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With SDCC and the TOKYO SUPER SHOW coming up we are banging away on those, from organizing the framing and shipment of artwork to the many show exclusive toys (we will debut our 24” TK there)!

The 3AA sets are all be put together as I type for shipping, we had to reprint the box as it wasn’t up to snuff so please excuse the small delay.

Well it’s back to the easel for me, my 5 minute break to write this is over and they are rattling my chains!


3A | SDCC 2015

It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks and with convention season coming into full gear we’re all hunkering down to make sure these shows as exciting as they can be. This year will be our biggest booth presence yet at SDCC. We’ve got a large plot of land (Thanks IDW!) and plans are well under way for a formidable display. As well as some incredible show exclusives which we’ll reveal soon enough! For those able to attend we’ll see you in a few short months!

July 8 - July 12 2015 in San Diego, CA

3A will be enjoying the Southern California sun at the largest pop-culture convention in the world! Ashley Wood, Kim, Siuyin, and more will be in attendance for Preview Night, Thursday, and Friday. Details about signings and schedules coming shortly!


May 21st 2015 at Bambaland
09:00 Hong Kong Time

3A x Frederator
1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

Chris Kirkman seeks adventure wherever he can find it! Willing to do what ever he has to to help out his buds, he’s a natural leader and very protective of his teammates. Chris only falters when it comes to expressing his true feelings for Beth. Chris is destined for a future he will do everything in his power to alter!

  • Officially Licensed by Frederator Studios
  • 11.9inches (30.23cm) Tall
  • Animation Accurate Character Design
  • Unique Skinned Armature Body
  • Fully Articulated
  • Detailed Fabric Clothing
  • Removable Technological Gloves

USD $100
Price Includes Free Worldwide Shipping

May 21st 2015 at Bambaland
09:00 Hong Kong Time

3A x Frederator
1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

Beth Tezuka is a born warrior - tough, smart, and has an undying love for butter lettuce. Beth seems to be aware of Chris’s unrequited affections, but is hesitant to acknowledge them, despite her feelings for him. Her future holds a dark secret only Emotion Lords are aware of.
  • Officially Licensed by Frederator Studios
  • 10.4inches (26.4cm) Tall
  • Animation Accurate Character Design
  • Unique Skinned Armature Body
  • Fully Articulated
  • Detailed Fabric Clothing
USD $100
Price Includes Free Worldwide Shipping

Look out for Bravest Warriors | Wave Two featuring Danny, Plum, and Catbug coming in July!


1/6th Scale Collectible Figure
On Sale Now at Bambaland
Designed by Ashley Wood

Ultron, the sentient A.I. created by Hank Pym, who notoriously rebelled against his creator, causing havoc the world over time and time again. Ashley Wood upgrades the classic villain with a new look featuring plated armor and illuminated details.  

  • Classic, Shadow and Ghost Editions
  • Officially Licensed by Marvel
  • 13-Inches (33.5cm) Tall
  • Fully Posable including Articulated Fingers and Plated Armor Design
  • LED Illuminated Eyes, Mouth, Chest and Back Thrusters
  • Red LED Editions Exclusive to Bambaland!
USD $220
Price Includes Free Worldwide Shipping

2000AD | Sam Slade Robo-Hunter
1/12th Scale Collectible Figure Series
On Sale Now at Bambaland

That’s S-L-A-Y-E-D to you! The second figure in the 1/12th collectible figure series comes with Robometer Cutie, trusty blaster, and Cuban cigar bot Stogie!

USD $50
Price includes Free Worldwide Shipping

1/6th Scale Collectible Figure
On Sale Now at Bambaland
Designed by Crystal-Jade Vaughan

Approximately 12-inches (30.48cm) tall, made of ABS, PVC, POM, Fully Articulated, Detailed Fabric Clothing. Accessories include Calcium Fuel Plug-Ins, Calcium Tray Float, Zipwire Escape Rags.

USD $140
Price includes Free Worldwide Shipping!


Follow The World Of 3A Production Blog For All The Latest Info On Our Upcoming Releases!

