bean Executive composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and a Board of Directors consisting of the Executive plus the immediate Past President, and six Directors as follows:
Shows Director
Venues Director
Events Director
Membership Director
Publicity/Website Director
Seconded by:  Deborah Guthrie

Pam Stewart asked for an explanation of the changes.
Janice Johnston –mentioned that we had changed order but not numbers.
NOTE: Amend the motion to correct the order
Karen Mackay responded:
In an effort to provide more flexibility in appointing Board Directors, we are proposing broadening the current descriptions of four of the director positions in the constitution.
We would like to move away from the structure that only those people in those specific positions can serve on the board. We hear from people that they don’t want to serve on the board if they must be a team leader and we hear from team leaders that they don’t want the added job of being a board member.
To accommodate that, we are proposing that these positions be open to non-team leaders who have experience in that field. For instance, the Show Director could be someone on the organizing team of any of our shows (not just the EOA chair), or someone who has done many shows in the past and can represent show issues. The venues coordinator doesn’t need to be restricted to those listed venues, but could be anyone who has managed venues. Similarly for events. 
This is also a way of getting new volunteers engaged and broadening membership representation.
In Favour: 19
Opposed: 0
The President moves tha effective immediately,section 2.12 of the WCAS Bylaws be revised to reflect the changes passed regarding section 7.1 of the WCAS Constitution as follows:
Shows Director
a. Serves on the Board
b. Provides advice and guidance based on experience with shows.
Venues Director
a. Serves on the Board
b. Provides advice and guidance based on experience with venues
Events Director
a. Serves on the Board
b. Provides advice and guidance based on experience with events.
a. Serves on the board
b. Provides advice and guidance based on experience with website management and/or publicity.
Karen Mackay
In order to accommodate the Motion 2 structure, Motion 3 proposes removing specific job tasks from within the bylaws.
The four directors addressed are being appointed to use their knowledge and experience in advising the board. There is no longer a reporting structure for between directors and team leaders, but there will be a practical liaison.
Specific tasks of various directors and team leaders will be articulated in an operational manual we are creating. This allows for updates and revisions to be made without requiring a full AGM for changes. The manual, when completed, will be available on our website. This will likely be a few months down the road.
Accountability continues to rest with the Board as a whole and the executive specifically.

Seconded by: Catherine Gutsche
Discussion:  Janice Johnston -  (submitted by Janice Johnston)
I am making these comments because I was one of the writers of the current Constitution and By-Laws along with Cheryl Poulin (President at the time), Lis Allison (Treasurer at the time) in 2013.  Our goal was to provide clarity on how we conduct our affairs/operate.  It was shared with members in advance of AGM in Feb 2014 and accepted. This was the basis for our incorporation under the Canada Not-for Profit Act in September 2015.  Under this Act, changes to the Constitution are required to be submitted within 15 days, and changes to by-laws within 1 year.
Re Motion 3, which strikes out the existing duties of these Directors, and replaces them with the 2 generic statements, I agree that the responsibilities for these Directors in Section 2.12 are due for updating. However, in motion 3, 
I am concerned that I have no idea what the Directors’ responsibilities will be.
I think it might be helpful to volunteers to be specific, for example, first by stating which events fall under the responsibility /guidance of which Director.  Where do workshops fit in?  This would help prevent activities from falling through the cracks.
For example which shows will Shows Director be providing guidance on? Is it Expressions, 100 and Under? 
Similarly for the Venues Director, it would be helpful to volunteers to know which venues will this Director be responsible for/providing guidance on. Is it the libraries, Hazeldean, Herb Garden, Juke Joint Soul Cafe, Plant Bath Wall Space, WCFHC, Zola’s and the Village Station Gallery? 
For Events, is it Spring into Art conference, Articulate, excursions to galleries? Workshops?
Second, I think it might be helpful to provide detail on reporting relationships for each Director. For example, if the Shows Director is responsible for the organization of WCAS shows such as Expressions and 100 and Under, would she call on volunteers to take on various tasks relating to these shows?   Or is the Director responsible for calling on volunteer coordinators for each of these events who then plan and organize the shows? 
Does she communicate with other Directors as required regarding publicity, web updates, budget and financing? Does she report to the Board on plans and activities as appropriate?
The same concerns also apply to the other 3 Directors under consideration.
I cannot support this motion due to the lack of clarity and the potential but undefined impact on how we operate.
Respectfully submitted, Janice Johnston. January 25, 2020  
  • Response by Kathryn Sauvé: Yes this would be removing the hierarchy and changing the structure to broaden and reduce restriction without having to bring every change to an AGM. The Board Member would be a practical liaison.
  • Pam Stewart: could we add that they will be following an operational manual. Add reference to the manual in the bylaw and requirements to refer to it.
  • The board member liaises with appropriate groups.
  • Kathryn Sauvé to Pam: We could; however the manual does not exist yet.
  • Janice Johnston: In order to change the motion, a revised motion must be sent to the membership in advance and can be addressed on the call of another general membership meeting.
  • Freeman Keats: (Seeking clarification that each decision point on this would have to come back to a general meeting, so we could have several months of general meetings before anything might be finalized.) Seems a waste of time to have an AGM if we can’t make any decisions here.
  • MarioCerroni: Pointed out that we already passed Motion 2 to change the structure and changed the titles of the Board Members.If we don’t pass Motion 3 than we Motion 2 doesn’t make sense. The motion is on the table so we must vote regardless.
Kathryn Sauvé proposed a new motion #5:
Kathryn Sauvé moves that effective immediately that WCAS create an operations manual for 2020 to outline the various procedures and policies as guidance for WCAS and that we will revise the bylaws as appropriate to reflect the manual.
Seconded by Pam Stewart
John Seccombe: The task will be to tie the manual to each of those in the position of responsibility.
4.  Motion by Karen Mackay to make changes to the Executive for 2020
Seconded by: Deborath Guthrie
2020 Executive
The president moves the following changes be made to the Executive for 2020:
PresidentKathryn Sauvé
Vice-PresidentGinny Fobert
Secretary – Robyn Lester
Treasurer Vacant
Seconded: Janice Johnston
All in Favour
2020 Boardof Directors– KathrynSauvé
On behalf of the executive,Kathryn Sauvé introduced the 2020 Board of Directors:
EOA– Kathryn Bossy
Events– Jo-Ann Zorzi
Gallery– Richard Pell
Membership– Judi Miller
Website– Lori Law
Director-at-Large– Catherine Gutsche
2020 Presidents Remarks

