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Working away on the Hobby Japan comic for WWR (will post an English version when the time comes!) and looking at some of the 24” samples, how did I end up here? Crazy! Never thought I would be doing what I do, still makes me think wow!

Getting closer to the Thai Toy Expo and that’s taking much of our time, getting all the samples and materials together is a mammoth task, but all worth it in the end, getting to see you guys and hear what you like about our stuff, even what you don’t, we do listen, it's always a great experience and one we are all looking forward to!

This newsletter has to go out, so I’ll keep it short, see ya next time!



30 Apr - 3 May 2015 at CentralWorld Bangkok, Thailand.
10am - 3pm, Free Entrance.

3A will be showcasing and attending the THAILAND TOY EXPO 2015, The Biggest High-End Collectible Toys Event in Thailand! Ashley Wood, Kim, and the 3A crew will be in attendance at the show. Drop by and meet up. Exclusives will be available on site and we’ve set aside an assortment of figures for those unable to attend!

Available For Sale at Thailand Toy Expo

  • World of Meta-Popbot | K1971 TK - $120 USD
  • World of Meta-Popbot | BO TQ - $120 USD
  • Gala Milk | Vampire Hunters 24” - $260 USD

Available For Sale Online at Bambaland

  • World of Meta-Popbot | K1971 TK - $140 USD
  • World of Meta-Popbot | BO TQ - $140 USD
  • World of Meta-Popbot | K1971 Underverse Architect TK + BO-TQ set - $260 USD
  • Tomorrow Kings | Lonely Star Warrior TK Sergeant - $160 USD
  • Ashley Wood Collection | 1:1 EDDY GID LTD - $TBD

3A | 2000AD

The name's Slade, Sam Slade! That's S-L-A-Y-E-D to you!

Robo-Hunter is the second figure in the 1/12th scale Collectible Figure Series from 2000AD designed by 3A.

The wry curmudgeon created by John Wagner and Ian Gibson is a cigar-smoking bounty-hunter who tracks down and generally executes renegade robots. He begrudgingly picks up a few unlikely associates along the way. With the aid of his trusty Robo-meter Cutie, a blaster at the ready, and eventually a Cuban cigar bot named Stogie, they get the job done. If there’s one thing Slade has learned, it's never give a robot an even break.

Slade is a classic character that proved to be a great challenge. The goal from the start was to capture that Ian Gibson silhouette. Slade went through about nine months of revisions before finally settling on the final look. Getting the face right was not an easy task, but I think we really nailed that elongated jaw and chin. The profile view is a sight to behold. The choice of colors took direct inspiration from the cover of Prog 263. We really wanted him to pop and stand out and that cover is a personal favorite.  

The 3A Robo-Hunter is a bit of an amalgamation from the comics. Bringing in elements and icons we felt were key to capturing the essence of the character. Taking the overall visual look along with Cutie and his blaster design from the Verdus storyline and although Stogie does not appear until much later on, we couldn’t pass up the chance to make it happen. Speaking on behalf of 3A and 2000AD, we’re all very happy with how he turned out and can’t for people to see who and what else we have in the pipeline.  

Robo-Hunter will be available for pre-order from Bambaland on April 30th, 2015
USD $50*
*Price includes Free Worldwide Shipping


Metal Gear Solid | REX Half-Size Edition
April 23rd 2015 at Bambaland

09:00 Hong Kong Time 

The iconic METAL GEAR REX returns due to popular demand! This time in a half-size edition much friendlier for smaller spaces. Photos and additional info coming soon! 

METAL GEAR RAY - Half-Size Edition on sale later this year!


Follow The World Of 3A Production Blog For All The Latest Info On Our Upcoming Releases!
  • Tomorrow Kings | THE LAST TK
  • Tomorrow Kings | TK HUNTER
  • Marvel | ULTRON
  • Bravest Warriors | Wave One - CHRIS KIRKMAN  
  • Bravest Warriors | Wave One - BETH TEZUKA
  • Transformers | OPTIMUS PRIME
  • 3AGO | Wave Two
  • Crystal-Jade Vaughan | SAWYER


July 9th - 12th San Diego, California
3A will be in full force and showcasing with IDW Publishing at the largest pop culture convention in the world!
More details coming soon.


September 19th - 27th
3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

The Big One! 3A are taking over the entire 3331 Arts Chiyoda Tokyo Center!



Talk to your 3A Stockist and Comic Book Shop today about ordering Ashley Wood related books and graphic novels.



Inherit the Earth - Part 3! Space-faring humans have returned to Earth to find it still dead, but crawling with oddly sentient zombies, robots and… Mermen! Finally! Also: Niles and Mayerik continue to help rebuild the mythos in unexpected ways! Cover and center spread by co-creator Ashley Wood!


Hardcover -  7" x 11"
554 Pages

International video game sensation METAL GEAR SOLID provided 25 issues of pulse-pounding, intrigue-weaving, universe-expanding action from celebrated artists Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo, and now the entire series is available in this one over-sized collection!



How did you discover 3A?
I was flipping through an early issue of Hi-Fructose Magazine, back when they had an occasional toy profile. There was a picture of the original Desert Rat Bertie in some sand and I think the caption said "Bertie the Pipebomb". I scoured the internet for info and found Ashley Wood's blog. If I remember right, I missed the 1:6 NOM de Plume sale by a couple weeks.

