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July  2018

Debrief on Lyme disease

Disease Debrief, June 30, 2018

More than 1400 cases of Lyme disease in Canada, including 987 cases in Ontario and 78 in Toronto were reported in 2017, compared to 992 cases nationwide, 388 in Ontario and 22 cases of Lyme disease in Toronto in 2016, according to the Toronto Star.
To provide updated knowledge regarding this disease and what is happening in Canada, the NCCID has developed this Debrief for public health personnel.
Recent news about Norovirus

Norovirus Debrief, June 22, 2018

Norovirus is the common viral cause of epidemic gastroenteritis worldwide, and a common cause of diarrhea in community settings. There’s currently no vaccine to prevent norovirus infection and also no specific therapy to treat people with gastroenteritis caused by norovirus infection.
NCCID has produced this Debrief to inform public health about main characteristics of norovirus, current outbreaks of this disease, risks for Canadians from norovirus and measures to be taken for a suspected case or a contact.  
Updates on Ebola virus

Disease Debrief, June 8, 2018

There have been 22 outbreaks of Ebola since the first case was discovered in 1976. The WHO reported 56 cases of Ebola and 25 deaths in D.R. Congo as of June 5, 2018.
NCCID has updated the Ebola Disease Debrief you can read on our website. 

10 years on since the start of the HPV vaccine programme – what impact is it having? (UK - PHE Blog)

More than ten million doses of HPV vaccine have been given to young women in this country and we’re now at a place where over 80% of women aged 15-24 have received the vaccine. 


Outbreaks of Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Infections among Persons Who Use Drugs and Persons Experiencing Homelessness  
CDC Recommendations for Health Departments and Recommendations for Health Care Providers
Vaccine update
This summary of the latest NACI recommendations for Influenza vaccine in the 2018-2019 flu season - including why people with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders should be considered a high risk group - is published in the June issue of CCDR.  Influenza vaccine for pregnant women, the wording in the Product Monograph on influenza vaccine in pregnant women and how the researchers of the National Microbiology Lab are developing a vaccine against Lassa fever, are discussed.
Disease Detectives: Taking Whole Genome Sequencing to the field for Ebola surveillance Public Health England (PHE Bog) on Public health matters; provides expert insight on the organisation’s work and all aspects of public health.

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