Send the Quick's Back to the Philippines!
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10 Partners Left!

Faith Academy is counting on us to serve during the next school year.  Sarah is helping teach grade one math and Jason, besides running the theater, is teaching a stage craft class. 
Help us get all of the funding we need to serve the missionaries in SE Asia.  We only need 10 more partners to commit to giving on going support @ $100 a month or 33 partners giving $1 a day.
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A Partner's Perspective...

A Few Thoughts from one of our Partners as they pray for us to return to Faith Academy...

The other day I read on Sarah Quick's Facebook page that she is feeling frustrated with the remaining funding hurdle separating them from their foreign mission field. 

The mission field is everywhere, but our investment in the Quicks is in response to their work in a specific mission field in the Philippines. A mission field where they find joy in the work that is set before them. A mission field for which their circumstances and preparation have enabled them to be effective and productive in the work of and for the kingdom of God.

For the past year, the Quicks have been waiting and praying and working to establish a support base that will allow them to return to this mission field to which they are well suited. They wait for God to execute his will. They pray for wisdom and ability to accomplish their goals for the kingdom here and abroad. They work to prepare for an effective, enduring ministry.

The work they do now and the lessons they learn now are valuable. We can't believe it to be anything less than God's will for them now. But as we have faith in this ministry as well, we have an opportunity now to demonstrate our faith through a small work. Each small work from us contributes to a large work that is sending the Quicks back to the Philippines.

Right now they have received support to cover 86% of their total need. In plain numbers, they still need $1000 per month in order to go back to their mission field. We have the power, as a group, to finish this work now. If each of us contributes 20% more to the Quicks, they will be fully funded and be back in the Philippines, resuming their ministry before the start of the school year. In other words, practically immediately. Their belongings have already been shipped. We can make our investment in the Quicks' ministry begin to pay dividends for the kingdom of God immediately by increasing our contribution by 20%. 

As I was thinking about my investment in this ministry, I felt like I was, in effect, burying my 'talent'. Not that the Quicks are failing to generate a 'return on my investment' here in the states, but that I can easily increase the return on my investment by contributing slightly more. Our collective 20% increase results in a far greater increase of effectiveness for the Quicks' ministry by allowing them to return and resume the mission they have been called to perform.

If you feel compelled as I have to increase your contribution by any margin, please don't hesitate to accomplish this good work and send the Quicks back to the Philippines to resume the mission to which they have been called. 

God Uses Partners Like These to Keep us Going!  

A Meeting of the Minds between the cousins. (Ezra, Milo, Asher)
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