Lifestyle changes as we prepare for the move to Argentina and for the new baby
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Dear Friends and Family,

When I first felt called into missions, I imagined that by the time I set foot in Latin America I would have developed some serious holiness. Now that we are less than a year away from deploying, I’m not exactly that saint I had hoped I would be! Nonetheless, I suppose that the God who made his first apostles out of tax collectors and murderers can still work some good out of a guy like me. :-)

Notwithstanding God’s ability to work with cracked vessels, I’ve decided to make some significant changes to my lifestyle these past several weeks. I’ve cut back on the number of hours I spent working every week in order that I can get home earlier to help Judah learn Spanish and to spend more time just playing with the boys. As we prepare for the field, I want to enrich the bonds within our family so that (as one missions pastor put it to me) “the boys’ strongest relationships are the ones that they take with them to South America.” But beyond that, I have realized how much of my sense of identity is wrapped up with work, achievement, and the future, as a result of which I often neglect relationships in the present. These changes in my schedule represent a corrective step, and I’m grateful to many of you have encouraged me over the last few months to reassess the way that I work.

Of course, further schedule changes are just around the corner, since our new baby is due in just a few weeks; hopefully the next update you receive from us will include infant pictures!

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah and Asher Hays

From Michelle

Back to school! This September Judah started Year 3 and Asher started a class called Rainbows at the same school Judah attends. While Judah's schedule and group of friends has remained the same, this year marks a big change for Asher since he is with a new group of children and is attending school for a full day now. I think it was all quite overwhelming for him at first, but Asher seems to be gradually settling in and making friends. A special thank you to all of you who were praying for his transition! I have been using the extra time that I have to get organized for the new baby that is coming soon. I feel so blessed and cared for by many of our Oxford friends who have generously provided us with baby girl clothes and other miscellaneous baby items. I have three weeks left until my due date (Oct. 21) and everything is looking healthy with me and the baby. Overall, I am feeling very well. My major prayer requests as we think about the arrival of the new baby are for another beautiful and safe homebirth, for the baby to come any day EXCEPT Judah's birthday (Oct. 17), and for the boys' adjustment to having a new sibling (particularly in light of the fact that they are STILL very much hoping and praying that it will turn out to be a brother despite the scan results). I am grateful for all of you who so faithfully read these updates and keep us in prayer! It means so much to us to know that you are thinking of us and praying for us as we make this transition to being a family of five:)

Please Pray

  • For the safe and delightful birth of our new baby.
  • For the boys to grow enthusiastic about having a new sibling.
  • For Christopher as he discerns ways to alter his work schedule in order to spend more time with the family.
  • For a California church that is continuing to pray about bringing us on as missionaries. 

Praise God

  • For a pair of new supporters.
  • For the extension of a translation contract at a time when finances are tight.
  • For his grace in helping me to complete a new edited book; my co-editor, Chris Ansberry, and I sent a manuscript off to our publisher earlier this month, and we are very excited with how the book has turned out. Please pray that the final stages of preparing the book for publication would optimize its impact for the Church!

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