To be fun and keep kids entertained, activities don't need to be complicated or expensive. Here are some simple ones that my kids love.
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The September school holidays are almost upon us here in Victoria and we are looking forward to some time at home and some time away these holidays.

When we have days at home, I find it is the simple things that brings the kids and I so much joy. With various ages to please across the household, there are often a variety of activities going on at any one time. 

There is nothing I love more than watching the kids all playing together. Somedays this goes for longer times than others before they start to need their own space, but I love watching the dynamics and who plays what role in their group.

I also find fascinating the change in dynamics to the house when one child is not there. They maybe out with friends or family but regardless of which child it is, things in the house change slightly. It isn't so much about being easier or harder, it is just different. Do you notice that too?

The kids are looking forward to having some time to just potter and not follow a routine - as am I! With our youngest aged seven now, they are all pretty good at occupying themselves. Sometimes they just need a little prompt to get started.

If you need some prompts for your kids, here are some simple activities my kids have liked:

Washi tape - see the post on the blog Washi tape for beginners.

Hangman - my kids love hangman, but the younger ones sometimes need a few tips on how to go about it. You can download my tips sheet here.

Do you remember making these as a kid? I loved them. In this post here my daughter made a video to show how you can make your own Chatterbox.

While aimed at preschoolers, lower primary school kids will still enjoy this simple dice game as well. You find the post here.

This activity will need supervision, but it is a lot of fun and has maximum impact. You can see how we created our glow jars here.

Kids big and small love balloons and these games are perfect if you are huddled inside on cold and wet days. You can see them here.

The 21 card game is a great way to help kids work on their mental maths. You can see the way we play it here.

And if you are still after some more ideas for activities the kids can do at home, check out my "I'm bored lists".

Hope there is lots of time for play and fun in the next week for you and the family!


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