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Revitalising Strengths-based practice- Lunchbox learning groups

Ever heard that term ‘strengths-based’ practice but wanted to know more? Ever thought ‘I know what it is but how do I “do” it?’ Ever felt uncomfortable with working within a problem-centred framework and wanted to find a way out?

If you did then a ‘Lunchbox Learning session’ could be for you. These hour-long gatherings will bring together like-minded ethical practitioners looking to explore how to put key ideas and skills into practice.

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Outcomes Star News

“A cork, a nudge, a foot in the door and a light at the end of the tunnel”

These are some of the delightful comments service users and workers shared in reflecting on their experience trying out the Outcomes Star during initial training with Wesley’s child, youth and family service teams in Newcastle, NSW this week.

As we’re stepping back into in-person Outcomes Star training, we’re trying to bring with us some of what we learned during the years of relying on virtual training, including the importance of bringing client experiences and feedback into our learning. This has us experimenting with “blended learning” options, incorporating initial virtual warm-up sessions, follow-up tasks and then some in-person workshops that include scheduled time spent with clients, trying out the Star in real conversations rather than role-plays or simulations.

These early experiments seem promising for such blended learning approaches. Talk with us if you’d like to discuss these options for your team.


Watch the Home Star Webinar now!

Learn how to switch from the Homelessness Star to the Home Star
Watch the Home Star webinar
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Key information:

The Home Star is the NEW Outcome Star for housing and other needs. The existing Homelessness Star will be phased out in 2023.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

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