MAY 21 2015

  • Bravest Warriors | Beth Tezuka - USD $100
  • Bravest Warriors | Chris Kirkman - USD $100

MAY 28 2015

  • Tomorrow Kings | TKlub | The Last TK - USD $160

MAY 30 2015

  • Metal Gear Solid | RAY Half-Size Edition - USD $230 

Prices include Free Worldwide Shipping.
Prices and Dates are subject to change*


  • World War Robot | Dirty Deeds v2 Three
  • Transformers | Optimus Prime
  • Destiny | Titan
  • 3AGO | Wave Two
  • Tomorrow Queens | TKlub | NINJA TQ
  • Gala Milk | World of Isobelle Pascha | 24” Liz 
  • Marvel | Spider-man



  • String Diver | Retail Assortment
  • WBR | Remus Retail Assortment
  • World of Meta-Popbot | K1971 Architect TK Pre-made
  • World of Meta-Popbot | Bo-TQ The Rabbit Tamer Pre-made


  • 3AA Membership Pack
  • WBR | Bambaland Singles
  • Tomorrow Kings | Heavy Duty Slicers
  • Miss + Mrs | Nabler v2
  • Miss + Mrs | Nabler Deep Sleeper  
  • WWRp | MDL Defence Harold - Hobby Japan Exclusive #1

*TK | Heavy Duty Loper Set, M+M | Nabler Neptune Sets, and WBR | E.D.O set shipping at a later date*


  • Fong John T-Shirt


  • Halo | Master Chief
  • Halo | Spartan Gabriel Thorne
  • Halo | Spartan Recruit

*Dates are subject to change. We apologize for any delays and inconveniences that may occur


Talk to your 3A Stockist and Comic Book Shop today about ordering Ashley Wood related books and graphic novels.


Zombies vs Robots: Ongoing #5

“Inherit the Earth!,” part 5! An attack on the Amazon island expands the war beyond zombies and robots, with two planets at stake! And in “The Orphan,” a new friendship is torn asunder…! Cover and center spread by co-creator Ashley Wood!

3A | Q+A

With Ashley Wood

Q: The DDV2 look amazing! Will they be available in 1/12 scale like the original Dirty Deeds set? I was really surprised the latest Bramble was released in two scales at the same time. Really hoping DDV2 can do the same. Or at least get them in Dirty Dozen pack like the old set which the price is incredible high now if you can find them.
Ash: Sorry, no more DD packs in 1/12th, that was a one time only affair. I did think about making 100 in 3AGO size. I love that old set, still a great thing to be able to have made it!

Q: Will the 3AGO Evenfall THUG and Strigoi be up for PO this year? Will the Strigoi include helmets? Will the THUG have different color variations? Are there plans to include the new comics with them?
Ash: Sure, the big one is a lux toy that is kinda price prohibitive, we know that. It’s a great great toy, but we want others to be able to enjoy the Thuggy at a lower price point! There are many colorways for thug and variations so hoping to offer those over time, but as always it’s up to the support it gets! And yes, the mini Strig will get a helmet, well at least the astronaut version will.  

Q: Since we’ve had a new version of 1/6th Brambles, will the 1/6th Armstrongs make a comeback? Maybe an upgrade or are there submersible variants?
Ash: I’m still looking for the bloody Jungle Armstrong sample, maybe we can try a new Armstrong soon!

Q: Speaking of 1/6th Brambles - what are the chances of OG color ways happening with the new arms?
Ash: When we have shipped the latest, I’ll look into more, maybe with some new upgrades!

Q: How old is King Thumb and do the Finger Gang ever need to be repaired? Do they have a maker and if so why’d he make so many jerks?
Ash: They take care of each other, standard built in care protocols, that’s why they are very successful. They have each others’ backs and when they are fucked up they fix each other! They were made by a Robot, for a Robot War, but now they are are a rogue group of piss takers and trouble makers with keen obsessions and dislikes. Jerks are petty small time dicks with nothing more than to project their own insecurities onto others. The finger gang is way beyond that, they are high level combat robots, and don’t do things out of pettiness or just to malign!

Q: Slade looks great! It’s really good to see 2000AD figures rolling out! We know Hammerstein is next, but what are the chances of a 1/12th Ro-jaws to go with him?
Ash: I think so, but to do that we have to get there, the 2000AD line is like all our lines, dependent on the support. I have always said I want to see all the characters from 2000AD as figures, this is my childhood comic love. SDCC will see some great 2000AD exclusives that have been begging to be made and I’m super excited to know I got the chance to make them!

Q: How are the Dirty Deeds v2 doing? Since its clearly gone past the one a month kind of deal, how often do you expect to get them out? Are you going in any specific order from the original Dirty Dozen or are you tweaking the head decals as you go along?
Ash: We we have the next two made, but as many said monthly was a little tight. We pushed the next back and are on number 5 now. They are what they are, don’t wanna mess with what has not changed in the story world. As I never got a chance in the past to do the Dirty Deeds in 1/6th this is it, not looking to re-invent the wheel but to have a great set of them in 1/6th!

Q: How soon until we see the 1/6th Warbot v2 and some Amazons? Dying for them! Absolutely dying!
Ash: Well 3AGO Warbot might be at SDCC…

Stay tuned for more from 3A next week!
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