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Interview with Dr. Larry Dossey
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Do you have within you the power to heal yourself, or to heal others? Can your thoughts make you sick or well? Can you sense the future? And is all of this power within the realm of science, spirituality, or a combination of both?

In this episode of Wisdom Radio, I interviewed Dr. Larry Dossey, a person uniquely qualified to provide insights into the answers to all of these questions. Dr. Dossey is former physician of internal medicine and Chief of Staff with Medical City Dallas Hospital. He’s the author of eleven books dealing with consciousness, spirituality, and healing, including the New York Times bestseller Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine, and most recently, The Power of Premonitions. In this hour-long interview, he touches on a range of topics, including the power of love in healing, what we’re learning about power of prayer and healing others from a distance, and learning how and when to trust your premonitions. Listen Now

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Attract Your Future

"It’s really so simple that most miss it. The energy all around is like a blanket. It can keep you warm and comforted, or it can smother and choke you. The difference is in how you receive it, and what you do with it.

There are different vibrational forces at work in the universe. A deep-seated feeling of contentment, love and gratitude draws the warm and comforting blanket.

Expecting the worst, fearing the future, and allowing negative emotions and talk to prevail, draws the other.

Disciplining the mind to see the light and beauty in all that surrounds you, retraining the expectations will draw good things and good people to you like a magnet. Your positive expectations and belief in others will provide a beacon of hope in troubled times.

This is not to say there won’t be sadness and despair, but such will be fleeting. Because even in moments such as these – you will never lose sight of that which burns brightly within all life, here and beyond. Surrendering yourself to a faith in the mysterious forces of light and beauty will become second nature.

Whatever happened in the past you’ve survived, and it’s gone now.  The future is yours to shape and create. Your power is boundless, your love energy flows from the limitless spring of the life force itself."
– Dancing Eagle* 2012

*Dancing Eagle is a spirit guide who began channeling wisdom to Andie in 1998 following a serious illness. You can learn more about him and read all of his inights in her upcoming book, Whispered Wisdom.
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