A new baby is on the way!
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Dear Friends and Family,

Normally, I open these emails with a warm banality, commenting on the lovely weather we're having or something of that sort.  But the weather here has been terribly wet and cold...so I'm skipping that bit in this note, especially since we have a much more exciting piece of news to share: Michelle is now delightfully pregnant, and God willing we will have a new baby joining us in October of this year.  We are thrilled to have another child on the way, and Asher and Judah are excited about the prospect of a new sibling as well...as long as it's not a girl! 

This coming month the summer madness will kick off for us.  I will be giving three different scholarly papers: one in Nottingham (on the subject of eschatology), one in Oxford (on the subject of Adam's Fall), and one in Chicago (on the subject of Egyptian Christian ethics).  I'll also be giving two lectures for the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics (one on early Christian heresies, and one on wealth ethics).  I am reminding myself that I became a scholar so I could do this kind of thing...but it's going to be demanding.

In addition, the whole family will be traveling to Germany to visit old friends at the American Protestant Church in Bonn.  And at the end of the month I'll be back in Wheaton and traveling to Wisconsin and Minnesota to do fund-raising for our mission to Latin America.  So my calendar is looking pretty crazy right now.

Finally, this week we will have missionary-candidacy interviews with our Oxford home church (April 30th) and with the Church Missionary Society (May 3rd), and are praying that they choose to partner with our mission as well.  So those of you who pray for us will have your work cut out for you this month. :-)  We're so grateful to have you on our side! 

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah and Asher Hays

From Michelle

In some ways I am relieved to see April pass us by.  I spent a lot of the month feeling very sick but now seem to be turning a corner in terms of morning sickness.  I am very thankful to be feeling a bit more like myself since keeping up with Judah and Asher can be demanding at times.  Where do children who are so uninterested in sleeping or eating find this inexhaustable supply of energy?!  We've had a wet and soggy April with downpours and even hail.  The boys, however, love the puddles and the mud.  I think Asher's favourite little saying from his school is "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing."  This morning  on the sidelines at Judah's football practice, Asher delighted himself in a knee deep mud puddle, splashing and jumping with his wellies and rain trousers.  Almost miraculously in my opinion, Judah's football coach was able to convince all those cold, wet 7 year olds that "The best football matches happen in the rain when the hard core players come out to play!"  I tend to agree with a British friend I ran into the other day who commented "I think our weather system is completely broken."  
I would especially appreciate all of your prayers during May when Chris will be in the US for two weeks and I will have the boys here in Oxford on my own.  Pray that I will be able to give them the patience and love they need even when I am feeling low on energy myself.  I would be really grateful if you would also pray for continued health for me and for the baby.   

Please Pray

  • For successful meetings with the missions committee of St Aldate's Parish Church, and with the Church Missionary Society.
  • For warm time reconnecting with friends in Bonn, and for even more brothers and sisters in that community to join our support team.
  • For rewarding ministry and teaching as Christopher travels around the US and UK.
  • For fruitful fundraising in the US Midwest. 
  • We'd especially appreciate your intercession for us as we seek wisdom regarding Judah's schooling situation.  He is deeply unhappy at his school this year, and we are desperately trying to find him an alternative place to learn, but we are not sure if we should seek private schooling (for which we'd require a scholarship) or if we should consider homeschooling.  We're relying on God to show us the way forward here.

Praise God

  • That a new baby is on the way!  We are so thrilled for this gift.
  • That Christopher has so many opportunities to speak and teach.
  • For the chance to share our calling to Latin America with Christian siblings and communities in the UK, US, and Germany.

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