A new baby joins our family, and a new church joins our support team!
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Dear Friends and Family,

I am utterly delighted to introduce you all to the newest member of our family, Zoe Genevieve Hays. (We picked that name out when Michelle was pregnant with Judah, and so we've been mulling it over for some time!) Zoe was born on Wednesday the 24th of October, and is doing smashingly. Michelle was, as ever, an absolute phenom and is now relaxing and enjoying the new baby. The boys are quite taken with their little sister, and always eager to hold her (typically in ways that do not sufficiently appreciate her infant fragility). We have been blessed by a great many meals and an enormous amount of care and assistance from our community of friends here in Oxford. And considering how long I have wanted a daughter, it will come as no surprise that we are elated to have Zoe. I am just so stinking happy!

Earlier this month marked Judah's eighth birthday; since Michelle was 'great with child', Judah and I celebrated one-on-one at Warwick Castle. The kid had a ball exploring the castle walls and towers, seeing knights and archers, shooting a bow, and eating hotdogs (amazing how junk food is always a highpoint for kids).  

We are also delighted to report that a new California church, Grace Bible Church, has joined our support team. It through the ministry of this community that I first did short-term mission trips to Latin America, and in that context that I first was called to missions, so we are touched to have their support in the work that began fifteen years ago!

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah and Asher Hays

From Michelle

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me and the baby during this pregnancy! We are feeling so overwhelmingly thankful that Zoe is finally here and that all of us are well.The morning of her birthday started out with a bit of a scare and it became clear that I needed to go into the hospital to be checked out. I was incredibly disappointed to give up my plan to have a homebirth (like I had with both boys) and go into hospital, but in the end I was still able to have a natural labor and a beautiful birth experience with midwives who cared for me very well. Zoe is a mellow, quiet, and sweet baby so far. Judah was very unsure about this pregnancy but has now decided that Zoe is the best baby God could have chosen to add to our family. Judah has been coming down very early every morning to have a chance to hold her when her eyes might be open, and he calls her by a special nickname. Zoe has very dark hair much like Judah did when he was born and I think she will end up having dark eyes as well. Asher also is very sweet with her saying that she is 'the best sister in the world' and 'if I could pick any baby in the world to have, I would choose Zoe.' We would love your prayers in the days ahead as we continue to transition and get into a routine. I would especially love prayer for me as a mom as I learn how to give attention and love to the needs of all three of the kids.    

Please Pray

  • For the growth and health of our new baby Zoe!
  • For the safety and calm of our home late in November while I am away at a conference in Chicago.
  • For meetings with a number of potential supporters and churches with which Christopher will be meeting while in the US.

Praise God

  • For the birth of our beautiful daughter, Zoe Genevieve!
  • For Michelle's health and safety through the labor.
  • For a new church on our support team.

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