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September  2011  ~  V.2 #8

  Gypsy's Journal...

Happy Birthday to *The Dreaming* which is one year old now and how time flies! Fall is such an inspirational time for me, and it seems that whenever this season rolls around, every year I am always trying new things and exploring new ideas. One would think that spring time would instill such  an inspiration, and it does to a certain degree. But for me, fall puts me closer to the Earth and Spirit in so many big and special ways that it is really so hard for me to ignore. I am sure that with the winding down of the solar year the nesting instincts come out in all of us. Getting ready for the harvest, the shorter days and the cooler temperatures, animals preparing for the shift in migrations or readying to hunker down for a long sleep, changing leaves and a brighter night sky...the signs are there and with them brings a feeling of being a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. In this way our Mother Earth tells us that we are indeed her children and in her shift comes a fond message to all of her creature children that a time of rest is upon us. As she rolls so slightly to change the sun's reach, she controls the harvests with glorious seasons in order to provide food to sustain us throughout the winter months. She gives us the summer to sow and the fall to reap, as any Mother would. As school begins and folks of all ages journey back to their studies, the fall and winter months are the perfect time for learning and expanding the mind. The spiritual is not lost to this time either as for eons peoples the planet over have dedicated the fall to the dearly departed in the form of reverence in the Autumn Equinox and All Soul's celebrations. Spirit always feels stronger to my sensitivities during this time of year. I those in Spirit celebrate Beyond the Veil too? I think they do...

Until next time...

...Happy Autumn, my friends!
Deck of the Month...

   The New Palladini Tarot...

While the New Palladini is an impressive deck in its own right, I have found that the Little White Book that accompanies it to be one of the most outstanding I have ever read. This is a first, as I like to ignore the LWB for the most part in almost all circumstances, and let my own psyche talk to me from within. But in the case of David Palladini, he has in the very introduction of his deck a deeper understanding and wisdom that really shines. I am drawn to his insight and feelings that he writes about when referring to his beautiful New Palladini, a second attempt after being commissioned to render his first deck for a client in leaner times, the Aquarian Tarot: "...the task of doing 78 full-colour paintings was daunting. Partly by acquired knowledge and partly by intuition and artistic insight, I was able to realize an updated version [to Waite's original deck] of this ancient idea for the Aquarian Age. That was 25 years ago, and thankfully, since then, many people have utilized my cards to enhance their lives and extend their awareness. But in those 25 years, as I gained more knowledge of those things which lie outside the 'normal' realm, and as I matured as an artist, I began to conceive of a 'New Palladini Tarot', one which might bridge the ancient with the future. I wanted to create a deck which was both beautiful and powerful, ancient and modern...and equal in beauty and magic."

The motives and inspiration that goes into making modern Tarot decks is important and fascinating to me as a reader. I have found so often lately that decks are shoved out there and have no meaning or "soul" to lend to them a true personality. With David's deck, one can feel the heart and soul of the imagery, with the richness of the colours and the attention to detail. The jewel tones and night sky elements give this tarot a striking presence. The originals were drawn on 10"x16 1/2" rag paper with ink, magic marker and pencil, taking many months to complete. Combining elements of medieval, illumination, Egyptian and modern art in his own style plus the implementation of all the human races of the planet and religious symbols, David was influenced by the idea that the tarot must be universal in both content and power. He hopes that the beauty of the artwork can earn forgiveness for any inaccuracies of the symbolism portrayed in his work, feeling that many artists over the centuries and their various approaches has lent confusion and distortion to the central themes of the Tarot. I love a humble artist!

What really stands out for me, however, is his sharing of what the Tarot means to him in that it is not meant to predict, but to give insight, and to help those who use the Tarot to expand their self-awareness and to see into ones self. He relates how the tarot has suffered much in being misrepresented and misused by those who seek only shallow material gain. A Tarot with a purpose, the New Palladini will excite you and help you to fulfill the dream of the creator, if only to help you on the path of life with the help of Palladini's 78 images created from a soul who longs for the spiritual advancement of his fellow man. Besides...this is a beautiful Tarot that everyone should own. It is a favourite of mine and I highly recommend it to any serious reader, explorer or collector. Published today by U.S. Games Systems, these decks are getting increasingly hard to find but worthy of the quest.  You can see this deck in its entirety at a wonderful web site called The Masqued Man.
I give this deck     ★.
 .. .Tarot Tip: Pay particular attention to the colours that are showing up in your readings as they can indicate an undertone concerning the question at hand. For instance, let's say you are noticing a predominance of the colour red within a particular reading. This could indicate the presence of drama, passion, urgency, an issue with the blood, the need to "stop" or even danger on the horizon. Colour plays a major role in triggering our intuition and stimulating our psychic centers. So, make sure not to ignore this all-important part of discerning the images of the Tarot...colour.
  Crystal Corner...

Smithsonite   Zodiac: Virgo ~ Vibration: #7

SmithsoniteCrystallizing in the forms of crusts, grains, granular to compact masses, cavernous masses with drusy surfaces, botryoidal, reniform, earthy and stalactitic structures, scalenohedral crystals (rarely) and rhombohedral crystals with curved faces, Smithsonite's colour ranges from white, gray, yellow, blue-green, blue and brown to oink and purple. First reported by F.S. Beaudant in 1832 and was named for James Smithson, the benefactor who facilitated the founding of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, USA.

