Official confirmation of my post at ISEDET, traveling Britain to present research, wonderful time celebrating Christmas and an anniversary, and a big financial step towards the field.
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Dear Friends and Family,

2011 is now drawing to a close, and December provided a splendid conclusion to this rich year.  This month we were blessed with wonderful family time, productive travel to air my research, and financial support in preparation for our mission. But perhaps the best news of all is that I just received confirmation from the president of ISEDET that the Board of Directors has finalized their approval of my candidacy; it is now completely official that we are moving to Buenos Aires! 

On the academic front, I traveled to London and to St Andrews, Scotland.  Along with members of a small postdoctoral colloquium I run on eschatology, I had a chance to share some of our research on a long-standing theological problem: the delay of Christ's Second Coming.  The work was extremely well-received and we were also given a great deal of helpful feedback on the project as well.  It was an especially sweet thing to be back in St Andrews, where I began my doctoral studies five years ago, to present before former professors (including Scott Hafemann, who was my undergraduate advisor at Wheaton ten years ago).  I also was able to reconnect with my pastor from St Andrews, Rory Macleod, and was greatly encouraged by that meeting.

I mentioned in our last mailing that God has been challenging my understanding of prayer, pushing me to greater boldness, persistence, and specificity.  These past two months I have been praying for two things: 1) that a particular church in CA would feel moved to support us financially in the coming years, and 2) that God would raise up additional supporters who would help us retire our student loans (an important step in getting us to the field). I have been staggered to see a handful of people present gifts to us for this purpose of paying off some of our student debt, and am pleased to say that, at the end of this month, we will indeed be paying of one of our four loans!  This is both an act of great generosity by those friends and supporters, but also a great gift from God, as He coaxes Michelle and I further in prayer and faith.  I am grateful that God continues to teach, challenge, and draw us into greater knowledge of and hope in Him.

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah and Asher Hays

From Michelle

Just before Christmas, Chris and I celebrated our ninth anniversary.  In past years our anniversary has been completely swallowed up by the chaos of Christmas preparations but this year we had the chance to really celebrate. Friends of ours watched the boys and we took a whole afternoon and evening to go into London.  The evening was filled with child-free events (I felt like a such an adult!): a walk through the National Gallery, exploring the theatre district and Covent Garden, talking over a romantic dinner, and seeing Phantom of the Opera for the first time.  Chris and I agreed that it is the best date we have ever had!  
The boys had a lovely Christmas morning and entertained themselves with new toys while I made my first attempt at making a real Christmas dinner.  Though I thought it turned out quite well, Judah and Asher both asked if we could please just have tacos next year. Well, that would certainly be simpler! We spent some time reminiscing as a family today over lunch and identified some of our favorite memories of 2011. They included: visiting family in the US in August, Judah and Asher learning how to swim, Asher having a pirate birthday party, Tia Jules' (Chris' sister's) wedding, attending a mock joust between knights at Blenheim Palace, Chris getting the chance to visit South Africa, Peru, Columbia and Argentina, Judah losing his first tooth, Asher learning to go to school for the first time, riding the London Eye together on Judah's birthday, and Chris receiving a position at ISEDET in Buenos Aires (so we finally know where we are headed!).

Please Pray

  • For God to continue to call our home churches in California to partner in our mission to South America.
  • We are trying to cultivate more positive times together as a family, both in one-on-one activities with our boys, and during our family dinners.  Please play for wisdom and creativity in developing and implementing these activities and ideas.
  • For a deepening in our understanding of how to pray persistently, boldly, and in faith (Mark 11.24; Luke 11.1-10; 18.1-8; James 4.2-3).
  • For this month's trip to St Andrews, in which I will be preaching and teaching in a few different venues.

Praise God

  • For finalizing my acceptance to the faculty of ISEDET!
  • For paying off one of our student loans!
  • For nine years of marriage, and all the growth that has entailed for both Michelle and me.
  • For a wonderful Christmas outreach event in the toddler group Michelle helps to lead at church
  • For making sweet memories with our boys over Christmas.

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