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May  2011  ~  V.2  #5

  Gypsy's Journal...

The world exists The Four Elements: Fire~Water~Air~Earthamong us - life abounds everywhere and never is it more apparent than during the month of May in the springtime of each year. The day shines, coaxing the flowers. Fish jump. Birds busy themselves with building their families. Bees hum, hovering over bright blossoms while critters scurry all around, now fully awake, enjoying the warmth of the sun. The earth is busy.

There's no doubt about it - the vibrancy of life is everywhere. But do we really know the true sense of it? What is really behind this beautiful springtime surge of energy?

No matter the mode - whether it be a way of life, a system of belief or just a sense of being, it is the elements at work, making up the very essence of our world. Fire, water, air and earth are all essential components of our selves, our planet and our world. It is not by accident that the spirit of the Tarot is a manifestation of the very heart and soul of our planet itself.  If you look closely within that system energetic manifestations abound in the form of elementals. Most noticeable in the courts within the Minor suits, as well as many beautiful and imaginative decks that have been fashioned specifically around the elements and the elementals themselves. The Mystic Faerie, Tarot of the Gnomes, the Elemental Tarot are but a few among many that play upon a very simple yet important foundation from which the Tarot, as well as our very existence, depends upon. Both the Waite and Smith recognized the importance, not only within their own personal, philosophical and spiritual belief systems, but also how the elements and their energetic spirits play a major part in our world on a constant, sometimes hidden and never ending basis.

The elementals have their own way of being. The salamanders of fire possess the qualities of creativity, ardour, raw energy, valour and loyalty; the sylphs of the air own the qualities of intellectuality, speed, communication, detachment and intuitiveness; the ondines of the water rule the emotions, feelings, receptivity, understanding and sympathy; while the gnomes of the earth command the qualities of thrift, acquisition, wealth in all forms, conservation and practicality. By incorporating the quality, energy and spirit of the elements when working with the Tarot, one can pull vast amounts of deeper meaning from the images and add life to a reading. The elementals are there to help us understand our path within places that we wish to see by gaining further information so as to live a better and more fulfilled life. The elementals, from their perspectives, see things much differently and from more and various angles than we can with our limited senses. This is why they are so important when using them as the tools to gain insight and clarity to make sense of things, tarot and astrology in particular. As obvious as they are within the Waite-Smith system of Tarot, they are so many times overlooked. They will speak to you if you will listen and show themselves if you are aware. Being a part of our great Mother, they are always there. This makes the Tarot a true mirror image of the world around us. All we have to do is look and admire the view.

* Wishing a very Happy Mother's Day to all the nurturing parents out there! Also, I dedicate this newsletter to all of the  people who have served our countries and risked their lives for us for truth and justice throughout our human history. Many thanks to all our Mom's and Vets...all heroes every one!

~ Namaste!
Deck of the Month...

   The Elemental Tarot...
The Empress ~ The Elemental Tarot
Every once in a while a deck comes a long that is truly ahead of it's time. The Elemental Tarot is no exception. Occult artist Carolyn Smith and Astrologer John Astrop were right on the mark when they collaborated and produced this amazing Tarot deck. Elegant and provocative in its simplicity, this deck is one of those rare departures that not only stimulates the reader with colour and symbol, but concentrates on one of the fundamental aspects of the Tarot traits...the elements.

The elements, and subsequently the Elementals, have such a constant influence on our lives on so many conscious and subconscious/unconscious levels. They are the keys to the symbolic interpretations in astrology, tarot, and all early forms of divination, philosophy, and religion. While staying true to the Minor Arcana's elemental designations in the basic alchemy of the four elements: fire to wands, water to cups, air to swords and earth to pentacles, the suits are portrayed as the elements themselves, alleviating any confusion where the historical "switching" has taken place in some decks where fire/air and wands/swords are concerned. Add to that the introduction of the Majors as representing the element of the Spirit which deepens the meaning of the whole experience. This deck is really puts a whole new meaning on Tarot as a real tool for accessing all of the Hidden Realms of our interwoven relationships between the world of the physical and that of the ethereal. And isn't that what Tarot as a way to explore our true nature is all about? I would most definitely suggest this as a deck to work with right after basic study of the traditional Waite-Smith system for anyone wishing to expand their Tarot horizons. It is fun to use, has amazing style and will help instill a comprehensive relationship with the elements within the Tarot tradition. While the original deck is out of print, the second edition is still out there and ready to be had if one takes the time to look. I would try to scoop one up soon. Ya never know when they will be very hard to find and even harder to obtain.

[To find out more, please visit The Elemental Tarot website at]
  Nature's Call...

Jade    Zodiacal: Taurus  ~ Vibration: Master #11 

JadeThe term jade was first reported in 1837 by J.D. Dana and was the name for this particular form of Jadeite from China. Known as a "dream stone", Jade brings realization to one's potential and devotion to ones purpose. Jade improves one's remembering of dreams and assists in "dream solving". It is used to release suppressed emotions via the dream process by placing a piece of Jade under the pillow right before going to sleep. Jade also allows one to access the basic rituals and knowledge used during Mayan "dream time". By furthering the connection with the elders of the Mayan culture, it assists one in obtaining the necessary insights for performing ceremonial services. Jade was revered in the Mayan culture as the "Sovereign of Harmony", facilitating peace within the physical, emotional, intellectual structures and within the materialistic world which, incidentally, mirrors the elemental correspondences within the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. Jade is known for bringing accord to the environment, to transmute negativity and to instill resourcefulness and is said to be one of the stones included in the breastplate of the High Priest of Old Testament fame.

