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May 2023
Greetings to all of the friends and supporters of the Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

This Memorial Day, as we do every year, we honor United States military personnel who have lost their lives in defense of our nation. We thank them for their service and for making the ultimate sacrifice so we may remain free.

We have news of two significant collections of American veterans below: Admiral James Stockdale, who spent over seven years as a POW in North Vietnam; and Richard Hubert, who worked on the propaganda campaign against the Japanese Empire during WWII.  We also celebrate a number of related activities around our Bread + Medicine exhibit, including teaching, scholarship, and our newest publication, Bread + Medicine: American Famine Relief in Soviet Russia, 1921–1923 (Hoover Institution Press), which is the capstone marking the completion of the project. 
Wishing good health to you and yours.
-Eric Wakin, Director
[“Memorial Day, May 30, 1917. In memory of American soldiers of the wars of ... Honor the brave.” US 5365]
New Acquisitions

Richard S. R. Hubert

The papers of Richard Samuel Rene Hubert (1901–82) document the US anti-Japanese propaganda campaign that targeted both Japanese soldiers and civilians in Japan in the last days of World War II. The Hubert papers contain many examples of leaflets that were printed by the US Office of War Information in Saipan and dropped by B-29 over the Japanese skies, as well as photographs and statistical details about the campaign.

Kamil Bena

Kamil Bena was a ​​Czech exile and an active participant in many Czech émigré organizations. He fled Czechoslovakia after the Communist takeover in 1948, working in refugee camps in Germany for several years until joining Radio Free Europe in 1952. The Bena papers reflect the activities of political, cultural and youth organizations, and contain significant correspondence with other Czech exiles and Czech National Social Party leadership. 
New & Noteworthy

James B. Stockdale

Researchers may now read the letters of James B. Stockdale, who was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam from 1965–73, in tandem with those of his wife Sybil Bailey Stockdale, and gain rare insight into POW/MIA issues and to conditions at the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison, where Stockdale was held during the Vietnam War. Stockdale was a US Navy vice admiral and aviator, Stanford graduate, and Hoover Institution Fellow

Reconnecting with Taiwan

Library & Archives Director Eric Wakin and Curator of Modern China and Taiwan Hsiao-ting Lin recently visited Taiwan at the invitation of several institutions and organizations in the island nation. Many hosts in Taiwan expressed their strong intention to deepen scholarly exchanges and cooperation with the Library & Archives.

“Window on a Revolution”

In the Spring edition of the Hoover Digest, Hoover Fellow Matthew K. Lowenstein offers an insider’s view into the upper echelons of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through the personal papers of Li Rui.  Li (1917–2019) was a senior cadre in the CCP who held a number of roles, including serving as the personal secretary to Chairman Mao Zedong, but throughout his life he was also a strong critic of the Communist Party, and was jailed and exiled internally for his views.

Russell A. Berman Award

Stanford Freshman Anna Pikarska received the Russell A. Berman Award for Excellence in an Introductory Seminar for the paper she submitted for "The Soviet Union and the World: View from the Hoover Archives,” a course taught by Senior Fellow Norman Naimark in Winter Quarter 2023. Pikarska based her research for the paper, titled "Human to Human: Famine Relief Beyond the Numbers," on the American Relief Administration Russian operational records

Students Explore the ARA Records

Stanford students working with the records from Herbert Hoover’s American Relief Administration are the focus of a recent Stanford News feature article and video. The students were part of an archives-based seminar on early Soviet history led by Research Fellow Bertrand Patenaude in winter quarter 2023. The course was offered in conjunction with the Library & Archives exhibition Bread + Medicine: Saving Lives in a Time of Famine

Bread + Medicine, the Book

Available for preorder! Bread + Medicine: American Famine Relief in Soviet Russia, 1921–1923 (Hoover Institution Press), by Bertrand Patenaude and Joan Nabseth Stevenson, will be available June 1. Click here to place your order. The publication, a companion to the exhibition, is richly illustrated with photographs, posters, and documents from the Library & Archives, and focuses on the lesser-known story of the medical dimension of the American relief mission, which included a large-scale vaccination drive and other measures to combat famine-related infectious disease.

What's New in the Library

This month’s list of newly cataloged items contains World War I and World War II-era information on topics such as welfare, population statistics, travel routes and geography, Soviet aircraft characteristics, offensive battle and campaign information, and details from the Thalerhof concentration camp.
Upcoming Events
CAPTURED: Shot Down in Vietnam at The Nixon Library
A new exhibit at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, California, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the release of POWs from North Vietnam. Selected letters from Hoover’s James & Sybil Stockdale papers are on loan and will be on display.
May 24, 2023 - Dec. 2023 | Open daily - 10 am - 4 pm
The Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan and the Looming Threat of Famine
Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 4 pm PT
(75 minutes, reception to follow)

Bread + Medicine Speaker Series - Final Event
Register to attend — In-Person | Online

Presenter: Alex de Waal, Executive Director of the World Peace Foundation at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University 
Moderator: Niall Ferguson, Milbank Family Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Parliamentary Politics and Iran-US Relations During the Cold War
Zahedi Family Fellow Lecture
Thursday, June 1, 2023, 12 pm PT
Presenter: Tomoyo Chisaka, Zahedi Family Fellow 
Register to attend — In person
Dynamic Designs: Transforming Posters at Hoover
A new Hoover Institution Library & Archives exhibition explores posters that have been used as Hoover Digest covers and also the potential that posters have to be transformed.
June 28, 2023 – Dec. 20, 2023 | Open daily - 10 am - 4 pm
Lou Henry Hoover Gallery, Hoover Tower, Stanford University
Watch Past Events

A Stanford string quartet played during the screening of America's Gift to Famine-Stricken Russia on May 2.
Featuring Our Collections

Secret Leviathan

The new book in the Stanford–Hoover Series on Authoritarianism–  Secret Leviathan: Secrecy and State Capacity Under Soviet Communism– is a comprehensive history of Soviet secrecy. Former Research Fellow Mark Harrison evaluates the impact of secrecy on Soviet state capacity from the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The book features the State Archives of the Russian Federation (GARF) and the Russian State Archive of Contemporary History (RGANI) (part of the Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet state microfilm collection), the Vitalii Leonidovich Kataev papers, the Lietuvos TSR Valstybės Saugumo Komitetas [Lithuanian KGB] selected records, and the Dmitrii Antonovich Volkogonov papers.

This is Not Who We Are

Visiting Fellow Zachary Shore’s newest book, This is Not Who We Are: America’s Struggle Between Vengeance and Virtue (Cambridge University Press, 2023) asks crucial questions about the nation's most agonizing divides by examining the morality of some of the choices made by states and militaries during  WWII. Features Herbert Hoover’s speech, “This Crisis in American Life,” June 22, 1948, from the Herbert Hoover subject collection; “Food Mission Diaries” from the Hugh S. Gibson papers; and other collections held at Hoover.
Features the papers of Lauchlin Bernard Currie, Arthur N. Young, T. V. (Tzu- wen) Soong, and H. H. Kung.
"A victim of his obstinate devotion to the cause of the unhappy Armenian race"
features the Ernest Wilson Riggs papers.
“Ghana and Nkrumah Revisited: Lenin, State Capitalism, and Black Marxist Orbits” features papers of Jay Lovestone and Karl A. Wittfogel.
Features the papers of George D. Jenkins.

Visiting Information

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Hoover Tower is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Exhibition galleries are free. Observation deck will be closed MAY 1 - JUN 8 & JUN 21 - AUG 25. Learn more.

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