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January  2011  ~  V.2  #1

  Gypsy's Journal...

2011: Year of the Queen of Cups...
Queen of Cups ~ Golden Tarot
Every year I honour the New Year with a reading that focuses on the days ahead. This year is no exception. In fact, with the approach of 2012 just around the corner, and the vibration of the planet increasing at a steady rate, this reading, I feel, is one of the most important I have done for the coming year in a very long time. I pull just one card and I do so with preparation and with care, my heart and soul going out into the Ether, seeking guidance and answers. I close my eyes, pray to the Highest Powers and to Spirit to guide my fingers to the Card of the Year. I find it and I pull it and open my eyes and gaze upon...the beautiful Queen of Cups...and I smile at the appropriateness of the card that is to be the theme for the following year.

The Queen of Cups is so many things. She is loving, sensitive to the needs of others, is unconditionally accepting, dispelling anger and hate by turning it away with caring grace. She is tender-hearted, easily moved by the pain and suffering of others - an empath after my own heart, always reacting with sensitivity and compassion, never turning away any creature in need. She is kind and gentle to all and honours the Spark of God in all living things.

There's more, though. She is a psychic intuitive, a natural medium with a well developed sixth sense and a finely tuned sensibility, able to bond with others in a telepathic way.  Open to the inner and outer realms of spirit, she is able to teach us how to tune in and be more like her, to heal the planet and all that resides in her. And finally, she is a spiritual soul, feeling at One with God and the Universe. She reveres all life and finds happiness and joy in being with others. She appreciates the deeper meanings of life and sees the world in which we live as a very Holy place, one to be honoured with love and respect, kindness and understanding.

She is the Sophia, Gaia, Mother Mary, Parvati and every Goddess known. She is the Earth herself, our Mother and our nurturer. We need to listen to her and the Universe in which we live, more now than ever before, looking within for answers and tuning into our own increasing intuitive abilities to help ourselves, each other and our home environment for the betterment and the future of the life that is the essence of the planet. Elementals will be more apparent in the coming year, as they surface from their hiding to help us see. Nature will call to us, her natural children of the Stars. She tells us that to help and heal our fellow creatures, we need to look inside and heal ourselves first. Only then will we be able to help the planet and all who live there in the days and months ahead.

Let us open ourselves to the Queen of Our Hearts and follow her lead for a beautiful and healing New Year! Peace and Love be with you now and throughout the coming year and beyond! Namaste...

Deck of the Month...

   Nefertari's Tarot

The World ~ Nefertari's TarotHaving an affinity towards all things Egyptian, it would be an understatement to say that I have more than a few Egyptian themed decks in my collection. None is so luxurious and rich as Nefertari's Tarot. For one thing, Nefertari, the historic woman behind the name, has always been one of my favourite Egyptian figures. Being the queen and wife of Ramses II and named "The Light of Egypt" by her people, I feel this deck does great honour to one who is considered to be the most beautiful and beloved queen of all of Ancient Egypt. Not only does the gold foil and colourful artwork compliment her culture, it stays incredibly true to the older Rider-Waite styles of decks while keeping the Egyptian symbology intact. (Please check out the website for more info on this fascinating subject!) Scans and digital reproductions do not do this deck justice, as these modes of reproduction are not capable of capturing the detailed beauty of the deck as they wash out the gilding in the process. I am amazed that Lo Scarabeo was able to pull this one off, as I find that the majority of their decks are not of the highest quality, nor have a great deal of richness to them. This deck is the one true exception.

The complete deck is composed of the traditional 78 cards. All of the Minor Arcana are illustrated and all 78 cards have titles in four languages: English, German, French and Spanish, with the Italian title at the bottom of each card. The Little White Book is modest and to the point and not quite suitable for true beginners. This is not to say that a novice could not benefit from using this deck; an additional, more comprehensive guidebook with more thorough meanings would, however, lend more ease of use to one just starting out. The backings of the cards are black with a reversible Eye of Horus design which stays true to the theme and lends further ambiance to the reading. This deck is the luxury twin of the Tarot of the Sphinx, which is a simplified version, differing in colour scheme and lacking the foil and the feel.  Hands down, Nefertari's Tarot is truly fit for Tarot and I!

The artist, Silvana Alasia, was born in Turin April 20th, 1963, and obtained her art school diploma at the Aldo Passoni Art Institute in Torino. Her long-range artistic career has encouraged her to be constantly creative, never thinking about her activity as a job but rather as a charming game of research, challenge, and freedom of expression.  Be sure to check out her web page at .
  Nature's Call...

Star Sapphire

Zodiacal: Capricorn ~ Vibration: #6

I remember my grandfather used to wear a star sapphire ring and revered it as his favourite piece oStar Sapphiref jewelry. He handed it down to my father, who in turn handed down to my brother. A big piece set in gold, it had a simple yet magical quality to it and a vibration like no other. All us kids remember playing with that ring while his big yet gentle hands held us when we were little tykes. It has left a lasting impression on us all. Enhancing and centering of ones thoughts, the Star Sapphire brings knowledge of human nature to the user and enhances the ability to understand the intentions of others. Helping to make one cheerful and personable, it facilitates friendships - old and new - helping to bring people together. It is said that the star sapphire, which comes in many different colours such as blue, black, pink and red, helps one to contact advanced beings of other planetary worlds outside of the Earthly plane. Also known as the "stone of wisdom and good luck", it will help to regain the conscious recognition of the perfect order of the Universe that follows us from birth. [Info gleaned, in part, from "Love is in the Earth" by Melody.]

  Psychic Muse...

Question of the Month: "How do you handle court cards in tarot readings?" submitted by Tabitha Dial

It is true that there have been more than a few books written about the Court cards within the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. I have read a few of them and found them somewhat amusing. Trying to put hard and fast rules to the Court is like putting all of your friends and relatives into a Volkswagon. It is difficult to do and just makes them angry.

King 0f keys/Queen of Cups by Jake BaddeleyThere are no other cards in the deck that help to bring in more guides, angels and Spirit than the Tarot Court. Whenever a member of the Court shows up I am always alerted to the possiblity of incoming messages from Spirit. This is not a hard and fast rule, but nine times out of ten the Court shows up to announce their presence in their shining faces and dramatic personnas. The genders for the most part stay true, as does the ages - Pages are sure to be youngsters, the Knights young adults, while moms and dads, aunts and uncles and grand parents make them selves known through the highest of the Royals, the Kings and Queens. In a Past Life reading they play important roles, as they are most definitely the acting players in the historic sense and can play the parts of ourselves and integral participants in our past lives. Though it is true that sometimes the appearance of a Court card signifies the living, most of the time they are the calling card of the deceased in all their regal glory.

So, the next time a member of the Court shows up in a reading, stop and listen. Watch for the signs. They are the doors that open to let our dearly departed stop in and say "Hello!" and we are the light in the window that says "Welcome! We're home!" Let's keep the home fires burning... 

[If you have a question about the metaphysical that you would like to have answered, please feel free to submit it for inclusion in this newsletter! Send your question to Make sure to put "Question of the Month" in the subject line. Looking forward to hearing from you!]

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