Jade has also been used by the ancient and some current primitive tribes as a sacred stone, assisting one's access to the Spiritual worlds, as well as to bring the user a long and fruitful life with a gentle transition from this body to that of the spiritual world. As the visible world is nourished by the invisible, humanity can be sustained and preserved by the lovely visions of dreamers. One who reveres a beautiful vision or idea can utilize the energies of Jade to assist in realizing those dreams and visions. Jade helps one to cherish one's desires and facilitates the building of one's dreams in this physical reality. Possessing the energy of "dreams do come true", Jade releases one's limitations such that permission is granted which allows one to actualize aspirations and to attain limitless achievements, while inspiring ambition towards the accomplishment of one's objectives. By helping to attune one to the needs of others, Jade inspires wisdom during the assessment of problems, promoting the balancing of one's needs with the requirements of the day, allowing one to recognize and care for that which is of prime importance and well being. Physiologically, Jade has been used in the treatment of disorders of the heart, hips, kidneys and the spleen. As an elixir, Jade is excellent for soothing and promoting smooth skin and healthy hair.

Click *HERE* for more information about Jade, a most amazing gemstone!
[Info gleaned from "Love is in the Earth" by Melodie.]

    Gypsy's Almanac...

Taurus: Ruling Planet: Venus ~ Rules: Neck & Ears ~ Element: Earth ~ Polarity: Feminine ~ Nature: Semi-Fruitful ~ Colour: Green ~ Symbol: The Bull ~ Birth Dates: 4/20-5/21 ~ Key Words: Maintainer, Loyal, Sensual. *Medicinal Herbs: Apple-Tree, Beans, Birch-tree, Bishop's Weed, Black Alder-tree , Bugle, Burdock, Cherry-tree, Chickweed, Clary, Coltsfoot, Cowslips, Daisies, Dead Nettles , Featherfew, Figwort, Foxgloves, Golden Rod, Ground Ivy , Groundsel, Kidneywort, Ladie's Mantle, Mallows, Mints, Motherwort, Mugwart, Parsnip, Peach-tree, Pear-tree, Primroses, Wood Sage, Sorrel, Strawberries, Garden tansy, Vervain, Violets, Wheat and Yarrow.

[*This is just a partial list found in Culper's Complete Herbal, ca. 1652.]

  Psychic Muse...

Question of the Month: "I  love the tarot and I'm ready to purchase my first deck. What is a good starter deck? Any suggestions?"
...submitted by Carol M.

When regarding decks, I do so from three perspectives, recognizing three distinct "flavours"of Tarot decks: First, is the historical deck. These are the beginning decks and those that have survived the ravages of time and can be found mostly in the various museums and private collections around the world. These decks are rather hard to work with, as the perspective artistry comes from an era that our time has evolved from over many centuries. Although the themes are similar, these antiques are Majors only decks and are typically more along the lines of surviving works of art than tools for path work. Thought provoking as they are and priceless, they are admired as the ancestors of the Tarot and honoured by time and tradition. They are essential in the evolution of the archetypal mind, but are not very practical in the modern field.

The second perspective is the working deck. These are decks that people use today to help themselves and others get to the real answers and issues, stimulating the mind in such a way as to bring forth information from the lower and higher realms of thought and knowledge. These are the Waite-Smith themed traditional decks that prove invaluable to practitioners and students who need a stable basic tool with which to craft one's technique and understanding. From a professional standpoint, I feel that part of the Tarot journey for the querent is to be able to learn a little about the images that the reader is using to dig into their own lives and psyches, finding it helpful when the querent can tap into the reading on an intuitive level themselves, creating a three way link between reader, querent and the Tarot, especially if they are going to be working with Tarot as a tool for self exploration on an ongoing basis.

True, some folks don't really give a fig about the images, their meanings, or working with the Higher Self - they just want answers and they want them now. Fair enough. But I find these seekers, once they understand the Tarot and how it works, cannot help but learn and use the imagery more and more within their daily lives...which is the whole point, isn't it? So, by using a traditional deck, it is easier for the layman to cultivate a sincere interest and begin the transformative journey that is Tarot in a very personal way.

Finally, the third perspective comes from a place of creativity. This is the purely creative aspect of Tarot from a deck artist's and collector's point of view. I, like many tarot enthusiast, have many decks in an ever evolving collection, but most of them I would hesitate to use in a serious professional session. The images, while beautiful and fanciful to behold, lack a lot of the old school archetypal links to the archetypal subconscious and thus fall short of being satisfying or even helpful. While they are fun and enjoyable to explore and experiment with - and believe me, most of the decks in my collection are truly breathtaking thanks to all the truly talented Tarot artists out there - they fall short of being able to help the querent to find their answers. Like any work of art, some creations will resonate to some and not to others. It is true that some Tarot art forms are way ahead of their time, while still others are so "out there" that they completely miss the mark, which is to each his own. They can snuggle up right here in the "creative" category and still be a viable addition to the Tarot family.

For the budding Tarophile, however, I always urge one to start off with the traditional Waite-Smith deck. Learn it. Become one with it. At the same time consider the earliest survivors of Tarot's vast history, while remembering that whatever has survived is only a glimpse of what came before that and that no one knows definitively from whence the tarot came. Then venture forth to explore the vast world of the Tarot of the Creatives, tasting and sampling all that the wide world of Tarot has to offer. By taking these sensible steps, you will be sure to get off to a brilliant start on a long and enriching Tarot adventure that will stay with your for the whole of your life and beyond.

[Do you have a burning question about the Tarot, channeling, dreams, mediumship or spirit, angel or guide communications? Send your question along to and I will gladly try to find an answer. Each month I will feature one of those questions right here in The Dreaming!]


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