To Colombia! ...and the hospital. But not in that order.
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Dear Friends and Family,

Those of you who had a chance to read our last email will recall that our painstaking plans to move to Argentina were derailed rather dramatically in May. Still, after a roller-coaster ride of a summer, we've gotten back on track and can now happily announce that we will be moving to Medellín, Colombia! This is a wonderful and happy development, and we feel that God has dexterously guided us to this place. The seminary at which I'll be teaching is the Biblical Seminary of Colombia, which is an excellent outfit with a wonderful cadre of scholars and students. I interviewed there in 2011 and was struck by the fact that the place felt like Wheaton to me, full of students and faculty who clearly bore great affection for one another.

Part of the reason we feel enthusiastic to join the Biblical Seminary of Colombia (also known as FUSBC) is because the seminary is already moving in the directions in which we also feel called. Most of you will know about our passion to train Latino theologians at a graduate level. Happily, FUSBC already has plans and timetables for developing MA and subsequently PhD programs. The goal is to roll out an MA in 2015, and the rector of the school has asked me to put a major portion of my time into making that happen. It's great to feel like God has beckoned all of us to common dreams, and I feel like I am joining a team of like-minded scholars and believers at FUSBC. 

Our plan is to stick with our previous deployment time-line. Assuming our funding comes in on time, we'll leave Oxford at the end of August (one month!) and move to Colombia at the end of November.  

There's a lot more to say, and I look forward to sharing more about FUSBC in the near future, but for reasons you'll see below, I felt that I needed to dispatch this note quickly, so that we can get your prayers on some pressing matters. But we are deeply grateful to have a clear sense of divine leading, and for the speedy and decisive way in which God has conducted us towards Colombia.

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah, Asher, and Zoe Hays

From Michelle

Unfortunately, this portion of the letter is not from Michelle; I (Christopher) have to write it as well. (That's my excuse for the old pictures!) On Friday night Zoe was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance; she was having seizures and subsequently experienced temporary right-side paralysis. The seizures have since ceased and she's regained full motion, but a recent EEG showed some worrying readings, so Zoe can't come home yet. Michelle has been at the hospital 24-7 since Friday night, taking care of Zoe wonderfully in spite of the fact that she's not slept for more than 30 minutes at a time since Friday. But we are concerned about Zoe's health and praying for her to be returned home soon with a heartening diagnosis. 

During this time, I've been taking care of the boys, which means that I've had to miss a training event with the Church Mission Society (our UK mission agency). I'm also supposed to go to Colombia on Saturday for some important meetings, as well as to visit schools and make some housing and visa arrangements. Please pray for Zoe to returned home in time for me to be able to make this trip, and for Michelle's stamina as she will then have to care for a recovering baby and the two boys (who are now out of school!).

Praise God

  • For appointment to the Biblical Seminary in Colombia! It's great to know where God will be placing us to work out his calling on our lives.
  • For the excellent medical care Zoe has been receiving in the UK. 
  • For the fact that most of our supporters have agree to stick with us through the transition; in addition, the scholarship intended to pay of my Wheaton loans will still be paid out upon my deployment, notwithstanding the fact that we are switching our plans from Argentina to Colombia. 

Please Pray

  • For Zoe's full and speedy recovery and return home.
  • For endurance and rest for Michelle during this long time of caring for Zoe in the hospital.
  • For my patience and gentleness with the boys in a trying time.
  • For me to be able to make my Saturday flight to Colombia.
  • For wisdom in selecting housing for our family and schools for the boys.
  • For prudence in introducing the boys the new, exciting, (and in some ways) challenging features of our future life in Colombia. May they also catch the vision for God's calling on our whole family.

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