Welcome to the first 3AVOX newsletter; a weekly posting that will keep you up to date on all 3A related  news and info !

*According to our U.S shipping agent Asonic, 3AA packs will start shipping next week again. It goes without saying that the recent situation, regarding the shipping of 3AA member -packs,  sucked. No one was happy with what occurred but we are glad to say that the folks at ASonic are doing their utmost to rectify the snaffu. If you have any queries regarding  your 3AA order, please be sure to contact us at cs@threeaonline.com with your order number .  

*We realize that waiting for 3A toys to ship can be frustrating, and we are always working on making the wait time shorter, but one thing we don’t want to do is make our toys simpler or cut corners when making them. We really appreciate your patience and support; nothing is taken for granted here at 3A, again be sure to contact us at cs@threeaonline.com with your order number if you require any order info!

*Re Bambaland ordering: When making your order, there is now a special instructions area on the product page, If you need your purchase listed as a gift or you want a customs value of your choice, you would enter your requests there. Please be aware that the customer is responsible for any customs repercussions resulting from their request, as well as any standard customs charges.

25 August Wasabi
25 August All carded Mini boss
25 August Bambasboss 3rd year
31 August Mongrol ( Mongrol shipping date slipped due to a box printing error )
Grunts will now all ship at once in mid Sept, not a split shipment as stated before.
Princess and Vanilla TQ ( TQ-Loper chase as well ) will also ship in September

This info is up to date as of publishing date, any changes will be addressed in the next newsletter or 3A blog.

Our excellent friends at GOODSMILE always put on an awesome show, here are some images of their 3A display as shown at the latest Wonderfest in Japan,  held last month. Our thanks to Goodsmile and their Wondernauts for representing ThreeA so well again.


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As always, a big thanks to the 3A legion !


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