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June  2011  ~  V.2  #6

  Gypsy's Journal...

VI. The LOvers ~ Stella's Simple TarotJune...the Month of the Gemini. Communication and dualities abound where the Gemini personality resides in the beautiful energy of this time of year. June, the blushing bride of summer celebrates the season's Solstice with wedding ceremonies everywhere. Kids, set free from the confines of school like doves from the nuptial cage, soar into the sun, their confetti and streamers of laughter trailing behind them. And as shy Spring blossoms into a bright shining Summer, thoughts of love and romance bloom. Renewed with hope, many search for their perfect heart. Souls Mate? Twin Flame? The search, however dubious, can be quite the challenge as most are not sure exactly what they are looking for. Which is it? What is it? And how to tell once the elusive creature is within reach?

One thing is for certain: both radiate a very intense energy that catches our breath and turns our head. And this is where the confusion sets in. Powerful and deep, the karmic connection cannot be denied. But, unlike a simple karmic connection, the Twin Flame and Soul Mate hold a very special place on our spiritual path as they have a special bond with us in that we share the karmic journey forward and back to the Divine.

Their are differences, however. The Soul Mate is a member of your unique soul group. You can have more than one Soul Mate and typically everyone has more than one person in their Soul Group. Soul Mates are members of that group and some souls are typically closer to us emotionally and energetically than others. So, we all have plenty of Soul Mates and can recognize them when our paths cross, as we share a common spiritual connection with the Divine Source. But Soul Mates can be elusive as not everyone within our soul groups are born in the same place at the same time. There is always the possibility that we may never even meet or run across any or all of our Soul Mates in any given incarnation. This is where synchronicity and free will can tip the hand one way or the other when we actively search for our karmic connections. Your Twin Flame, on the other hand, is the twin that you share with your very own soul. You have only one Twin Flame and they may or may not even incarnate during this lifetime. The reason for this is that you really are two halves of the same soul flame that splits at the beginning of time to learn and grow separately. Hence that searching and watching, yearning and longing to find our missing Twin.

You will be able to identify your Twin Flame in many ways when you finally connect with them. The relationship, while closer and more intense than with any other person you have ever known,is  at the same time fiery and sometimes, like a true flame, will burn hot and be short lived. And while the shortness of the duration in all its intensity leaves you feeling hurt and emotionally baked, it is a relationship that you won't soon forget, being seared into your heart for the rest of your life. If you feel as if you've loved and lost your own Twin Flame, fear not. The two of you are joined for eternity and can never be broken. You will be reunited again lifetime after lifetime and in between as well, planning your next great adventure...together.

So, whether you find your Twin Flame or Soul Mate or not, remember that all relationships in our lives are part of our vast karmic connection with the people who come in and out of our lives and all are there for a reason. All are special and some, like the true Twin Flame or Soul Mate, are set upon our path for very special and specific reasons. As long as you remember to see the individual inside, no relationship is more important than another as all beings and creatures upon the Earth contain the Spark of the Divine within. United in love, we are the boys and girls of summer...

Until next time...


Deck of the Month...

   The Maroon Tarot...

XIV. Temperance ~ Maroon Tarot I first came upon the Maroon Tarot of Poland on line while cruising around the web exploring tarot sites. Upon discovering the web page, Karty Tarota -, , ,          little did I know the fantastical world of tarot that would unfold before me with just one little click of the mouse. The page itself is very professional and wonderfully put together as well as easy to maneuver and understand, which I find very important, especially when dealing with foreign sites. Add to that the thoroughness of the information given about the invention of the Maroon Tarot and the process of its birth, once you get to the images you cannot help but long to possess and work with this other-worldly work of art. Maja Zaworowska  says it best and in her own words:

"The Maroon journey begins with the Fool, a pre-natal breath that tickled the consciousness of the deck’s creator, Maja Zaworowska . Gradually, the breath became a thought and the idea was fanned into life. Maroon Tarot is a child of a dream and imagination: the dream of my own, individual Tarot deck and the imagination of a young and prolific artist, Tomasz Maroński. For Tomasz it is just one of numerous contracts nowadays, but one that he has put lot of passion in. For me, it’s a dream come true, the dream nourished for over a decade."

