Sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference. Here are a few things I use and do to make my life a little easier.
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I was at a meeting of mums in business last week and one of the women asked a really great question. She asked what are the things/items/tools etc that have made a huge change to your life? This smart woman had just purchased herself one of those automatic vacuum cleaners and was really happy with the result. 
I decided to note down what has helped make my life easier, with a view to analyse the list and see what else I could possibly do to help me further. I am going to share my 7 below, but I would love to hear what has made your life easier. If you have a quick minute I would love a reply. Even if it is to let me know that some are the same as mine, I would still love to hear from you.
Just like we worked together to create the post on 50+ dinners to make school nights easier, I can compile the responses and share them on the blog. Hopefully I will also find some ways to make my life easier too!  So just hit reply to let me know - thanks in advance.

1. Meal planning

I bet those of you who have been reading for more than a year would have guessed this one! But it will always be first while I have kids in primary school as it simplifies so many activities at once:
  • What to eat
  • What to buy
  • Can make meals in advance
  • Saves time
  • Less stress in the early evening
I have written extensively about menu planning on the blog which you can read by clicking here.

2. Weekly schedule

Before running with a formalised weekly schedule, work and home life blurred significantly with negative impacts. It made me feel like I was always doing both roles and not doing a great job at either. The schedule is set by me so flexible, but the most important thing it does for me is take decision making out of the equation. I know what I should be doing when, I don’t have to think about it and make choices. Simplifying my life so I have to make minimal decisions over the mundane areas of home and business life, mean I have more energy and time to make big decisions.

You can read about how I create my weekly schedule by clicking here.

3. Back pack vacuum cleaner

About 18 months ago we bought a new vacuum cleaner. It is a backpack style one like you see commercial cleaners using. It has a long cord which lets me vacuum the entire house without having to unplug. It is so easy to use, has great suction and allows me whizz around the house and vacuum in much less time.

4. Spray mop

I have had one of these mops for the last 5 years or so and I wouldn’t go back to the old traditional style. I only have the kitchen, living area and two bathrooms to mop, but I find this mop more effective in so many ways:
  • Quicker to mop the areas as needed
  • More likely to mop as it is not such a hassle
  • Uses much less water and dries much quicker

5. Food processor

As I cook most of my food from scratch a decent food processor has saved me so much time and effort. I would use my food processor at least once a day every day. I use it to:
  • Make smoothies
  • Grate and slice veggies
  • Mince meat
  • Make sweet treats like my version of larabars
  • Make nut butters and dukkah
The only thing I would change with hindsight about my food processor is to have one with a bigger motor. It takes me ages to make nut butters  as I have to do it very slowly so the motor does not over heat. It does has an overheat cut off which is awesome as I have made it go off many times when making almond butter.

6. Family contribution schedule

Having everyone in the family undertake household tasks is a huge winner for me. Not only does it mean I have less to do, but it also makes me feel less resentful to everyone. Ever felt frustrated that you are the only one doing any of the cleaning around the house? Then start a family contribution schedule and get everyone doing something. Yes it does require management and in the initial stages it would be quicker at times to do it yourself, but stick with it and it will pay dividends when like me, you can have a teenager do a pretty good job of cleaning the main bathroom on a regular basis.

You can see an example of our family contribution schedule by clicking here.

7. Mix and go smoothie maker

This simple and inexpensive smoothie maker was instrumental in moving my family from a boxed cereal breakfast to real food (you can read about our change by clicking here). It worked for us because it is simple, safe and easy for the kids to use so they can make themselves a smoothie themselves. 
Looking forward to hearing what has made your life easier!
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