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January 29, 2016
ZIKA VIRUS: Quick Links for Public Health
As global attention to Zika virus intensifies, NCCID has developed this Quick Links resource for Canadian public health professionals. We provide links to key leaders and sources in infectious disease prevention, control and knowledge. The pages below are updated on a regular basis and will thus remain relevant as new information emerges. Feel free to forward this resource to others and post as needed. 

Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

World Health Organization / Pan-American Health Organization (WHO/PAHO)

WHO/PAHO – Zika Virus Infection (Landing Page)
WHO/PAHO – Zika Resources for Health Authorities
(Laboratory Diagnosis, Vector Control, Microcephaly, Community Engagement, Technical Reports)

WHO/PAHO – Disease Outbreak News – Zika virus infection (regular updates)

WHO/PAHO – Epidemiological Alerts and Updates (regular updates)

PAHO Statement on Zika Virus Transmission and Prevention (Jan 24, 2016)

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

CDC – Zika Virus (Landing Page – Zika-affected areas, Transmission, Prevention, Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment, Vector Surveillance and Control, For Pregnant Women, State Public Health Laboratories, Resources and Publications, Fact sheets and Posters, Q+A)

CDC – Zika virus – For Health Care Providers (Clinical Evaluation and Disease, Diagnostic Testing, Guidelines for Obstetrical and Pediatric Health Care Providers)

CDC - Emerging Infectious Diseases – Zika Spotlight (Zika articles, 2007-2016)

CDC – Facts about Microcephaly

European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC)

ECDC – Zika Virus Infection (Landing Page)

Recent News and Literature

Centre for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) – Zika News (regular updates)

CIDRAP – Zika Resources and Literature (regular updates)

British Medical Journal (BMJ) – Zika News and Literature (regular updates)
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