Valley Church joins our support team, another trip to Scotland, and Judah's baptism.
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Dear Friends and Family,

January was a wonderfully encouraging month, with a number of events that have reassured us of God's guidance in our lives and calling to Argentina.  

After traveling to St Andrews in December in order to present some of my work on the Delay of the Parousia (Christ's Second Coming) at St Mary's Divinity School, I was invited back by my former minister and mentor Rory Macleod, who asked me to speak and preach on the subject in a couple of different church venues.  It was a real joy to spend time again in St Andrews, to hang out with Rory's family, and to apply my academic research to the life of the Church.  

But one of the sweetest moments of the trip happened as I walked along the West Sands beach, where I used to pray every morning as a PhD student.  I was overwhelmed with memories of the rich life that God granted us there, and the fact that when we left the US in August 2006, we had enough money to survive until February, and no idea from where we'd receive the funds needed for our tuition or subsistence for the next three years.  And yet every month there was money for rent and utilities, we always paid tuition on time, and God all the while blessed us with amazing friends and experiences.  As a result of this recollection, I felt a powerful sense of confidence that, however daunted I at times feel about fund-raising, God would provide for this need, as he has always faithfully done.  

Shortly thereafter I received an email from the Director of Missions at Valley Church in California.  Many of you will know that we have long been dialoguing and praying with Valley Church about whether or not they might be able to support our mission.  Thus, I am delighted now to report that they have indeed agreed to back our ministry, in prayer and in finance!  This is a wonderful gift to us, an obvious answer to prayer, and an important step in our process of fund-raising.  So thank you, Valley!

The most special moment of the month happened just the other day, as we saw God's faithfulness in an even bigger way.  After deciding to commit his life to Christ a year ago, Judah was baptised on Sunday!  But I'll let Michelle fill you in on those details.

Peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah and Asher Hays

From Michelle

It is the evening of the last Sunday of January as I write this.  All of us were so proud of Judah today who was baptized during the morning service at St Aldates (our church home in Oxford).  Judah has been looking forward to today but was also quite nervous because he does not typically enjoy being in front of large groups of people.  Despite that, Judah was very excited and spoke clearly and loudly into the microphone.  When we talked to him about baptism, Judah's words were 'I want to follow Jesus and His plan for my life.  I will be one of God's men and I'm on God's team!'  We were praying that God would make Judah's baptism a meaningful experience, a great beginning to a life that will be lived out for Him.  As we put Judah to bed tonight, he spent some time listening to God and then said, 'God says that His most special moment of the day with me was when I got baptized.'  As parents we are relieved and pleased that it all went well.  Our only regret was that more friends and family couldn't be there to celebrate with us!  If any of you who couldn't be there would like to send an email to with a few encouraging words for Judah about his baptism and his decision to follow God with his life, that would be so appreciated.  We are planning on gathering those words of encouragement for Judah to help him remember his baptism today.  Thank you!    

Praise God

  • For Judah's baptism into the life of the Church.
  • For Valley Church's generous decision to partner with our ministry in Argentina.
  • For a heartening visit from our old friends and long time supporters, Earle, Ginny, Chip, and Karla Combs, and Gene and Deborah Green (Gene was my mentor at Wheaton, and Chip captured the above image of us walking a side-street in Oxford).  It was a sweet, inspiring, and profoundly encouraging time together.

Please Pray

  • That, in the wake of his baptism, Judah would grow in faith, holiness, and love of God. 
  • That Valley Church's collective endorsement of our ministry would stimulate continued growth of support from the members of the congregation.
  • For the first official conversation with our local church, St Aldates, about the possibility that they would become our UK sending-church. 
  • For Christopher as he speaks on the historicity of the resurrection for an outreach event at Balliol College.

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