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November  2011  ~  V.2 #11

  Gypsy's Journal...

Holy Cow! Has this little Gypsy been busier than ever! Apologies for the tardiness of this newsletter...if ever there was a call for clones, then this would be the time for it! No excuses, I know. But here I am...better late than never, I s'pose. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Over the days since the beginning of the month, other friends' newsletters have been rolling into my in-box, and I am always delighted to see them and anticipate reading what they have to say, and catch up on what they are all doing in this beautifully shiny ascending world. One theme that has run consistent with nearly all November 2011 metaphysical and spiritual publications has been the a focal emphasis on a specific date: November 11, 2011 or 11-11-11. I must confess that I had entertaining the thought of doing a bit right here in this very spot about that very thing. But, events happening the way they do and in specific synchronistic ways, while I paused to ponder the 11-11-11 enigma, other events came to pass which made me realize that everything indeed happens for a reason...specifically the passing of a dear old friend whom I had not seen in many years, but had thought about with fondness now and again. And, as I remembered him and his gentle giant ways, I realized that the day of his passing was special, as was the day of his birth, and every day in between had held a special meaning for him and the people in his life, even though he would not see 11-11-11, 12-21-12 or tomorrow either, for that least not from this side of the veil. This reminded me that every day - not just the "special numerological days" - is a special day...each and every one of them, to you or me or someone somewhere on this earth and others beyond our comprehension. On planets in *galaxies far, far away* they are all having their special days just as we are here on the little blue marble we call home. I think in the anticipation of the coming of these days we get wrapped up and forget to recognize that each day...each hour, each minute and each second is precious. Not just the 11-11-11's or the 2012's of the present era. But every day must be cherished and lived as if it were our very last in this dimension in this lifetime. That way we can always be thankful for what we have and who we are right now in this moment. It all comes down to being thankful and it is very important not to forget...we are Blessed...each and every one of us. So give thanks, not just this Thanksgiving, but throughout the year and for years to come...for our families, our friends and the Earth that we call home...

Until next time...

Deck of the Month...

   Touchstone Tarot

Touchstone Tarot ~ Happy Squirrel Little did I know when I picked up the Touchstone Tarot for my ever expanding Tarot collection that it would become the collector's item that it is today! (Finally! An out of print deck that I adore and already own!) I was first drawn to the deck by way of the iPhone app "Little White Book" which features the Touchstone Tarot as a working electronic deck. The moment I laid eyes on the beautiful European Baroque and Renaissance images they came alive and spoke to me! I felt transported through time and drawn in simultaneously, part of the scene. I then became a woman on a mission, having to own the real deck and made it so. I have never regretted the decision and am so glad I have this deck nestled in with the rest of my favourites, ready for a reading at any given moment. Authored by Kat Black of Golden Tarot fame, this is her second deck and just as good, if not better, than the first. She has taken old world artwork and rendered them  rich with colourful figures and modern faces, all looking out at the reader from within. Published by Kunati in, the 2009 economic downturn put an end to their production of the deck, and thus has catapulted it into collector's status. A limited edition was also produced in 2008, but that quickly sold out. And so now this wonderful Tarot has joined the ranks of the elusive and hard-to-get. There are many things that I love about his deck...most of all...the "Happy Squirrel" card! I love squirrels as they have a special place in my heart always as an animal totem and wilderness friends, the little critters that they are, and cute too! So, to have a Happy Squirrel card is a delight! The first deck to have a Happy Squirrel card was the Victoria Regina Tarot by Sarah Ovenall in the form of a download addition to her physical deck. There is an actual physical Happy Squirrel card in Robin Ator's International Icon Tarot. And now the Touchstone. So, in your Tarot Travels, if you come across this awesome tarot, you may want to snarf it up quickly. In the meantime, it is still available for the iPhone so all is not lost. Hopefully this deck will go back into print one day. Until then...Happy Hunting the Happy Squirrel!
I give this deck  .

*Tarot Tip: Of all the tarot bags I have ever used to protect my decks, the one I love most is the simple and inexpensive organza bag. They come in every colour of the rainbow, cost pennies, are affordable if you have many decks, and can be replaced easily and economically. The best feature, though, is their transparency. No opening bag after bag looking for a certain deck. No having to remember which one is in which bag. In fact, if your collection is rather large and runs in themes, you can colour code the collection, saving further time in the searching. They keep out dust but let the beauty of the deck show through. Thus making the simple organza bag a Tarot deck collector's very best friend...
   Crystal Corner...

Moldavite   Zodiacal: Scorpio ~ Vibration: #2 ~ Ray:  5th

MoldaviteMoldavite is a Tektite that is found in Czechoslovakia and formed from meteoric action which produces a "strew field" of this beautiful green stone. It was formed over 15 million years ago and is the only known "gem quality" stone (transparent when back lit and facetable) of extra-terrestrial origin. In addition to holding properties of the Tektite, it possesses its own unique set of properties which we can all draw a benefit from. Moldavite holds an immense potential for the direct inter-dimensional accessing of higher dimensional galactic energies to draw into the earth plane those thought-patterns and light-vibrations which are optimal to ones preparation for ascension and illumination. It facilitates strong, clear and direct inter-dimensional interconnectedness between ones consciousness and the higher planes of light. It expands the scope and the magnitude of the vibrational spectrums which one can approach, while allowing for a more encompassing passageway to those spectrums to which one already has access; that is, one will "see" more clearly and will "see" with an expansion of vision within the vibrational territory to which one has ventured, and/or one will be provided the inter-connection with the multidimensional horizons which have not yet been experienced.

Moldavite is a "stone to serve the inhabitants of this planet".  It stimulates cooperation between those of extra-terrestrial origins and those who are experiencing life on earth. It carries one beyond the mirage of life, to a home from which one has been absent, providing the image of eternity and the vision and energy to translate the image into reality.

