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Dear Friends and Family,

So, big news up front: thanks to a wonderfully generous donation that we received last week, I just paid off the last of the loans I took to complete my doctorate at Oxford! Alongside the scholarship that we received last month (which will pay off my Wheaton loans when we deploy to the mission field), this represents the demise of my student debt. We're staggered by God's goodness to us, wiping out $85,000 in student debt in just three years. As such, we should be able to head to Argentina debt free, which was scarcely imaginable when we signed up with UWM.  

This month I traveled to the US again, spending 11 days in the Chicago area in order to present at a conference, meet with publishers, and visit our supporters around Wheaton. As always, being in Wheaton was a tremendous joy to me, reminding me of the dexterity and care with which God has guided our paths over the past 13 years since I began my studies. I also had the opportunity to preach at Gary United Methodist Church, a congregation which joined our support team earlier this year. (Watch this space for a recording of the sermon.) 

Earlier this month I also kicked off my affiliation with The Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics (see here), giving a presentation in London to a (warm but formidable) group of folks in finance and government. It was a marvelously memorable experience, and hopefully marks the beginning of bringing my research on wealth ethics into conversation with people beyond the academy.

The month ahead is a big one for me: I have a new book appearing, will be speaking in a few different venues (see below), and will take a trip back to Germany to visit our long-time supporters at the American Protestant Church in Bonn. We'd be grateful if you'd keep us in your prayers during the coming weeks.

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah, Asher, and Zoe Hays

From Michelle

If I had to summarize what I think God has been saying to me during the month of May, it would be with just this one word: "trust." I have been trying to go through my days as a mom with openness for what God will bring instead of a pre-set agenda that I want to accomplish and have under my own control. I have only been mildly successful at this on some days. I still struggle with it on most days, but I am working toward the goal of receiving the day with trust in God - even if day does come with things like house viewings at difficult times, Chris being away, or a broken washing machine. Romans 8:28 has been stuck in my head for weeks (a sing-song version of it off of one of the boys' CDs of Bible songs). Then Judah came home with that verse to memorize from Sunday school so we worked on it together, and most recently I received a CD as a gift that has another sung version of Romans 8:28. I can't be reminded of it enough.
Other things I have been thankful for this month: really positive parent/teacher conferences for each of the boys, visits to Oxford from dear family members and friends, and Judah and Asher's continued delight in Zoe. As the summer continues, I am hoping that the reality that God works all things for the good of those who love Him will keep settling in my heart. 


Praise God

  • For the retirement of my Oxford student loans, and for the wildly generous donors who made it possible!
  • For the great crowd of friends and supporters God has rallied around us during the past years of preparation for missions in South America.
  • For delightful chances to preach in Wheaton and to speak in London and Chicago.

Please Pray

  • For the release of my new edited volume Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism (June 20th). It is possible that this volume will generate some controversy, so my co-editor (Christopher Ansberry) and I are praying that we'll have the grace to dialogue about the book in a constructive and God-honoring way.
  • For energy and wisdom as I speak at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (June 4th) and at Harris Manchester College (on behalf of the Centre for Enterprise, Market and Ethics; June 5th).
  • For an encouraging time reconnecting with old friends in Bonn, and for insight as I preach at our German church's Global Impact Celebration (June 16). 
  • For productivity and efficiency in tackling the enormous amount of writing and work this month will hold!

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