A look at what our final year of preparation entails. Oh, and birthdays too.
Hays Missions Update
Preparing to Provide Transformational Theological Education to Latin American Pastors and Theologians

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Dear Friends and Family,

The clock has started now. We're sending you this email six years after we first came to the UK to take up doctoral studies. In one year, my contract in Oxford will end and we will finally be able to take up the calling for which we have been preparing all this time: missions in Latin America.  

Since the countdown is beginning, I'd like to give you an idea of what is coming up. A year from now (September 2013), we will leave Oxford and fly back to the Americas, where we will spend six weeks at the Center for Intercultural Training (CIT). There we will be prepared for cross-cultural life and ministry in South America. If all our funds have been raised by the time we finish up at CIT, we will proceed directly to Argentina (early November 2013). We'll have a couple of months to get our feet under us and settle the boys in their new home, after which I will begin teaching in the new academic year (February 2014)!  

In light of that time-table, let me share with you the next hurdle we need to leap. In order to be able to register for CIT, we need to have raised pledges for 60% of our total annual budget. Right now, we have pledges for 45% of our annual budget. Accordingly, in the next few months, we are praying that God will get us up to the 60% mark, so that we can move forward with registration for CIT.  

We are excited to see that benchmark within striking distance, and we can envision closing that gap quickly in the next couple of months. Would you be praying with us that God would provide us with a real break-through this fall, that we would see rapid progress towards full-funding for our mission? We've been so grateful for God's unfaltering provision for our needs these past six years, and are looking forward to see him continue his work of preparing us for Latin America, in particular by rallying the spiritual and financial support we need. Thanks for bringing us and our calling before the Lord!

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah and Asher Hays

From Michelle

I can't believe how August has flown by - I was shocked when I looked at the calendar and realized that the boys start school again in less than a week! August is a celebration month for our family with Asher's birthday on the 9th and Chris' on the 12th. For his fourth birthday, Asher requested a Star Wars party and invited a few special friends to our house to dress up like Jedi, have lightsaber battles, break a Darth Vader piñata, and enjoy other birthday festivities. It was Asher's first birthday party with friends and everyone had a blast. Chris' celebration was a bit more low-key but we helped him to feel special and loved that day. The boys and I have spent the rest of the month crossing off activies of what they named 'the ultimate magnificent summer list.' Some of their favorites have been: making a lemonade stand, riding on a miniature railway, learning to make our own Krispie Kreme doughnuts, playing miniature golf, going ice skating and having water gun fights. Judah would tell you that his biggest achievements this month have been completing a 20 mile bike ride with his dad and finally losing one of his front teeth. All of us have thorougly enjoyed the break from the routines and schedules of the school year. If you are thinking of us during this next month, I would especially love prayer for Asher who will be starting 'all-day big school' with Judah.  

Please Pray

  • For a potential donor-church in CA, as their missions board makes its final decision about partnering with our ministry.
  • For new individual donors to come on board. Over the past year a number of people have expressed a desire to support us, and we're praying that in the coming month many of those people will take the plunge, so that we can reach the 60% funding mark.
  • For new relationships with large organizations. This month I contacted a half-dozen mission agencies and parachurch organizations in Germany, and we are praying that they will respond to our letters and be excited about our calling.
  • For Michelle's health and energy as she begins her eighth month of pregnancy.
  • For wisdom and faith for me as I alter my schedule. These past years I have been working at a pretty demanding pace, and I want to adjust the way I spend my time so that I can invest more intentionally in Michelle and the boys, strengthening our family before we take the next big step. Please pray that I would be able to make wise choices about how to optimize my productivity at work, and that when I return home, I would be emotionally present with the boys so that I can engage with them more energetically.  

Praise God

  • For a tremendously encouraging visit from UWM's president, Dr. John Bernard.
  • For the steady increase in our support base this summer.  
  • For a month to recover physically and emotionally after several gruelling weeks of travel.  
  • For four wonderful years with Asher!

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