A birthday party in London and the beginning of Spanish-language learning, and a radio debate of prosperity theology.
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Dear Friends and Family,

It's a delight to have spent an entire month in one country, especially this month, as autumn has gently taken the reins from summer and now begins changing the leaves and shaking them from the trees.  It has been a month of catching up on a myriad of projects left unfinished over the course of the busy summer.  I sent several articles off for publication and have turned to prepare for next month's week-long trip to San Francisco, when I will attend the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting and reconnect with people at Valley Church, which we visited in August to begin fund-raising.  It is our hope to do a bit more fund-raising during that trip and follow up on some conversations begun in August.  

This month we also began teaching Spanish to Judah and Asher in earnest.  With the aid of Rosetta Stone software, this process is relatively painless, and Judah in particular has shown a remarkable aptitude for the language.  We are hoping that this early start on language acquisition makes the transition to Argentina an easier one than was our move to Germany three years ago.  

As I mentioned in my last email, I had the chance to engage in a radio discussion on the subjects of money and prosperity theology.  After rather a lot of preparation and a mock-debate with some of my colleagues, I took the train up to the broadcasting studios in Stoke-on-Trent and recorded the debate there.  It was actually an extraordinarily stressful event for me, quite a lot more draining than I had anticipated.  The program aired in ten-minute blocks over four days and was rebroadcast in its entirety on the weekend.  Although I was quite reticent to listen to the recording, I think in the end that it turned out rather well.  If you care to have a listen, it's available for download here. Thank you to all of you who prayed for me.  I have a lot to learn about the medium of radio, but I think this was a valuable first exposure.

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah and Asher Hays

From Michelle

We celebrated Judah's 7th birthday in London this year!  To our great relief as parents, Judah asked if we could take a trip to London instead of having a birthday party at the house with all of his high energy friends.  We took the train into Paddington station (very exciting for Asher who has fallen in love with the Paddington bear stories) and then headed to Trafalgar Square.  After climbing on the giant lion statues and taking pictures, we walked across the Thames to the London Eye.  On the beautifully clear fall day we had amazing views across the city.  We gave in to the boys' pleading for a McDonald's lunch and then we visited the Natural History Museum where the boys were awed by the full-size robotic T-rex, complete with very realistic movements and roaring.  Chris treated them to donuts on the train ride home and some special presents from family were waiting for Judah when we arrived at the house.  Judah is very pleased to be seven years old (which is quite grown-up in comparison with being six, as he will explain to you).
The boys have had a very relaxing half-term (one week off school, equivalent to a fall break in the US) having waffle and pancake breakfasts, lots of nerf battles, Star Wars lego building sessions and cozy reading times in blanket-and-pillow forts. Thank you, as always, for your support and your prayers!    

Please Pray

  • For God to continue to call our home churches in California to partner in our mission to South America.
  • For fruitful conversations and new supporters to join our team after Christopher's visit to California in November.
  • The boys and Michelle would love your prayers next month during the time that Chris will be in the US (a week and a half at the end of November).  Please pray for extra energy and patience for Michelle as she juggles the boys' activities and boundless energy on her own. 

Praise God

  • For a month to recover from the summer's stressful itinerary.
  • For mercy and aid in the preparation for and recording of my radio debate.
  • For the boys' enthusiasm for Spanish.

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