What was your first 3A figure?  
While not technically a ThreeA figure, the 1:6 MK1 Dirty Deeds Bertie was the first thing I purchased. I stupidly passed on Noir de Plume, but did grab the 1:6 Deep Powder Bramble. My thought was I just needed the Bertie and Bramble and I was set. Ha!

Favorite 3A item in your collection?
The hardest question to answer. I would have to say the whole of my Medic collection. Lucky numbers and personal connections with my better half make it my favorite colorway. If I had to grab one fig in a fire though, it would probably be the 1:6 DIY de Plume.

What would you like to see made or are looking forward to?  
At this point I'm looking for some good stories. Regular WWR comics would be nice, and more Popbot of course. For figs, a Bambaland 1:1 Kitty or Eddy please!

What is your 3A grail?
The 1:6 Blanc de Plume. Back in the day it was a prize for forum members and I wanted one so bad to go with DP Bramble. Everything about him is the coolest. The snowy paint app, even the painting Ash did for the box I still want one so bad!

Where can we find you online?

3A | Q+A

With Ashley Wood

Q: What’s Zomb MD’s deal? Why’s he gotta make trouble and turn everybody into Zombs? What’d the Mission family ever do to him to put that bug up his ass? 
Ash: It’s more the other way, the Mission family have a bug up their collective asses about MD, though typically any adventurer will always fall on the side of dislike for the psychotic! Zomb MD! Reason for being is like all great villains - tragic, but for now, a mystery. The piss and vinegar level needed to sustain his level of hate for all living things is quite extraordinary and awsome to sniff at, truly his greatest power is the sustained emo he has attained, maybe Tommy should shave a chat to him about it!

Q: Who creates the elixir and drugs that make the Oracle Zombs speak? Is there someone above manipulating all the changes and dealing these elements into that world?
Ash: Zomb MD creates the juice that powers all Zombs, in the case of the Oracle it’s introduced into their limited system (head) via the feeding canister. Zomb MD is the brains behind the MD Empire with the help of his loverly nurses of course!

Q: Is the Meta-Popbot just a bit of fun to make some figures of the creators involved at 3A? Will we see a Kim TK or Ms74 TQ? Are there other staff you wanna make toys of?
Ash: Popbot is a meta story, it doesn’t just follow a classic fiction narrative, much of the story exists outside what is seen as fiction. The meta line won’t be for parody or just because, the characters are pivotal and not throw away at all. So don’t expect to see anything that won’t appear in the comic or just for shits or giggles!

Q: What factions do Herbert and Spencer adopt? Will there be multiple faction options for Alberto when he gets released?
Ash: Always! As H/S release their company cannot survive by supporting one faction, the robots cost a lot to make for a single outing!

Q: I always see you say make some noise, show the support, but how? Who do we need to talk to? Or- more importantly - what do you need the legion to do to show the support is there? I desperately want to see that Brambleton happen and for the Bertie mk2 to see every colorway imaginable (mmm like the Caesar sale of yore) and especially a Stealth or Medic Dropcloth 1.5 and I think there are enough people out there that would buy them! Kickstarter? Polls? Petitions?
Ash: Well it’s kinda hard to answer, as to show support is quite a nebulous request. Ever since Nom De Plume there has been nothing but support, 3A is built on that support, the Legion, that passion. 

I’m not fond of Kickstarter, we have always delivered on toys even when the sales have missed the financial waypoints, I don’t and won’t offer toys and then say sorry, not enough want it, it won’t happen. Seems counter productive to me. So I’m not asking for that, I guess I’m saying on the most basic level if we are to make more say 1/6th WWR robots, then we at 3A have to see there is a market, whether you guys want them, so we don’t take a bullet on them. On many of the large WWR we have taken hits. I love making them, but there is a point where Kim and me go, well maybe this is silly, all this work and $$ and we don’t break even, eventually that will kill us.

It’s hard to tell what will work and what doesn’t and normally I just follow my heart and go with what feels right, stuff you think has the support and interest flops, and stuff you think well this isn’t gonna fly really shines through like Pascha of example. We have support, I guess I mean if say you all wanted a 1/6th Gravedigger Bramble, keep telling us, e-mail, Facebook us, let us know, and we can see if it's possible!

Over the last 7 years the support for 3A has been stunning and I’m grateful for the chance the chance to make and offer what we have!

Q: Where do Zombots fit into the equation? Security? Myths? Joke gone too far? Speaking of - any plans for more Zombots? Maybe ones with articulated hands?

Ash: Zombots are just that, like Zombs are infected with a virus, Zombots with a code based infection in their case. As we have a film in dev with them, no one else can claim such a mighty title/name! If the powers that be don’t seem to have what it takes to get the ZvR film made (so called Inherit The Earth - I mean who changes a cool title like ZVR to Inherit The Earth, wtf) maybe ZOMBOTS can take that place on the big screen!

Q: Now that there's the 10" female body, what are the odds of seeing a shorter male body or a taller stockier one? I looooooove playing with scale and having those sorts of options. The 1/6th world is too bent up on everything being the same height. I want more diversity. I like shit that reflects the world I see in my mirror and out my window.
Ash: Well I have the short person body from the Threezero Game Of Thrones figure, anyone want a TK like that? We have a shorter stockier female body nearly finished, which I think is all kinds of cool. I agree there should be all kinds of bodies, but I think the lack of sizes is all down to $$, as moulding a 1/6th body of any size is an expensive proposition and taking risks isn’t on everyone’s must do lists!


Stay tuned for more from 3A next week!
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