A wedding, a sermon, fundraising, and a month with family in the US.
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Dear Friends and Family,

After three busy and wonderful weeks in the US, I'm back in Oxford, wearing wool socks, long sleeves, and a stocking cap, while the rain outside pours down on my laundry as it "dries".  It's good to be home.

This month we all traveled back to the States to visit family, attend my sister's wedding, and do some fund-raising.  The time with family was great.  In California we visited my parents and Michelle and I were able to spend a glorious pair of days in San Francisco (our first night away from the boys since Judah was born in 2004).  I got to meet my new (now) brother-in-law, Bubba, who is an absolute joy (he will certainly be supplementing the family gene-pool, since at 6'4" he towers over me).  I also was honored to officiate at my sister's wedding, set at dusk against a grove of cyprus trees in the rolling golden hills of the countryside.  It was a beautiful occasion, completed by a walk through latern-lit fields under a full moon to the night's reception.  We had a great couple of weeks in Illinois as well, staying with Michelle's family, where the grandparents spoiled the boys by taking them boys to the zoo, an orchard, and a museum, to name but a few events.

The trip to the US was also a great opportunity for us from a ministry perspective.  I was given the chance to preach on justice at my family's church,where I had been dedicated as a baby and later converted and baptized. (You can download an MP3 of the sermon or stream the video here).  Some friends and family also were extraordinarily generous and hosted a pair of evening desserts for us, inviting their friends and allowing us to share our calling to Latin American with them.  We also were able to have some great talks with the leaders of our respective parents' home churches, letting them know about our vision for theological education in the global South.  We had a few people commit to supporting us, and are praying for a number of the people with whom we spoke also to join our team in the coming weeks.  

I returned to England a week ahead of Michelle and the boys in order to prepare for a trip to South Africa next month, and Michelle and the boys are soon to rejoin me and rescue me from the perils of bachelordom (poor nutrition and isolation).  Can't wait for them to get here!

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah and Asher Hays

From Michelle

This has been a month full of blessings.   In the last few months, I have been keeping a record of God’s special gifts to us.  We jot things down for our list on whatever random scraps of paper I find in my unorganized mess of a purse.  During our travels, I have neglected this practice somewhat.  Thinking back over the month though, I quickly generated a bunch of items for “the list.”   Here are some of the things that delighted us and brightened our days during our trip to the US:
  • Swimming in Grandma and Grandpa Hays’ pool
  • Being part of Chris’ sister’s wedding
  • A 2 day trip to San Francisco for Chris and I (on our own!) while grandparents cared for boys
  • Riding the cable cars up and down hills
  • Using tools in Grandpa’s tool workshop
  • Catching frogs, locusts, spiders, and a praying mantis named Thompson
  • Batman pajamas with capes
  • Boys’ fascination with seeing a real thunderstorm
  • Apple cider, apple cider donuts, and fun feeding animals at the apple orchard
  • Warm sun on our skin
  • Super-soaker water-gun fights
  • Judah winning 2nd place trophy in his first bike race
  • Enjoying root beer floats
 Thank you to all of you who were praying for our travels.  I’m so happy to report that our trip out to the US went better than it ever has in terms of the kids’ motion sickness.  We only had one major incident and, for us, that is bordering on miraculous! 

Please Pray

  • For the leaders of our family's churches to be guided towards supporting our ministry in the coming years.
  • For the individuals with whom we spoke in California to catch God's vision for Latin American education and join our team in prayer and financial backing.
  • For Judah to have a wonderful time returning to school and meeting a new teacher.
  • For Asher to transition smoothly into beginning preschool a few hours a week.
  • For safe travels to and from South Africa for Christopher as he speaks on "Mission and Ethics" in South Africa, and that he would be stretched and learn from his time with experts from the US, Europe, and Africa.

Praise God

  • For the positive responses to our mission from people in California.
  • For the wedding of Christopher's sister.
  • For a time of refreshment and encouragement among friends and family in the US.

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