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December  2010  ~  V.1 #4

  Gypsy's Journal...

Child of PromiseThe Spirit of Christmas...every year around this time, folks the world over get into the "Spirit" of the Holidays.  A few years ago, someone asked me a very interesting question. "How come during the Holiday Season, those in Spirit don't seem as near to us as at other times of the year?" Upon further examination as to what she meant, she related to me that it just seemed to her that paranormal activity in general seems to quiet down during the Yule time, as she noted that her usually active home seemed oddly peaceful and quiet during the Holidays. "I just don't experience the phenomena as often and it makes me feel a bit lonely and abandoned by them. Not a creature is stirring...not even a mouse." She peered into my face. "What do you suppose they are doing?"

Initially, I was somewhat dumbfounded and then simply stumped when considering her question . It made no sense to me that those in Spirit would neglect their living just on account of the time of year or the season. I really had to pause to reflect on what she had asked. And then the answer came directly from the source...

It isn't that they are not around, abandon us, are off in the Spirit Realm having their own office parties or are huddled around their fires with hot toddies and nog, leaving us to fend for ourselves on the Holidays. Quite the contrary. They are closer and around us more than ever. What happens is that we in the earthly realm become so engrossed and preoccupied by the season's clamour and hustle n' bustle that we neglect to sense those in spirit around us during this very busy time. It seems to us that they are distant, when in fact we just don't have the time or the energy to sense them near. We become so focused on the holiday season that we forget about those in Spirit in a sort of "out of sight, out of mind" type of way. Then, after things quiet down a bit sometime after the first of the year, our senses are open and our energy goes back to a place where we can feel them around us again, wondering what happened all the while. The one exception is during the time of the first Holidays after the passing of a loved one. This is an especially hard time for those who are left to celebrate without them here in this dimension. In those cases the grief is so profound that sadness clouds the perceptions and the the loved one in Spirit simply cannot get through. This generates from a lack of faith, not only in the Realms of Spirit, but in ones self. Understandable, considering. But true, nonetheless.

So, take this time to celebrate the lives of the living and of those who have passed. Take the time to feel their Spirit near and surround yourself with the Love and the Light that is the Spirit of the and everyday! Let us all rejoice in the Light and Love that is this day and everyday!

Namaste! Happy Hanukkah! Feliz Navidad! Happy Kwanzaa! Blessed Be! Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel ! Happy Holidays! *<{}8^D

 Deck of the Month...

   The Christmas Tarot...

Corrine managebleThe Christmas TarotTake a journey back to Christmas with Corrine Kenner's The Christmas Tarot! When I first laid eyes on this wonderful deck, the first thing that came to mind were the wonderful authentic Christmas cards that my grandmother used to send every year around this time. I still have those cards stashed away in my memory boxes, where I keep all things sentimental, near and dear. Now you can draw this kind of meaning and nostalgia for yourself with Corrine's wonderful and well thought out deck of cards designed specifically for this time of the year!

Angels, cherubs, elves, Santa's and children - everything that embodies a heartwarming traditional Yuletide is right here in this Major Arcana deck, plus a new and unique perspective on the Nativity are only a few innovations that this collection of Victorian Christmas images lend to this one of a kind deck. I love that it is just the Majors, too, as this is perfect for an impromptu Holiday reading at any gathering or beside a quiet fire, or over a steaming cup of hot chocolate down at the coffee shop, as well as being managable enough to carry in pocket or purse. And talk about affordable! Being a digital download and gettable through PayPal, it's easy to purchase, download and print out in a variety of ways to get the perfect deck for your own Holiday enjoyment! Now there is no reason not to start a new tradition and treat yourself, your clients and friends to the best Christmas Tarot around! What better way to spread the Joy of the Season? Thank you, Corrine, for spreading the cheer, sharing your talents and gifts, and helping us all to have the Merriest Christmas ever!

