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April 2011  ~  V.2 #4

  Gypsy's Journal...

Archangel UrielApril is for Angels! The word Angel is derived from the Greek word "angelos" which means "messenger". In fact, Angels are supernatural messengers who act as mediators between the Divine Source and mankind. They reside in the Spirit world and even though they can appear in human form when required, they are beings of spirit and not a physical being and are quite androgynous. Contrary to what some might believe, they have never been incarnated upon the earth in human form. They are our friends and companions on this journey called life. Angels are not guides, as guides have experienced at sometime among their incarnations a physical existence on this planet or another, while angels are celestial beings and are of a higher vibration than guides. Angels are beings of pure consciousness and radiate perpetually from the Divine Source. It is said that Deities speak in the language of light while humans speak in the language of sound. Angels help the higher realms of the Source and the Divine to speak with us through our minds and thoughts in a language that we humans can understand. Thus, angels are truly the "Messengers of God".

Everyone has at least one Guardian Angel assigned to them from birth that will travel with them throughout their lives. Angels help us, guide us and communicate with us in ways both seen and unseen. They are there with us all the time whether we are aware of it or not. One doesn't have to be psychic to see the signs of their presence, if only we open our senses and intuition to see, hear and feel them. What one may consider a coincidence or a an odd quirk is really an angel communication.  They may come to you through something that you read, through a casual conversation, the repetition of numbers, phrases, words or songs, through information in a book that strikes an unusual chord or an overheard conversation between strangers. They also come in our dreams to visit and give us the answers we ask for at any given time. Though it may take a while to get through to us, they ultimately always will, one way or another. And while they are always around us and ready to help, we have to ask for their assistance as they may not interfere with our lives, as they respect and honour our Divinely given free will.

On any given day I see angels everywhere. Every person, without exception, has at least one angel hovering about them, protecting, loving and waiting to be of aid and service. I find seeing and sensing them natural, having first noticed them when I was a very small child while playing in the back yard of my childhood home. Anyone can connect with their angels with just a little effort and one does not need "special abilities" to do so. But remember to not get careless, thinking they can protect you from every physical peril! They cannot over ride your free will. A positive attitude helps as it raises and clarifies your energy, aiding in the success of angelic communication. You must remain open and hone the senses to be ready to receive the messages in seemingly impossible ways. Show gratitude, have faith and be grateful for their presence in the beautiful life you have been blessed with.

Once you have an established line of communication going with the angels, you may feel a particular connection to one of the seven Archangels.
  • Michael: protection & communication
  • Raphael: healing & harmony
  • Uriel: spiritual devotion through service to others & peace
  • Gabriel: good news & restoration
  • Chamuel: love & relationships
  • Jophiel: beauty, illumination & wisdom
  • Zadkiel: benevolence & mercy
These powerful angelic beings, working with your personal Guardian Angels and other lesser but equally important angels, can help you get control, raise your vibration, lighten your energy and help you to heal yourself and others. (Note: This list varies depending upon the particular tradition that you follow. This set of Archangels appear in within the Rabbinic tradition, the Kabbala, and the Book of Enoch and happen to be the ones that I follow personally.)

Other ways to communicate with your angels are:
  • Ask through prayer & meditation, sacred ceremony, sincere thoughts & affirmations.
  • Keep an angel journal where you chronicle your communications to them directly through personal writing.
  • Create a special place in your home or on your property outdoors in dedication to honour your angels & your relationship with them.
Now that you are more aware of your angelic helpers and guardians, walking through the world will be more joy filled, peaceful and wondrous.

Deck of the Month...

   Mystic Angels ~ An Oracle Extraordinaire

I found this deck quite by accident (as is true of most good things!). Being first and foremost a tarophile, I have grown weary and disappointed by the modern new age angel oracle decks that have come out over the years, finding them over simplified, over whimsical and empty of elements that stimulate on a subconscious level. The Mystical Angels is far and away a clear surprise and my favourite angel oracle to date, being brilliantly authored by Denise Iwaniw with the angelics beautifully created by David Fix. The images are compelling, imaginative and multifaceted with shape, symbol, colour and natural design incorporated to conjure for the user exceptional angelic vibrational energy. I find the more I use this deck, the more drawn into it I become. This seldom happens with me with oracles as a rule. Tarot...yes. Oracles...rarely.

Denise says it best in her telling of the birth of this unique deck: "Creating the Mystic Angels Empowerment Deck began in the spring of 2009, as I worked to complete my book entitled, “A Year of Mystic Angels.” At that time, the Angels of Light requested me to fashion a grouping of 33 cards, upon which their uplifting words of timeless wisdom would be recorded. While the messages of the Angels flow freely through me, the artistic endeavor would have to be the inspired work of another.

