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February  2011  ~  V.2 #2

  Gypsy's Journal...

Imbolic is upon us...the Feast of Candles. A time of the awakening of the life force when the first green shoots of spring appear after a long cold winter of sleeping. This is a hopeful time when life begins to stir again. This is never more true or evident than when the groundhog lumbers up from his sleepy burrow, blinking his sleepy eyes, telling us humans how many more weeks of winter that we can expect...or so he would have us believe. Truth be told, I think that famous and fat old rodent is playing a prank on us humans and has been since before we can really remember, and all in good fun and humour.

Punxsutawney PhilThe groundhog, or woodchuck, is a powerful totem animal, helping us to open fully to the dreamtime experience, exploring altered states of consciousness more deeply, and being able to experience dreams with greater significance. The groundhog can help human beings to understand the processes associated with death and dying, teach us how to control our metabolism and to go into unconscious states with greater control. If you or someone you know has issues with boundaries, then the groundhog can help with this. Their power is the strongest in the wintertime, and is often the totem of shaman and mystics.

So, the next time you see ol'   Punxsutawney Phil being badgered and hassled by being dragged from his den for all the world to see, know that he is more than what he seems, is smarter than one would think, and will always have the last laugh!

So light a candle for Phil, for our loved ones in Spirit and all God's creatures everywhere and hold them close in Love and Prayer. Keep those bird feeders filled and rest easy in knowing that spring is on its way once again...give or take a month or two!

Until next month...

Deck of the Month...

   The Lover's Path Tarot...
Isis & Osiris ~ The Lover's Path Tarot

When Kris Waldherr created and released this beautiful tarot - The Lover's Path Tarot - I cannot express how joyed and happy I was that she did so. Having already been a fan of her Goddess Tarot, Goddess Inspiration and the work that she has done with Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf's Anubis Oracle, to find that she had come out with another thoughtful and inspiring work like this one was a true delight. She has a trademark style all her own that cannot be compared to anyone else's work. The richness, originality and one of a kind quality of her artwork is exemplary; her imagery possessing the key elements to trigger rich intuitional insights, created with an energy that shines throughout the medium. That is the key to good tarot creation...the ability to stimulate the psyche into soaring to heights and going to the deepest depths where everyday mundane brainwave activity fears to tread. Kris' work does this...creates energy to "turn on the lights", as I like to say. She is a true Master Tarot Builder in the highest degree.

I think the synopsis from the back of the book, which comes with this beautiful set, sums it up most appropriately: "The Lover's Path Tarot features classic love stories and myths from around the world. Kris Waldherr narrates some of the most achingly romantic love stories of all time while intertwining the Tarot and depicting its traditional archetypes. The Lover's Path Tarot offers a sumptuously passionate and transcendent tool for individual growth and understanding. It whispers that all love relationships mirror our relationship with ourselves. Its readers are taken on a journey where emotional and spiritual wisdom are gained by daring to love one another."

So, if true insight to the romantic and human relationships is what you're after in your readings, look no further than The Lover's Path Tarot. For more information, please visit Kris Waldherr's web site at . Feel free to browse around inside her amazing world and get a feel for the wit and wonder of of all her creations, all just as curious and splendid as this, her best Tarot yet.  .
   Nature's Call...

Angelite        Zodiacal: Aquarius ~ Vibration: #1

Angelite, a blue form of Anhydrite, was discovered in Peru, South America, during the time of the harmonic convergence in 1987 and is a symbol of the verbalization and communication of Love and Light to the World. Being a light blue-grey form of Anhydrite, it possess the same properties of its white-grey form such as facilitating strength on the physical plane and allowing one to understand that the physical body is both lasting and transient during each of its lifetimes.

It provides the energy for "glad acceptance" of all of the changes and situations which one has the opportunity to experience, allowing one to recognize that the past is gone, but for the memories of beauty and that nothing remains except the grace through which one can accept  the benefit of each experience. If helps us to recognize that if given the chance to do over, what we would do differently should the situation present itself again.

