Judah joins the circus and Christopher goes to the hospital.
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Dear Friends and Family,

Akin to a chase scene in a B-rated thriller film, March had me sprintly frantically, casting terrified looks over my shoulder at the deadline-monster bearing down on me and clawing at the collar of my shirt. Alas, like an ill-fated supporting character in such a movie, I was stumbled over ill-fortune with the end just in sight, and was overtaken by the deadlines. That's my overly dramatic way of saying that March was a stresful month with lots of writing deadlines; unfortunately, this past week I was taken quite ill and ended up being hospitalized; I'm now recovering at home, well behind schedule...but at least I have an excuse for my tardiness!

Before succumbing to illness, I had a marvelous opportunity to speak at the spring conference of an initiative called "Developing a Christian Mind in Oxford." The conference aims at helping Oxford postgraduate students to integrate their faith with their field of knowledge, and the theme of this term's conference was "Poverty and Justice." I was one of four invited speakers (including economists and theologians), and the day was a wonderful success. I felt honoured to be able to encourage and collaborate in social scientists on how as Christians we can apply our academic expertise to the most pressing social issue of our day. Once again, I'm stunned by God's kindness in having us minister in this place for this season.

I've got one more month of preparation before the summer madness of presentations, travel, and fund-raising kick off. I'd better get my feet back under me soon!  

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah and Asher Hays

From Michelle

The boys have just finished a term at school and are now off for two weeks for the Easter holidays. Asher and I had the chance to attend a hilarious circus performance put on by Judah's class this week. For the circus, the children illustrated their own tickets and posters and practiced for weeks. The show was complete with circus music, ringmasters, clowns, acrobats, tightrope walkers, jugglers, plate spinners and Judah starred in the sword swallowing act (plastic and foam swords, that is). The afternoon of their performance was an unusually warm and sunny one and a great time was had by all! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!  On the same day, we had a wonderful Easter celebration at the toddler group that I help lead at our church. More and more adults and children from the outside community are coming and we were very excited to be able to share the Easter story with a full house of happy children.  

Judah and Asher are looking forward to having the next two weeks off so they have more time to relax and play. I am really hoping to use this break to pour love into the boys and do some fun things that aren't possible during the rush of the school schedule. I'd love prayer for patience during the next two weeks because sometimes it can take quite a lot of work to keep our outings on track. Pray for energy for me too because March (while good in many ways) has left me feeling a bit worn out and two rowdy boys don't sit still for long!     

Please Pray

  • For Christopher's recovery from illness.
  • For wisdom with Judah and Asher. We would be grateful for God's guidance and grace as we seek to parent them lovingly and prudently.

Praise God

  • For a few new supporters joining our team.
  • For an encouraging and exciting experience speaking at the "Developing a Christian Mind in Oxford" spring conference.

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