This Tektite works quite well at the third eye, the throat chakra and the area of the crown chakra. [Note: I would also think that because of its beautiful green colour, it would work very well at the heart chakra as well. ~L.]

While my mission here with the gemstone segment of the newsletter is to feature those specimens which are easily obtainable at reasonable prices that anyone can afford, I felt an urge to list Moldavite as it is being seen more and more at metaphysical stores, spirit fairs and other New Age venues. I feel the prices they are commanding to be a bit steep, but hopefully one day it will come with a more reasonable price tag attached to it. Moldavite has an allure that is hard to ignore. It is my hope and wish that everyone will someday be able to have one of these beauties in their collections. In that same token, one does not have to have a huge specimin of any stone to be able to reap the benifits of that stone; thus if one can find a smaller chuunk of Moldavite, the benifits are just as strong, but at a fraction of what a larger stone would command. I would think that a very small piece of Moldavite would be a very powerful tool in a gemstone collection, hence making the owning of such an exotice piece worth the investment. Food for thought...

[Information gleaned from "Love is in the Earth" by Melodie.]  

   Gypsy's Almanac...

Scorpio: Ruling Planet: Pluto (Mars - Traditional) ~ Rules: Reproductive Organs ~ Element: Water ~ Polarity: Feminine ~ Nature: Fruitful ~ Colour: Scarlet, Black ~ Symbol: Scorpion ~ Birth dates: 10/23-11/22 ~ Key Words: Transformation ~ Full Moon: Frosty Moon or Beaver's Moon ~ Special Celebrations: 11/1: All Saint's Day & Day of the Dead ~ 11/2: All Soul's Day ~ 11/11: Remembrance Day (Australia & Canada) ~ 11/23: Mercury Retrograde until December 13 ~ 11/24: Thanksgiving ~ 11/25: Partial Solar Eclipse 1:20 am EST.  *Medicinal Herbs: Arsesmart, Asarabacca, Barberry-bush, Sweet Basil, Bramble-bush, Briony, Brooklime, Butchers-broom, Crowfoot, Cuckoopint (or Wake-Robin), Cranebil, Cotton-Thistle, Flax-weed (or Toad Flax), Fursebush, Garlick, Hawthorn, Hops, Naddir, Masterwort, Mustard, Hedge-Mustard, Mettles, Onions, Pepperwort, Rhadish, Rhubarb, Rapontick, Thistles, Star-thistle, Tobacco, Wholly Thistle, Wold, Weld or Dyers Weed and Wormwood.

[*This is a partial list found in Culpeper's Complete Herbal, ca. 1652.]

   Psychic Muse...

Question of the Month: "I have heard that 11 is an angelic number. What does that mean exactly?" ~ submitted by James M.

Metatron ~ Mystic Angels Empowerment DeckIt is true! The number 11 is an Angelic number sequence. An angelic number is a number that the angels use to get our attention and to let us know and remind us that they are around and ready, willing and able to help us on our life journey, as well as signaling a time of raised spiritual energy. Angels are always around us to help us and were created by the Divine to do just that! All we have to do is call upon them, as they will not interfere with our lives because of our Divinely given free will. Hence, normally one would have to call upon them, but they have on occasion appeared out of nowhere to aid others in distress. (I guess even in the Spirit World rules are made to be broken!) If you notice number sequences popping up at seemingly random times and places, especially the numbers 11,111 and 1111, this is an angelic sign that has specific correspondences, which I have listed a few below. 11 is what they call a "Master Number" which signifies our Divine nature and to help us to remember to be aware of our Higher Self, and to try to tap into that Higher part of ourselves on a regular basis so as to know ourselves and to live our soul purpose, and to aid us on our path to ascension and enlightenment. We are all born with guardian angels to protect us and guide us through our life's journey, and each of us have access to legions of angels - large and small - all at our beckon call. Most faiths from all over the world recognize the existence of angels, and so it goes that angels have made their presence known to us in one form or another since the dawn of time. With that in mind, remember that there are no coincidences in life, and if the numbers or other signs make themselves known to you, realize that you are blessed and protected always, and that there is a reason for the sign to come at that particular time and place. The numbers are just a reminder that angels are with us, even if we cannot see them, are doubtful, distracted by negativity or the hectic pace of our everyday lives. There have been many books written down through the ages about encounters with angels, from the Bible and the Koran, all the way up to present modern times by varous authors and experiencers. With a little faith and an open mind, the angels will make themselves known to you, too! Just keep watch for the signs...

Number 11: Messenger, Inspired, Intuitive, Channeling, Inventive, Mystic, Spiritual, Teacher, Idealistic, Romantic, Artistic, Energetic, Enthusiasm, Angels of Creative Communication, Christ-like Love, Visionary, Joy Bringer. Tarot: Justice. Astrology: Uranus, Neptune, Mercury. Rune: Tiwaz. I Ching: #63 Chi Chi. Hebrew Letter: Kaph. Shamanism: Hummingbird. Alchemy: Air & Diamonds. Aura: Blue & White. Element: Air. Colours: Ruby Red, Violet, Iridescence, Silver, Pale Yellow. Gemstone: Platinum, Topaz, Chalcedony. Musical Note: All Notes. Months: November.

For more information about the Angels, please visit The Mystic Angels web site which features the deck that I use exclusively for the Angel Card Readings that I include as a bonus with everypaid reading!
"Ever felt an angel's breath in the gentle breeze?  A teardrop in the falling rain?  Hear a whisper amongst the rustle of leaves?  Or been kissed by a lone snowflake?  Nature is an angel's favorite hiding place."
~Terri Guillemets 


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