It wasn't long before I had my very own deck to explore and enjoy. To say that the images stimulate the imagination is an understatement; they will take you to another world, a world full of light and shadow, wonder and possibility. The images provoke and encourage an expansion of consciousness unlike any other I have ever experienced, taking me outside of the normal and everyday and into what I call the "Outer Realms". When working clairvoyantly, this is very important, especially when working within areas of past life consciousness, guides and spirit. The maroon theme and colouring is like looking through a rose coloured stained glass window onto another existence, a fantastical Alice's Looking Glass. What I find interesting is the way the artwork of the cards invoke a sense of emotion and in such a wide range of feelings. To me this is a very unique and desirable trait also. The soft transition from real to surreal is what propels the journey within and throughout the theme. And yet there is a sweet loneliness that grabs at your heart and opens the mind in a way I find difficult to describe, but cannot wait to experience. I cannot recommend this deck highly enough. The card quality is first rate. The art work is breathtaking. And, with an extra "Happy Squirrel Card" called "The Reader" to top it all off, you won't find a better deck around. 

Again, I think Maja says it best: "The Maroon Tarot leads its own life. It is you who shape the deck, your thoughts and emotions give the meaning to the cards." 

  Nature's Call...

Zodiacal: Gemini ~ Vibration: # 4, 9, Master #99

Apophyllite crystallizes as pseudo-cubic crystals, granular masses, natural pyramidal structures and as druse upon another mineral, and is known to occur primarily in Pune, India in the colours of white, green, grayish, greenish, yellowish, rose tint, as well as a relatively "new" black due to iron oxide inclusions which is possibly Hematite. First reported on 1806 by R.J. Hauy, it was named for the Greek words meaning "get" and "leaf". due to its tendency to exfoliate when heated under a blow pipe.

Apophyllite has been used to create a consciousness connection between the physical form and the spiritual realm. It facilitates attunement to ones body as well as to the higher dimensional life forms. It allows one to both recognize and act upon truth in all situations. It also enhances mindful analysis, tinged with universal love, and helps one to realize that the state of perfection is the natural state of being.

An excellent mineral to used to facilitate astral travel and to provide a clear and definite connection to the physical body during the journey. it allows one to send information, which has been gleaned during the travel, back to the Conscious Self. This is one of the stones that helps one to remain totally conscious while experiencing the activities of astral travel, such as gaining access to the Akashic Records, communication with the spirit world and past life experiences.

Apophyllite also produces a reflective aspect to allow for the recognition of ones behavior/attitudes and to encourage one to seek, recognize and correct deficiencies while providing for an energy gain during these times. This stone is also perfect for seeing into the future, such as when  scrying or "gazing", by simply staring directly into the crystal.

Amazingly, this mineral is excellent as protection from fire, and environments have been gridded with Apophyllite to protect the areas from fires. It has also been used in the art of fire walking to help one to hold the meditative state and, after the "walk", it is used to provide a cool clear energy surrounding the feet to prevent the burning sensation and burning to the feet. It is not unusual for firefighters to wear this mineral for protection. (If you know a firefighter, this is the perfect gift!)

On a personal note, I have over the years collected some amazing specimens of Apophyllite and like to have them around me, especially when doing work with Spirit. For instance, I have a cluster on my office desk, on my night stand and also in my sacred space. It is a beautiful crystal formation and is very affordable, which is important to me for many reasons. It can be found at better new age shops and on the net, but I have found the best and most affordable pieces at the local gem and lapidary rock shows. I prefer the latter, as the folks are always awesome and willing to work within your budget and have a wide variety of pieces to choose from. While there are all sorts of fancy "new" gems and such being promoted all across the web (which turn out to be a "new name" for a very common specimen), I try to feature common known and affordable specimens in the newsletter for practical and common sense reasons. Look to further issues for more common, yet beautiful and functional specimens to adorn your life and space in magical and special ways! 

[Information gleaned from "Love is in the Earth" by Melodie.] 

   Gypsy's Almanac...

   Gemini: Ruling Planet: Mercury ~ Rules: Arms, hands, lungs & nervous system ~ Element: Air ~ Polarity: Masculine ~ Nature: Barren ~ Colour: Violet & White ~ Symbol: Twins ~ Birth Dates: 5/21-6/21 ~ Gemstone: pearl, moonstone & alexandrite ~ Key Words: Dual, versatile. *Medicinal Herbs: Carrots, Carraway, Dill, Elicampane, Fern, Fennel, Germander Hazel Nut-tree, Horehound, Houndstongue, Lavender, Maidenhair,Golden Maidenhair,Sweet Marjoram,Melilot,Moneywort,Mulberry-tree,Oats,Parsley,Cow Parsnep, Summer and winter Savory, Southernwood,Meadow Trefoyl, Garden Valerian, Woodbind, or Honey-Suckles.

[*This is just a partial list found in Culpeper's Complete Herbal, ca. 1652.] 

  Psychic Muse...

Text Question of the Month: "I’m getting better with my meditation and can easily connect with my third eye. With the chakras, I’m not sure how to tell if I’m opening and aligning them.  How do I feel this?"
...submitted by Corinna H.