Smithsonite provides energies conducive to pleasantness, charm, kindness and favourable outcomes, It provides for leadership abilities and tends to build a "bridge over troubled waters" by which one can remedy uncomfortable situations and further promote the dynamic celebrations of new beginnings. It can be used to activate each of the chakras (depending upon the colour)  but when held or placed on the body the strength of the mineral directs the primary energy to enhance physical energy and vitality. It should be noted that in this instance the pink colour is used at the base chakra to bring a very calm survival energy and the combination of both pink and yellow specimens are used at the sacral chakra. The white colour, used at the crown Smithsonite strengthens ones abilities in the psychic realm, providing for an increase in clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities, producing confirmation or denial of the messages one receives via this method. (I have never used this stone for this, but I think it would be interesting to experiment with it and see if this really works!)

In addition, it can act as a replacement stone during the "laying-on-of-stones" when a specific stone is not available (the colour providing additional guidance to the placement). Smithsonite has been used to ameliorate dysfunction in the immune system, skin eruptions, alcoholism, osteoporosis, sinus and digestive disorders. It has also helped to renew and/or to maintain the elasticity of the walls of the veins.

I personally have a few chunks of Smithsonite around my home, mainly in the gathering and social areas, to promote a positive feeling of friendliness and goodwill...not that we are just a bunch of meanies at our house! It just feels right and makes those rooms feel extra cozy and inviting. :)

[Information gleaned from Love is in the Earth by Melodie.]

  Gypsy's Almanac...

Virgo: Ruling Planet: Mercury ~ Rules: Lower Intestine ~ Element: Earth ~ Polarity: Feminine ~ Nature: Barren ~ Colour: Indigo, Rust ~ Symbol: The Virgin ~ Birth Dates: 8/23-9/23 ~ Keywords: Adaptable, discerning, service-oriented. Full Moon: Harvest Moon 9/12 ~ Special Celebrations: Mabon-Autumn Equinox: 9/23 ~ Global Gratitude Day: 9/21 ~ *Medicinal Herbs: Mountain Mint, Carrots, Carraway, Dill, Elicampane, Fern, Fennel, Hogs Fennel, Germander, Hazel Nut-tree, Horehound, Houndstongue, Lavender, Liquoris, Wallrue, Maidenhair, Golden Maidenhair, Sweet Majoram, Melilot, Moneywort, Mulberry-tree, Oats, Parsley, Cow Parsnip, Pellitory of the Wall, Groundpine or Chamepitys, Rest-Harrow or Chamock, Sampire, Summer and Winter Savory, Scabious, Smallage, Southernwood, Meadow Trefoyl, Garden Velarian, Woodbind or Honey-Suckles.

[*This is a list found in Culpeper's Complete Herbal, ca. 1652.]      Mountain   Fennel, Hogs Fennel. Germander, Hazel Nut-tre

  Psychic Muse...

Question of the Month: "What is channeling and what does it feel like? How do I know if it is really channeling or just my imagination?"
Submitted by Rose S.

Channeling is a subtle communication that comes from outside of yourself from an external entity such as an angel, a guide, a person in spirit or someone from the outer realms - even from a nature spirit, a pet or animals. When one channels they take on the role of translator, interpreter or receiver, who merely passes along the information received. The communication is felt or sensed and not all the time perceived by words or verbal communications. The channeler, being sensitive to the messages they are receiving, then interprets those feelings and mental images into spoken language to convey the message in words to get it out there for all of us to understand. Most times, however, the channeler does not receive the message in the form of words, as some entities wishing to communicate find the human language cumbersome and inhibiting. The channeler is the one who chooses to channel, and at no time can an entity force or take over a person against their will. All that needs to happen is the entity with the message has to want to convey that message while the channeler has to want to be a part of that process. Both have to agree to it and no one can be forced or "possessed" by an entity. There is a misconception that a channeler has to enter into a deep trance or state of unconsciousness,  surrendering their mind and body to the entity. This could not be farther from the truth, as many well-known channelers such as Lee Carroll (Kryon) never leave consciousness for the trance state and are always fully aware of their surroundings as well as the messages conveyed through him. I, myself, consciously channel messages from Spirit during readings on a regular basis, either through relaying the words, or just letting the entity speak through me, letting the thoughts and messages that they relay to me come forth in the form of words spoken.  At first it felt a little strange and you can tell when a spirit or an entity wants to communicate, as the thoughts that come upon you seem a little off topic and out of the blue. It is always a good idea to discern whatever messages that you receive or think that you are receiving to make sure that there really is a message there and that you are not simply "thinking out loud". While the two feel quite similar, once you begin to let the messages flow outward you will be able to feel the difference. You will know the message is not "just your imagination" as it mostly will feel as if it is coming through you from outside yourself. We have been brainwashed and programmed as young children to not honour our minds and thought processes to the point where any inspiration or imagination is simply dismissed as fancy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Einstein himself said, " more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." Channeling has been demonized and vilified by the skeptics, the superstitious and fearful, and from those of little faith who do not give human beings the credit as being the advanced and ascending creatures that we really are! Hence the lack of self esteem and confidence among our numbers today. But...that is a different area which we will leave for another day. Suffice it to say, if you open your mind and send the message out into the Universe that you are ready to channel and to receive communication from the Highest and Greatest Good, chances are excellent that you, too, can channel important information for mankind. Don't be afraid...give it a try!

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