July  2018


New from NCCID
Two new resources on Mathematical Modelling and STBBIs produced by NCCID
NCCID has recently released 2 new resources titled as below:
  1. Behind the Curtain of Mathematical Modelling: Inside a modelling collaborative project on public health strategies for syphilis management (case study)
  2. Mathematical Modelling in Public Health (video)
The case study published is a Promising Practice of collaboration between public health in Winnipeg and modellers in Toronto, with the purpose of assessing the benefits of new interventions in order to reduce syphilis infections in Winnipeg. Regarding the new video, it introduces public health to modelling. Results of mathematical models used to test different scenarios in public health can help to inform policy makers, programs and practice.
Also from NCCID : Two experts analyse contextual factors impeding POCT uptake in Canada

In this commentary, Dr Nitika Pant Pai and Dr Marc Stebens, two internationally recognized  experts, discuss the contextual factors that have impeded the uptake of POCT in Canada and solutions to overcome these barriers. Our experts make a case for greater use of POCT and encourage their use across Canada. Potential decentralized deployment that will help to increase HIV/STBBI testing access and improve detection rates, to achieve UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets, are also advised.   
Evidence Review : POC Technologies and devices for STBBI in Canada

This review, conducted by NCCID, is aimed at summarizing POC Technologies and devices that are currently used, on the market, approved or available in Canada or in the pipeline.
NCCID commissioned this evidence review on POCT to support Canadian national efforts to improve STBBI screening and awareness building for equitable access to and uptake of new diagnostic technologies.   

Webinar Series : Reaching the Undiagnosed

To better help Canadians living with undiagnosed HIV, hepatitis C and other STI, the NCCID, CATIE and the CIHR Centre for Reach 2.0 held on February/March 2018 these Webinar Series with the purpose of sharing knowledges to improve testing and linkages services in Canada.
In case you missed them:
  1. HIV and HCV Point-of-Care Testing in Canada: technologies and community programs
  2. New Testing Technologies and approaches for syphilis: learning from other countries
  3. Innovative approaches for HIV, HCV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections Testing
  4. HIV self-testing in Canada: what should we expect?   
Across the web
90-90-90 for HIV-2? Ending the HIV-2 epidemic by enhancing care and clinical management of patients infected with HIV-2 / Prof, Geoffrey S. Gottlieb, MD; Dana N. Raugi, MPH; Robert A. Smith, PhD.- The Lancet, volume 5, No. 7, July 2018, p. 390-399.
A Step forward for HIV vaccines / Dan H. Barouch.- The Lancet, volume 5, No. 7, p. 338-339 .
The Challenge of Vanquishing HIV for the Next Generation – Facing the Future / Meagan C. Fitzpatrick, PhD; Glenda E. Gray, MD; Alison P. Galvani, PhD.- JAMA Pediatr., July 2018, 172 (7), p. 609-610.

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