One month before our departure to Colombia, and everything is falling into place.
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Dear Friends and Family,

Great news! We have made huge progress this month, and are now delighted to announce that we will be deploying to Medellín on November 29th! That means that this is the last email update you all will receive from us before we arrive in Colombia!

Our plane tickets have been purchased, and we successfully secured a three-year work visa for me (including Michelle and the kids as beneficiaries). Since visas are special bureaucratic nightmares, especially for missionaries, this is a wonderful relief. We've also written our wills (a little bit of a morbid responsibility), and lined up a company to ship all our (remaining!) possessions from the US to Colombia. 

This month we also finished our cross-cultural training in North Carolina and relocated to California to spend a few weeks with Christopher's family and one of our supporting churches.  

Next month will be incredibly hectic. Christopher will be traveling to Seattle to give a couple of talks at the University of Washington, and will also be preaching at Valley Church in Vacaville. Then we'll all fly to Illinois for two final weeks with Michelle's family; meanwhile, Christopher will travel to Grand Rapids and to Baltimore to meet with friends and supporters and to give a paper at a conference. Then he'll head back for a quick Thanksgiving celebration before whisking the whole family off to South America.  

We are tremendously excited to be at the cusp of our deployment, since we have spent so many years preparing for this. We would be grateful for mad-crazy prayers this month as we try to get all our ducks in a row, and then board one last inter-continental flight!

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah, Asher, and Zoe Hays

From Michelle

Just before we left Oxford in August, a group of dear friends (Wednesday Women, this is you!) prayed specifically for God's care and provision for our family during these transitional months. I remember one friend asking for God to prepare something special for our children at each location and I have been nearly moved to tears at each place we visit as I watch how God is answering this prayer. In the beginning of October, we were at a missionary training in North Carolina and the kids were incredibly blessed there with sweet friendships and hugely beneficial classes. During the second half of October we have been visiting Christopher's family in California and the kids have been enjoying time with family and freedom to roam in the sunny, beautiful countryside. Judah and Zoe both celebrated birthdays here (9th and 1st). For four weeks, Judah and Asher have the chance to attend the Christian school where Christopher's mom is a teacher. They have both done well joining their new classes and making friends in this lovely community. Having the boys in school this month has been refreshing for me as it has given me the opportunity to work on my Spanish and to spend regular time reading Scripture and listening to God. It has been a long time since I have had this much quiet time available to me in the day and I am cherishing this special gift before we embark on our adventures in Colombia. 

Praise God

  • For our deployment date!
  • For our visas!
  • For the wonderful progress the boys made during our missionary training. They seem to have processed a lot of their emotions about leaving the UK and heading somewhere unknown to them, and also appear to be recognizing some of the advantages of being a 'Third Culture Kid'.
  • For refreshing time to spend with Christopher's family in California.

Please Pray

  • For the remaining funds we require to be raised. We have secured enough funding to deploy, which is brilliant news, but we're still a little ways from having the regular support we need to remain in Colombia long-term.
  • For safety as Christopher travels in November, and that God would bless this last round of preaching, teaching, and speaking in the US (before he starts teaching in Spanish in Colombia and sounds like a stammering child!).
  • For safe, smooth (and illness free!) flights from Chicago to Medellín on November 29th.
  • For the whole family to feel joy, excitement, and welcome when we arrive to our new home in Colombia.

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