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Steve and Rhonda,

We are in Departure Preparation!  We passed up the 80%  mark so WorldVenture is going through the final stages helping us get ready to return to the Philippines!  

 Faith Staff are back on July 27th and we are praying to get back a few weeks earlier to get a house ready to live in!  Pray that the rest of our funding comes in QUICK!  Our target flight dates are the first week in July!

Summer ice cream is the best!  Ezra used some of his birthday money to buy ice cream for the family!  


Because of your partnership:

Jason has been able to spend quite a bit of time on the new Faith Academy Website.  We are at the end of  a year's worth of work and things are going well.  We have a few more details to finish up but we are hoping to finish up the project at the end of the summer.  

We have been able to have quite a few appointments, which has really demonstrated God's blessing on our lives.   It has been very exciting to see his hand prepare us to go back.  We can't wait for the time when we get a call that all of our funds are in and we can go back to the Philippines!

Because of Your Prayers:

Sarah and I came to a big decision this last week about her role at Faith Academy next year.  Faith Academy is significantly short on elementary teachers for next year and so they asked Sarah to help teach 1st grade math.  It will just be an hour or two in the morning but it will go a long way to helping with the need next year.  It will fit great with our family's schedule and give Sarah a chance to get back into the classroom.

Jason has a clear picture of his responsibilities.  His job will be split between theater work, teaching a class, and managing the school website.  
We have made significant life long friends.  We know this because we are feeling the pain of saying goodbye as we get ready to leave.

Pray With Us:

Quick Prayer Focus:

13 (and a half) people to commit to partnering with us at $100 a month!

Pray for our family as we say goodbye to friends and begin to travel to see family one more time.  Ezra's last day of school is June 8th and then we plan to leave Chicagoland on June 15th (for travels to Iowa, Kansas City, & Bartlesville, OK). 

Pray specifically for Sarah and I that our communication will be strong in this time where stress is increasing.  

Pray that we won't listen to the thoughts from the evil one; of fear, uncertainty, frustration, and doubt.

Faith Academy Prayer Focus:
Pray for the 2015 Faith Academy Grads.  We got to watch from afar as another graduating class finished up their time from Faith.  While this was challenging for Sarah and I because we were not there to celebrating with these young men and women, we realize that these children of God are going to be facing some of their most challenging time as they again shift to a new culture and learn how to live life on their own.  Pray with us that God will continue to protect his Faith Academy children and these students will transition well  into their next phase of life.


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Jason and Sarah and Ezra and Tirzah

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