 "The Angels pointed me in the direction of the amazing talents of graphics artist, David Fix. Here is David’s account of our first meeting to discuss the crafting of The Mystic Angels. It was a meeting that took place on the dream scape:

"'About July 1st, 2009, I dreamt that you and I were sitting facing each other lotus style near a stream at my childhood home on Squaw Lake. Birds were flying all around and above us. I said to you earnestly, 'I REALLY want this to work. I want something magical to happen.' You were whimsical and said nonchalantly, 'Let's try this," and you took a magic wand and drew a bracelet of sparkles around my wrist and I started to float off the ground. I began flying around with the birds above. I was so happy I could hardly stand it, while you remained whimsical, unsurprised, and pleased.'"

Please check out the Mystic Angels at Denise's website:
 .The angels are waiting for you there...The angels are       .... 

   Nature's Call...

Diamond      Zodiacal: Aries ~ Vibration: Master #33

Diamond is the hardest known gemstone and is found in an array of colours, including but not limited to colourless, white, black and various pale shades of pink, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, grey and brown. Known since antiquity, the Olde English name shown in the Oxford English Dictionary first appears in 1310 c.e.  as "diamaunde" and was first discovered in India. The name is derived from the Greek word for "invincible" which is in direct relation to its hardness.

The mineral is known as the "King of the Crystals" and symbolizes the "sun" of our solar system which is a force that maintains a peaceful state and never needs recharging. Diamond can enhance the powers of other minerals, bringing strength and endurance to the action of those energies through its ability to dissipate light into bright and flashing prisms. The Diamond instills an essence of trust to ones relationships and situations, bringing confidence to ones emotional and intellectual characteristics, and fidelity to close relationships. Recognized as a stone to enhance invulnerability, it was used in ancient times as a talisman against cowardice and to stimulate unity and love of ones self and others. Traditionally, the power of the Diamond was viable only when freely given; in ancient times it was given to ensure love and harmony while dispelling anger. Today it is thought to perform equally well whether given, found or purchased. When given, the ties between the "giver" and the recipient are enhanced; if "found", the ties between the earth and the recipient are promoted by energy of a vortex when found; and when given to ones self, promotes self love and healing. It helps to remind one of the goals towards spiritual awareness and as this goal is approached one can transfer this feeling and be-ing-ness to others via the Diamond.

Also known as a "stone of innocence", it brings forth purity, consistency and a loving and open nature that one is born with. It can also be used to remove voids from ones aura, filling them with loving energy of purity. It inspires creativity, imagination, ingenuity, inventiveness and brilliance in the world of the "new". The Diamond can activate the crown chakra and produce a connective force between the intellect and higher knowledge and further remove the "fog" from ones mind on the path towards enlightenment. Physiologically it has been used in treatment to counteract poisoning, to clarify and stimulate eyesight and as a metabolic balancing agent.

With such illustrious healing and metaphysical properties, no wonder Diamonds are a girl's (and guy's!) best friend!
[Information gleaned from "Love is in the Earth" by Melodie.]
   Gypsy's Almanac...

ARIES ~ Ruling Planet: Mars ~ Rules: the head & face ~ Element: Fire ~ Polarity: Masculine ~ Nature: Barren ~ Colour: Red  ~ Symbol: Ram ~ Tarot Card: The Emperor ~ Quality: Cardinal ~ Birth Dates: 3/20-4/20 ~ Key Words: initiator, impulsive, courageous. Medicinal Herbs: Arsesmart, Asarabacca, Barberry-bush, Sweet, Bazil, Bramble-bush, Briony, Brooklime, Butchers-broom, Broom, Broomrape, Crowfoot, Cuckoopint, or Wake-Robin, Cranebil, Cotton-Thistle, Flax-weed, or Toad-flax, Fursebush, Garlick, Hawthorn, Hops, Naddir, Masterwort, Mustard, Hedg-Mustard, Nettles, Onions, Pepperwort, or Dittander, Carduus Benedictus, in the Epistle, Rhadish, Horse Rhadish, Rhubarb, Rapontick, Bastard Rhubard, Thistles, Star-thistle, Tobacco, Wolly Thistle, Treacle Mustard, Mithridate Mustard Wold, Weld, or Dyers Weed, Wormwood.
[Medicinal information gleaned from Culpeper's Complete Herbal.]

   Psychic Muse...

Question of the Month: "Do animals survive death and go to the afterlife like people do? Are my pets waiting for me on the other side?"
...submitted by Allison.

This is a very good question and I have no doubt that animals - especially our beloved pets - are waiting for us on the other side. Many, many times in readings they come through to let their human family know that they are not only alive, well and waiting for them in the afterlife, but that they are with them in the physical world in spirit, following them, guarding and protecting them, and loving them just as much now than before the transition. In fact, our animal companions are not really bothered by the change in dimension. Once they get used to the vibrational shift, they feel quite liberated and enjoy a sense of freedom that everyone who transitions feels when freed from an encumbering three dimensional body. No more fences, leashes, cages or collars. Their little spirits are everywhere around us. So, if you think you sense a pet that has passed near to you in the here and now, whether it is the scent of his fur or the sound of his purr, you can rest assured that they are standing by us even now, forever our loving companions.
Remember the old saying:
"The only dumb question is the one never asked"?
Please send your questions to
to see them featured in an upcoming newsletter.

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