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What You Need to Know

for Camp Achdus 2018!

Our staff has put in tons of work and spared no effort to make this summer as amazing as can be for all of our divisions. In order to help us make this our best summer yet, we ask that you please read this information thoroughly. Please communicate with us if there are any questions or concerns.

We like to view Camp Achdus as, not just a camp, but a community, in which every camper, staff member, and parent, is an active member of a united team. We count on your participation to make camp succeed!

Some ways you participate:
  • Engage your children in what they are learning and doing
  • Talk to the rebbi, counselor, chavrusa, or director about any concerns you have before they become issues
  • Give positive/constructive feedback to the appropriate staff and directors
  • Offer to donate your used... ping-pong table/popcorn machine/mp3 player, etc.
  • Support camp's decisions regarding your child.
  • Let us know what we can do to make camp better! 
Camp Address
9201 Old Bustleton Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19115
Contact Info
Camp Office: 215-525-4345 x2
Fax:  215-525-4345

Main Phone: 215-525-4345

Camp Office: Ext. 2 or email
Rabbi Segelman: Ext. 1 or email
Rabbi Klein: Ext. 4 or email
Billing: Ext. 7 or email

Head Staff

 Head Counselor
R Moshe Klein

Alef Head (Preschool)
Chanoch Ganz

Aquatics Director
Daniel Farage

We have a very lively and interactive WhatsApp community, where we post photos, videos and announcements daily. You can join by clicking this link on your phone:
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Please enjoy our spectacular camp calendar! Note that the calendar is only meant as a general guide, as details may change throughout the summer. We will keep you advised about upcoming trips and special activities as they get closer.

The calendar also does not include the many exciting activities that we do on a daily basis, such as sports, games, skits, woodworking, mad science labs, etc. And obviously color war is a surprise!
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Camp Times 
Monday-Thursday: 9:15 am - 4:15 pm
Friday: 9:15 am - 2:15 pm
Some of our trips return late. We will notify you by email before each trip.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Please follow these instructions to ease the flow of traffic and to ensure safety.

Drop-off is from 9:15 until 9:25, and pick-up is from 4:05 until 4:15. Please do not drop off early as we will NOT have staff on grounds with authority to supervise or to let campers inside! At dismissal, please show consideration for our staff by picking up your children promptly.

Please do not drop off on the side of Old Bustleton Ave. Drive into the parking lot and obey the directions of camp staff who will be there to direct traffic and to escort campers into camp.

We will be using the front entrance of the building. Please do not enter through any other entrance in the morning.

If you are dropping off later than 9:45, you must escort your child to the main office to be signed in.

If you need to pick up early, please contact the office in advance, as your son's bunk may be off-grounds. When you get to camp, proceed to the main office and your child will be sent to you.

These procedures are to ensure the safety of our children and staff. Thank you for your cooperation.

Breakfast & Lunch
We are proud to be providing free hot breakfast and lunch through the CBS Kosher Food ProgramPlease look over the menu with your child to ensure they will like what is being served. We make every effort to make sure everybody eats, but if your son will not eat the camp lunch, please help by making lunches that desirable as well as filling.

Menus for July and August will be sent out when they are available.

Please note that on some trip days, we will give out boxed lunches, that can be eaten off-grounds, rather than hot lunches.

Please send in extra snacks and drinks


Going into 5th grade and younger (Bunks Alef through Dalet): Davening takes place in camp. Please do not daven at home or at shul!
CIT's: CIT's are expected to daven before Camp. 


Learning is the most important part of our day! Much time and effort is invested to make this precious part of the day a most valuable one.

Bunks Alef & Ches:  The younger campers learn about the parshiyos hashavua, tefillah, the three weeks, and about improving our middos.

Bunk Dalet: Bunk Dalet learns Mishnayos. Last summer we learned the entire Mesechta Sanhedrin, culminating with a major siyum! 

Vuv&Suf: The older boys will be learning the sugya of Kibbud Av V'eim in Meseches Kiddushin (starting the gemara from 30b). We hope that this very enjoyable and relevant limud will enhance our awareness and understanding of this important mitzvah!

Learning starts off each day in a classroom setting with a Rebbi, after which the boys are paired up with our learned staff members to review b'chavrusa. This special advantage enables them to understand the material at their own pace and level, and also affords these oldest campers a chance to connect on a deeper level with our wonderful yeshiva bochurim.

We have a wonderful incentive program* in place, developed and fine-tuned over many summers, that we use to enhance the beautiful learning that takes place every morning!

*If you want a really special zechus, tax-deductible sponsorships are available.

Under the direction of our professional rebbeim, the learning program is designed to infuse your children's day with Torah in the sweetest way possible, in a setting only camp can produce!
Swimming will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please bring swim attire daily.

