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Dear Friends and Family,

In a couple of days I will lock up my office and say good-bye to Michelle and the boys before hopping onto a long succession of buses, planes and taxis to take me on a whirlwind, two-week tour of South America.  The goals of this trip: 1) to conduct a final set of interviews with the two seminaries in which we are most interested, and 2) to do a ton of teaching for a couple different groups of South American pastors and seminarians.
My first stop will be in Lima, Peru, where the Seminario Evangélico de Lima has asked me to come give a one-week intensive Master’s course (in grad school we called these “suicide courses” because the prof crams a whole semester’s worth of lectures into one calendar week).  I’ll be teaching through Luke and Acts, and since this is my first full course of lectures (and since I’ll be teaching in Spanish), I’m both excited and nervous. 
Stop number two will be in Colombia, at the Fundación Universitaria Seminario Bíblico de Colombia (FUSBC) where I will lecture to undergrads for several hours, give a scholarly presentation to the faculty, and conduct further interviews.  The FUSBC is one of the two schools at which we are considering conducting our future missionary work, so this is a really important week for us. 
Finally, I will head to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to interview at ISEDET (Instituto Superior Evangélico de Estudios Teológicos). I interviewed with the rector of ISEDET in November while we were at a conference in the US, but this will be my first time on campus.

We would be so grateful for your prayers during these coming two weeks. In particular, please pray for my language skills; I will have to lecture for four or even eight hours at a shot, which is sure to be exhausting, and well beyond my abilities. Please ask for God to provide us with wisdom and discernment as well, that we would know clearly whether he would have us at FUSBC or ISEDET. Finally, please pray for Michelle and the boys while I am gone, since we all miss each other terribly and Asher in particular has a hard time understanding why I’m gone.

Thank you for all your support. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you when I return!

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, MIchelle, Judah, and Asher Hays

From Michelle:

Spring has come to Oxford, which means the boys and I can finally be out in our garden and at parks.  It also means Judah and Asher are busy finding ladybirds, millipedes, centipedes, worms, slugs, snails and other creepy-crawly things.  Judah has joined a football team and had his first practice last Saturday.  He is very enthusiastic about joining and getting "a proper football kit that includes football boots with studs."  (Those of you who are Americans can easily understand Judah's frustration with me for teaching him all the wrong words for this sport: soccer instead of football, field instead of pitch, etc. I'm sure I will be re-educated in short order!)  At the end of the practice, they had a practice match and Judah even scored one of the goals.  It made for such a great Saturday to come home with Judah racing ahead of us down the sidewalk, so thrilled with his success and his new friends.
Asher has been busy making friends of his own at the toddler group we attend at church.  The women who previously ran it are stepping down at Easter.  I will be joining two other moms to form a new leadership team that will take over the responsibilites after Easter.  The hope for this toddler group has always been that it would welcome non-Christians from the community and be a bridge into the church and also that it would encourage the Christian moms who are in this sleep-deprived, sometimes crazy stage of life.  I'm really glad to find a way to get plugged in at church that I feel like is actually realistic for me with small children.  It has been wonderful to see Asher grow comfortable there and make friends - he seems to have a level of ease and confidence that is new for him.
I would love your prayers especially for the weeks that Chris is away.  Specifically for health (both boys are sick right now and also chicken pox is making its rounds in the Oxfordshire schools) and for patience and energy for me as I care for the boys.  Judah will be off school during the second week and I am really hoping that we are all well so that we can fill that week with adventures to distract them from missing Chris.     

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