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Can you love more than one person at a time? What about jealousy? Does infidelity always have to mean an end to your marriage, or can it mean a new beginning? What about sacred connections that are not sexual? Can these have an equally important place in your life as your intimate relationships?

Polyamory advocate and radical love warrior Wendy O. Matik, author of Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships, is leading the love revolution with her book and workshops. She teaches Radical Love & Relationship workshops internationally, helping people reshape their ideas about love. She tells us of emerging alternative relationship models for the 21st century, something she calls radical love. It's about honoring the sacred and deep loving connections to your spouse or partner, other romantic interests with whom you have a deep connection, friends, family, the Earth, and yourself. Listen in now on this fascinating discussion about radical love, what it is, why more and more people are attracted to it, why many find the lifestyle choice brings them great happiness, and the responsibilities and challenges that go along with it. Listen Now

Wendy Matick

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Jealousy starts at a young age. Ouch.
Walk Light in Love

"You are here to give. You are here to receive. You can control one, and not the other. So release concern for getting what you need. It will come in its own time and way. Have faith that it will.

"Love flows freely like a river between people you know and love. You cannot control it. You cannot dam it, divert it, get in its way, for if you do, you will only get hurt by its sheer force. It does not mean to hurt you, but you must understand, love is a life force, like rapids in a river. Instead immerse yourself, set yourself on its currents. Go with and use its power to move forward in your own life. Always with an open heart and trust in the divine direction of your life

"The more love you give to others, the more you receive from sources you cannot know or predict. But that should not be your motivation. You give freely, because an open heart must.  The sun must shine and give life. So it is without concern for keeping, holding, owning, controlling, that you give love and gratitude.

"You know this to be true in your soul. So too it is so with your physical life. For you are a soul, a spirit, in a body. That body is like gravity and it pulls you down sometimes, to the dirt and into the mire. That body will fall away some day, and with it, its gravity.

"Remember why you’re here. The body is a wonderful expression of your soul. Do not allow your body to become a weight to your soul. Remind yourself that you are a rising balloon for your body.
"You walk light in love. You freely send that love without concern for receipt. You are made buoyant by gratitude and your life is lived a foot off the ground as you float in joy.

"So do not allow the body, the lower emotions of fear and jealousy, to pull you down or limit your potential.  You are here for others. Ask how you can serve their needs, and give what has been given to you. Pass it on and true happiness shall you know."

– Dancing Eagle* 2011

*Dancing Eagle is a spirit guide who began channeling wisdom to me in 1998 following a serious illness. You can learn more about him and read all of his inights in my upcoming book, Whispered Wisdom.
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