In the form of Angelite, this mineral lends even more properties than normal Anhydrite in that it is an excellent balancing agent,  polarizing and aligning the physical body with the ethereal network. It provides a protective field around the environment wherever it is placed. This mineral is both a sender and receiver, enhancing telepathic communication, as well as initiating contact with other worldly beings and one's spirit totem. Spiritual journeys and astral travel become easier as well. Angelite dispels anger, renewing one's connected-ness with universal knowledge, representing peace to the world and the "brotherhood" both within and beyond this planet, being a stone for raising the state of raising cosmic awareness, promoting clean and orderly communication. Excellent for use in psychic healing and for opening a pathway for channeling. Angelite is also used in the holistic treatment of infectious diseases, in correcting blood deficiencies, throat, thymus, heart and blood vessel disorders, pain relief, migraines and more.  Communicating and connecting with the angels through Angelite is a gift heaven sent. Make sure to add this lovely blue stone to your arsenal of gemstone tools to keep those angels close to you! [Information gleaned from "Love is in the Earth" by Melodie.]

  Psychic Muse...

Question of the Month: "I have psychic information coming in, but it is a jumbled mess, hard to sort out and all over the place. How do I make sense of it all?" ~ Eve

I get this question quite often. A number of factors can contribute to this out of control sort of flooding of information, or even the other extreme, wanting and waiting for information to come through and it just doesn't come. Age can be a factor. Younger people have a much harder time of making sense of the inflowing of symbols, voices and visions of spirit and psychic information because of their lack of experience with it, their excitement or the fear of having it go away all together if they try to control and temper it in any way or just having so much on their minds at that young age. Other youngsters find that the flooding of information is a bit overwhelming and makes them wish that it would just go away all together. Sometimes this may lead to them turning to different forms of self destructive behavior in an attempt to "drown out" the input. Many well known and respected mediums have resorted to this early on in their lives (Colette Baron-Reid, Lisa Williams, Alison Dubois to name a few) just to help them cope with all that psychic noise and/or spirit visitations. In the case of psychic overload, you can experiment with different ways to put a lid on it without turning to "self medication" or other destructive behavior, such as Lisa Williams who puts on  a favourite hat and tells the spirits that she is "closed" for the day and to come back tomorrow. Experiment with different techniques until you find the approach that works for you. The important thing to remember is you are in control and you can get a handle on it if you are willing to.

Judgement 20: Tarot ~ by lermsIn the case of wanting the information but not being able to sort it all out, my advice is to just relax and let the information flow. After a while there will be a common theme and familiar symbolism, voices or internal techniques that will help you to distinguish between true messages from what I call "psychic noise". I also find that when dealing with those who have crossed over in Spirit if you stick to a style that is natural to you and establish a pattern for them to follow and understand, they will be more than happy to accommodate. Where picking up information intuitively is concerned, the key is to practice your individual style and not worry about getting things right or wrong. Trying too hard, second guessing and fighting it all makes things more jumbled and complicated. Just go with the flow and try not to worry about the finesse. That will come with experience and practice. As John Edward says, "It's OK to be wrong."

And what to do when the information just stalls and does not come? This could be happening for a few reasons. One could be that there is some stress happening in your life that is creating a mental block. The cure is just to relax and let it pass. Worrying about it won't fix it, but taking time to de-stress and relax will. It may take a day or two, but letting it go and not worrying is the key to clearing this type of blockage.

Another reason might be that you are being unintentionally blocked by others who are trying to hone their own psychic abilities. I have had more than a couple of people tell me that  they get a feeling of not being able to receive any sort of intuitive input when in a group of psychic people, especially when participating in psychic workshops and seminalrs. I have found myself that working psychic or spirit faires I can feel a great amount of energy in the area and have to make sure to keep myself protected and shielded from strong and constant output from others. Although I seldom become blocked, I do feel a great deal of fatigue after such events, after which I make sure to be kind to myself and take a break for the next day or two following an event.  The bombardment from the sheer volume of too much psychic energy is like being at a concert where the music is just so loud, that you cannot hear the music.  If you find yourself experiencing an intuitive blockage, do some clearing and grounding meditations and make some time for yourself to be outside in quiet areas, like taking quiet walks in nature. Give yourself some "down time" to rest and heal yourself with quietness. You will soon find that after a very short while you will catch information coming in and recognize it for what it is: pure intuitive input and spiritual communication. Bottom line: relax, let it go, and trust in your abilities. [Image: Judgement 20: Tarot courtesy of lern]

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