Please note that IF the Nine Days will still be a time of mourning this year, we will not be swimming from July 16-20. However, please continue to send in bathing suits and towels for our other amazing water activities.

Swim Instruction
We will teaching swimming skills to all campers daily using the Red Cross curriculum, by our certified instructors. Campers' progress will be tracked and reported to parents, and certificates will be awarded to all campers who complete the program successfully! More details about this program will follow in a separate email.

Snacks & Drinks
Parents are encouraged to send in extra snacks and drinks. 

Camp’s canteen offers an excellent variety of snacks and drinks. However, Canteen is not intended to replace or supplement the lunches which camp serves or that campers bring from home. Therefore, canteen is CLOSED during lunch time.
Parents can create “Canteen Accounts” by sending a marked check or cash with the parents’ signature enclosed in a sealed envelope, accompanied by a filled-out Canteen form. Cash is not accepted by the canteen. As a side note, campers should also never ask staff members to borrow money, as our staff is not allowed to give money to campers.

A list of canteens items and prices will be sent out.
Click here for extra canteen forms
Medical Forms
Please be advised that all campers and staff members must have their medical forms submitted at least 72 hours before their first day of camp. Any child who comes to camp without a medical form will be sent to the office and sent home until the medical forms are received. Please understand that this is for the safety of your child.

NEW: You can now fill out this form online.
Click here for the online form
Click here to fill it out by hand
Financial Arrangements
Tuition must be paid in full OR an approved payment agreement must be arranged before campers will be allowed in camp.

To reach the Billing Office, please email, or call 215-525-4345 Ext. 7.

What Should I Bring to Camp?
Please send with your child:
  • Lunch (if desired)
  • Snacks
  • Water bottles!!
  • Bathing suit (even during the Nine Days!)
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Smiles and RUACH!!
To repeat:
We are not responsible for any lost clothing, swimwear, water bottles, lunch bags, yarmulkas, tzitzis, etc.

What Should I NOT Bring to Camp?
Unfortunately, we live in a culture where there is easy access to many influences which are detrimental to our campers’ spiritual health. Since it is impossible to properly supervise these items, ALL IPODS, IPADS, PSP’s, PHONES, AND MEDIA PLAYERS OF ANY KIND ARE NOT ALLOWED IN CAMP. They will be confiscated and not returned regardless of whether they were brought with parental permission or not. This includes items without Internet access. Campers who need to make an important phone call may use the phone in the Office.
Additionally, do not send expensive items to camp. They cause much jealousy, and also tend to get lost or broken.
For safety reasons, no knives of any sort (including camping knives) may be brought to camp. Waterguns and supersoakers are also not allowed in camp (except when provided by camp).

Camp will be providing transportation for campers who signed up for this service.
  • Lower Merion and Northeast: Pickup and drop-off will be door-to-door. We will provide details in a separate communication.
  • Cherry Hill:  Leaving Sons of Israel (pending) at 8:45 am PROMPTLY. Campers will be dropped off at their homes around 4:45-5:05.
Please be on time, as we are unable to wait for anyone!

Newsletters & Updates
We will send regular updates and reminders throughout the summer via email. Please check your inbox regularly. Important announcements and newsletters will also be given out to campers to bring home.

Staff Appreciation
At the end of each session of camp, it is traditional for parents to show their appreciation to the counselors and rebbeim who invested much effort to make their child's summer special.  We urge you to show your appreciation. We will send a notice before each session ends with suggested tipping amounts.

Health & Safety
We take the health and safety of our staff and campers with the utmost seriousness. It is for this reason that we have evaluated and updated all of our safety and security protocols, and all of our adult staff are trained and certified in first aid and CPR. In addition, all staff members will receive safety training before and during the summer. When your child is at Achdus, you can rest assured they are in good hands!

Any parent who would like to read our safety protocols is welcome to contact the office.

Additional Info
We can’t wait to see everyone on Monday!!!

An additional note: 

We Need to Talk!

We believe that a personal, comfortable connection between parents and the camp is essential for us to properly address the needs of every child. We encourage you to call or email at any time with any concerns, questions, or feedback, whether before, during, or after the summer.

Our view is that the summer is a time to continue growing, only in a different setting from the rest of the year. In school, children are taught through instruction, pressure, homework, and tests. In camp, children can also grow, in some ways even more, through enjoyment and example, through experiencing success and building relationships, and by discovering hidden talents and developing skills. The key to having a successful summer lies in the happiness of each and every camper. In order to ensure that your child's summer is as successful as possible, it is important that we communicate.

We also request that if you see, during the summer, that your son is not happy, please bring it to our attention immediately, and not wait until the end of the summer, so we can work together as a team to try to address it. Even if his feelings are not connected to the camp program, camp may have the tools to help. We can try to develop a top-notch program, but only your teamwork will ensure a top-notch summer!

Thank you!!


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