  Nature's Call...
Rainbow Fluorite      
Zodiacal: Sagittarius ~ Vibration: #8

Rainbow FlouriteRainbow Fluorite is one of my favourite stones! It exhibits multi coloured "rainbows" because of the bands of different colours within the crystal itself. Also exhibiting the energies for our Indigo Children, it encourages the presence  and manifestation of the appropriate members of the angelic realm while producing  the energies of perception, simplicity, safety and love. Further, it assists in providing for varied information transfers between an individual and the world of guides, decorating the information with beauty, benifit and enhancement while promoting re-energization for all. An elixir made from Rainbow Fluorite is excellent for stimulating multiple contact and for enhancing the beauty and the protective state which is noticable upon application. The energy of the stone also provides the bases for the multi-dimensional pathways used by the Ayahuasca shaman in Brazil; the mineral is used to facilitate access and to assist one in traveling the realities. Also helpful in removal of ethereal cords and to protect and shield against psychic attack. Promoting self-realization such that one does not allow ones happiness to rest in "the hands" of others is another important attribute to this beautiful stone, in that there is no anxiety demonstrated or felt during confrontations. It also assists in helping to identify the differences in "love", furthering realization that "falling" in love implies some loss of balance, while "being" in love implies being in the moment. While activating and energizing all of the chakras, and has been used in the treatment of disorders of the corpuscles, the arterial pathways, emotional trauma and vertabrae, as well as being used in shiatsu and deep tissue massage. In these applications, it helps to assist both the practitioner and the subject on their journey to the interior of the body and helps to retrieve information concerning emotional and physical blockages. For protection and assistance, one can never go wrong with Rainbow Flourite! They are affordable, easy to obtain and are a beautiful addition to ones gemstone collection! [Source: "Love Is In The Earth" by Melody]

  Psychic Muse...

Question of the Month:  What is Tarot Journaling? ...submitted by Trina Russell

Tarot Journaling is very easy and fun! It is a great way to tap into both the Inner and Higher Realms of Spirit and intuition! You can use any tarot deck that you wish, but I suggest any Rider-Waite themed deck, as this is the most traditional, at least to start with. Also, as you will be bonding with the deck that you will be using for this journaling, picking a deck that resonates with you on a personal level will give the whole process that much more meaning. I have been journaling for years, and find it a great way to bond with a new deck, especially if it is quite different from what I am used to.

Next, get yourself a spiral notebook to do your journalling with. Take your deck of cards and shuffle them. You will be making 2 piles of cards: one pile will be the deck from which you choose cards, the other will be a pile where you will put cards that you have already drawn. This way you won't be drawing the same card twice. Over the span of the next 78 days, you will be drawing one card per day from the deck. This is best to do in the morning, so that you can reflect on the card that you pulled throughout the day. When you pull the card, gaze at it and just let the impressions come. Write down what you see and feel when you look at the card. There are no right or wrong ways to look at the card. Just go with your intuition and let the words flow onto the page. I like to use one page per card, but do use more if you feel the need.

Then, set the card up in a special place, like your private meditation place or your personal spiritual space in your home. Go about your day, being aware of the different ways that the card you pulled for the day may show up in your normal daily routines and duties. At the end of the day, go back to your journal and write about how this card made it's presence known to you at any given time during the day.

Then, finally, go back to the "Little White Book", or other beginners book on traditional Rider-Waite tarot card meanings that you personally like, and see how the traditional meaning lines up with what the card impressed upon you personally. Then put this card in the "drawn" pile so that you won't pick this card again. Do this exercise every day until you have gone through all 78 cards. At the end of the 78 days, you will have a very clear understanding of what the Tarot means to you, as well as making a very strong personal and spiritual connection with your deck. In depth traditional meanings are ok to fall back on during a reading when your personal meanings are not quite so clear, or to help jump start the intuitive processes in the event of a block. But, nine times out of ten, doing a heart-felt and difficult journaling of your deck will thwart such blockages and make dear old friends of all the Major and Minor Arcana.

Every now and then I go back to my old journals and flip through them for old time's sake. You will no doubt find it of interest how you and the cards evolve over the months and years. So, if you feel like your Tarot deck is being difficult to get to know or even feels like a distant stranger, journaling will definitely shrink the divide and bring the two of you much closer.

[If you have a question regarding the metaphysical, the occult or just a plain ol' curiosity, or if there is something you wish to have featured in The Dreaming Newsletter, please send your question or request to and your answer or inquiry will be featured in a future edition!]

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