Incoming remarks from Kathryn Sauvé

  • On behalf of the new exec, thank you for the confidence in us. We are excited about the things we can build on over the next two years.
  • Thankyou to Karen, Mario and former board for their guidance, commitment and for just getting things done for the group. We are a very fortunate organization.
  • Very pleased to present the new incoming board. Thanks to the nomination committee lead by Catherine Gutsche for helping create this strong Board of Directors.

    Past President: Karen Mackay
    Membership: Judi Miller
Events Director: Jo-Ann Zorzi
Venues Director: Richard Pell (not attending)
Shows Director: Kathryn Bossy (not attending)
Web Manager: Lori Law
Director-at-Large: Catherine Gutsche

  • WCAS has developed a good reputation as a solid organization that is active and vibrant. We are defined this way, not because of our activities, but because of the people who make them happen.
  • And in that regard, we have lots of room for you to join the fun!
  • We need a treasurer and a bookkeeper. If you are interested in learning more about these positions, or better yet doing them, then by all means let me know. If you are serious, I will even buy you lunch.
  • We are looking for people to staff our grids team. This is a pretty easy job if you have the right team in place.
  • We are looking for people to help out with publicity – not just social media, but helping us find ways to promote our activities and events.
  • We are looking for someone to take the lead on Articulate, working with Mario to transition and determine what Articulate should look like going forward.
  • Venue coordinators. If you have an idea for a venue or if you would like to be considered to manage a venue should the opportunity come up, let us know.
  • Spring Show. We are considering a spring show for 2021, possibly to coincide with the opening of the Carp Market. If you think you can help on this, let us know.
An email will be going out with these opportunities, so please, step forward!

I would like to extend the deepest thanks to Karen and Mario and the board that served over the past couple of years.
Opened for Questions
Pam Stewart asked about Kin Vineyards and why there wasn’t a report. Ginny Fobert responded, that Kin was not a WCAS venue, but was run by Cheryl Poulin, who reaches out to WCAS artists regularly to fill the space, although it is not exclusive to WCAS. Moving forward, there have been several conversations with Cheryl and the owners of Kin, and when Cheryl no longer wants to organize art for the venue, we will offer to take it on.
Noted that we were also considering a Spring Show for 2021 to coincide with the opening of the Carp Market.
Noted that Lori Law is currently looking after the posts, and has some new ideas going forward. Pam Stewart currently posts on the google calendar and wondered if that would continue.
Kathryn Sauvé noted that a meeting with the new board and executive is scheduled for February 4 at 7:00, where we would begin discussion of all of these items.

Motion to Adjourn by Kathryn Sauvé

Seconded by: Joan Maclean

Meeting Adjourned: 11:41


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