The change in seasons can be the perfect cue to declutter. Here are a few areas to target this weekend.
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The first month of spring has almost finished, but if you live in Melbourne like me you may have felt that spring has kicked in a little late this year.

The change in seasons is a great cue to declutter and reset some base organisation processes in the house. This week we will look at some decluttering ideas you can undertake.

Decluttering and organisation in my mind go hand in hand. It is hard to keep organised if you have too much stuff. I wrote a post last year specifically on this topic - Why decluttering is important. You can read the full post here but decluttering is important for a couple of key reasons:
  • To help keep the physical state of the house in better shape – removing items means there are simply less things to be out of place an make a mess. It also helps create clean space and a sense of order. I also find with the kids if the base we have set around the home is cluttered, they tend to be messier.
  • To help with my psychological state of mind – clutter can be overwhelming and stressful. It can be distracting and waste time (ever spend time just rearranging clutter from one area in the house to another or just simply reorganising it?).

These are the tasks on my decluttering list for the next week:

Change over clothes in my wardrobe - at the start of the year I reduced my wardrobe to 37 items per season. That number has increased over the last month as I have pulled out some summer clothes for my recent trips to Queensland. I will put away any winter clothes, throw away anything that is old and can't be worn and donate anything I will no longer wear.

Decluttering the kids clothes - I will work with the kids so they decide what clothes they still wear and then three piles:
  • To hand down
  • To donate
  • To bin

You can read about how I set up the kids drawers here.

Declutter the pantry - my pantry is another area that needs regular decluttering and is currently due for a session. I have found that decluttering the pantry every couple of months means it is a small job each time, as opposed to having to spend hours on it when I have left it for way too long. 

You can read my post on Reorganising The Pantry and Getting Rid Of Pantry Moths here.

Have you started spring decluttering yet?


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