Taking the time to appreciate the sweet things in your life, however small, not only makes you feel better, but increases family harmony.
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I was away last weekend (and will be away again this weekend) and the lead up to me going away did not go at all to plan. The great thing about planning though is you are at least in a better spot to cope with the unexpected as you already have a solid base of organisation. 

So while things were a little more last minute and thrown together than usual, everything worked out well for me away and for the family at home.

The short absence from the family was a great break from the day to day stuff for me and it did make me appreciate my family more.

I appreciated:
  • How my husband always supports my endeavours even if it means a madly hectic weekend for him.
  • How my daughter took initiative and did things to make is easier for me and her dad.
  • How the younger kids understood we had a lot on and chipped in to help more.
  • How the older boys looked after the younger ones as needed without complaint.
Waiting in airport departure lounges (where I am currently writing this newsletter!) I always find myself reflecting on my life. Being away from the family allows me to take a big picture view of how we are going and thinking about this made me smile. 

We are not a perfect family but there is much sweetness in my family life that I need to be grateful for and I think we are doing pretty okay. I love that:
  • Our littlest one still loves to go places with me, even if it is only driving his older brothers to the train station when it is raining.
  • The questions the 10 year old asks me that make me stop and think and often for which I don’t have answers.
  • The love, dedication and care my daughter puts into everything she does.
  • The way the older two boys banter together now and are fighting less.
  • The way my husband stays calm and walks his own path with confidence.
The time away again reminded how important it is to look for the sweet and good in family life no matter how small. Keeping my focus on the positive makes me happier, I complain less and the flow on effect to family harmony is worth every bit of effort it takes to redirect my attention to those gifts in my life.
What things are you appreciating about family life at the moment?

I hope you have a brilliant weekend.


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