About the you do chakra clearing/opening meditations? By doing routine meditations, you are routinely clearing them and opening them. If you do your meditation and visualize them opening, then they will open. On the other hand, if you do the visualizations and you feel resistance, then there is a blockage.

Let's take a typical meditative session as an example. You start your chakra clearing/opening meditations and all goes well from the base to the heart, then all of a sudden, you get to the throat and you feel resistance there. You think a moment on the possible reasons that this might be. You realize that the lines of communication to others in your immediate family and friends have been strained, or you are not talking well with them or they are not talking well with you. At this moment, while you are at this chakra within your meditation, try to release hard feelings, emotional pain, or other issues that may be causing a communication problem with those around you. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. Let it go. Vow to be more compassionate or be a better listener or to try and phrase your wording in a more amicable manner - whatever it is that you feel could heal the rift or repair the dysfunction regarding communication skills specifically or in general. This is you healing that issue and thus freeing up the chakra. You may go into your meditation sensing or feeling that this is an issue deep down, suspecting that this will come up in the meditation, or not. But you will feel it and know it, because when you do your meditations, you go in looking for issues that need attention.

At each chakra examine what the essence of that chakra is. Then use your visualization to clear it as you send love and healing to yourself, the chakra and to everywhere else that is tied into that chakra. I do a few different types of visualizations - I love John Edward's chakra meditations - but my favourite are ones that I invent myself. I use a meditation type audio through my iphone while I do my meditations. These are the nature scape type mixes of natural sounds or indigenous music that is mellow and soothing, promoting relaxation and peace of mind. There are many out there in both apps, CD and mp3's - just do a Google search and dive in! I think first, before my meditations about what I want to accomplish when I go "in" and then sorta wing it as I go. The only limit is your imagination.

So, in essence, as you whirl the colours through your chakras during the meditations they will open. The feeling is a general one of well being, relaxation, rest, peace and a feeling that you are in tune with the world around you. Your chakra energy centers contribute to your auras, which are connected to the chakra system and are an extension of your energy that can be puffed out or pulled in. The aura and the chakras are separate but connected, if that makes any sense at all.

Imagine your body being like a house. The house has it's exterior shell (aura) while the house itself has individual rooms (chakras). They are all part of the whole house (you/your energy system) but each room has a specific function or purpose. Let's say the bathroom smells bad. While this issue is specific with that room proper, it may have a tendency to effect other rooms nearby. It may be so smelly that others in the house are disturbed or even passers by notice the odor. Until you clean that bathroom, everything about the house as a whole (aura) will be (feel) off. We clean our house and the individual rooms on a routine basis, or they get cluttered and messy and dirty. By keeping on top of it, the task is easy. If we let it go, then more effort when we do get to it is a little more laborious and more of a chore. Same goes with the chakras and, hence, our auras. The aura can help you to sense things psychically and also protect you from sensitivities and psychic attack. Strong chakras build strong auras. The two go hand in hand.

So, by routinely doing chakra meditations you routinely clear and open the chakras. The feeling will be gradual and subtle. Most likely you will be able to distinguish the feeling after a short period of not doing the routine clearing/opening meditations. So it's not an individual specific feeling at any one particular chakra center; it is a general feeling when all are in harmony, cleared and open. Which is easy and not as hard as one might think. Practice makes perfect...

Third eye is probably the most exercised of the chakras and is the most natural to use for those who are more intuitive in nature. For psychic folks it is the chakra of choice because it is naturally more open, probably more so than the other chakras in the system. If you are using clairvoyance, the third eye is the tool/window to use. If you are working on channeling, then the fifth chakra - the throat chakra - also needs to be worked on as well. The heart is connected, too, as your intention has everything to do with how you regard the information you are seeking, and the root chakra is important so as to keep you grounded and centered during the process. The second and third are involved as they bring in your passions (second) and how you feel about and connect with the world around you (third) - all important grounding and stabilizing energies.

The crown chakra is, I feel, the most important chakra of all for intuitive spiritual work, as it opens to the Higher, the Source and the Divine, purifying the experience and blessing it with the love and light from those places that are higher then us...the Ether. The crown chakra is where the love and light of the Divine come streaming into us to cleanse us and keep us shining bright and clear, opening the energy systems, delivering messages, and lending its energy to heal us. Pair that with the light and energy from the earth, and you have a mix of the two most powerful light energies in existence. After that, you can work with the Rays and their individual essences to strengthen yourself even further, and so it goes. 

So, you see, while the third eye is the intuitives window and portal to things spiritual, it takes a balance of the whole system to make that window sparkle with an inviting clarity that allows everything else to come through. Hence the term "system". They all work together.

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