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Dear Friends and Family,


We have officially joined a mission agency!  We have spent the last few years moving forward with the dream of Latin America, and now it feels good to take a tangible step forward towards our goal.  Two weeks ago we interviewed with United World Mission.  As we learned more about their vision, we felt excited and confirmed in our decision to pursue partnership with them.


United World Mission (UWM) is particularly exciting to us because it is establishing a unique program called the ‘Theological Education Initiative’.  We feel like this program would be a perfect fit for Chris’ teaching gift and our family’s shared sense of calling.  The goal of the Theological Education Initiative is to dispatch missionaries to help train native pastors and future theologians.  One long term hope of the Theological Education Initiative is to create competitive doctoral programs for native students in their own area of the world.  These programs would then produce native graduates that would become the next generation of seminary professors – so the final result in our context would hopefully be Latin American seminary professors training Latin American pastors.    


Considering that we have felt called to do theological education in Latin America, UWM’s Theological Education Initiative seemed like just the right program to pursue.  As you can imagine, we were thrilled when we were invited to join UWM.  In fact, the president of UWM, Dr. John Bernard, has asked Chris to help shape this brand-new Theological Education Initiative, which is really exciting.


So, what will happen next?  The next step is to decide on a particular Latin American seminary or university to which we should commit.  In the fall Chris will travel with the president of UWM to a few different schools in order to help discern where God would lead both our family and the Theological Education Initiative.  These missionary positions are support based, so as soon as we’ve committed to a specific school, our family will begin our fund-raising in earnest.


Thanks to all of you for your unfailing support.  Please pray for wisdom for us as we choose the seminary and country that we will come to call home.  We’re particularly grateful that God has provided me with a great job as a researcher in Oxford to sustain us while we raise our funds for Latin America.  We will keep in touch as our plans for missions continue to take shape.


Peace be with you all,


Christopher, Michelle, Judah, and Asher Hays

Just from Michelle:

For me one of the most influential parts of the week with UWM was spending time with experienced UWM missionary families.  While talking with other moms who have faced challenges raising children abroad, I heard story after story of God’s faithfulness.  It gave me a sense of peace and a renewed trust in God’s plans for our children.

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