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August  2011  ~  V.2 #8

  Gypsy's Journal...

There's no mistaking it...whenever one nears water, be it the clear blue of the backyard swimming pool or the misty foam of the ocean waves, nothing lifts the spirits like Nature's Spa! The feelings we get intuitively when we are in or around water are myriad and involves all of our senses which connects our body and soul with something larger...yet simple.

Healing Waters... Water as therapy is one of the oldest forms of medicine. Throughout the ages, mineral springs and ocean resorts have been healing meccas affecting all sorts of unique yet simple treatments for all kinds of ailments. The tradition of turning to the sea and springs to remedy the woes of the mind and body goes back at least to the Ancient Celt, Greek, Roman and Native American cultures. More and more, modern physical therapists are prescribing movement in water to rehab hip, knee and back injuries, as well as to improve the fitness of patients with pain related maladies.

 But it isn't just the physiological benefits that water affords; unique psychological responses occur as well when we get in and around water. And while therapeutic potential of water has been hugely underrated, the far reaching possibilities of simple H2O as one of the world's most promising health resources is undeniable. It has no side effects. It's free. And anyone can use it.

While there are the simple pleasures that we enjoy when in the water, whether it's a soak in the tub or a dip on a hot day, there are reasons why water is truly curative. It makes you lighter which makes exercise much easier, as submersion allows bones to bear a mere 25% of the weight they normally bear on dry land. Swimming is great cardio, without the impact of running or walking. For fibromialgia and arthritis sufferers this is a huge breakthrough, as strong evidence suggests that water therapy may be ideal for treating pain and greatly impacting health. Water will also give you strength, as it provides the same, but gentler, resistance as lifting weights. But it goes deeper than that. Water compresses the body, squeezing blood from the extremities to the chest, which actually increases the amount of blood the heart pumps with each beat. When submerged, your heart moves about 30% more blood than on Terra Firma, simulating light exercise. So, just sitting there in the water gives your heart a slight workout, triggering arterial vessels to relax, thus dropping blood pressure, making for easier operation on the cardiovascular system. This benefits the lungs as well. Muscular systems are revived and repaired, aiding in the rebuilding of fatigued or injured tissue. This may be the main reason why athletes use this therapy so often. It's great for your skin, too! Sea water in particular is a natural medicinal. It exfoliates, is antibacterial and can clear up acne in a hurry, as well as relieve eczema, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Water, in all its forms, is a healing environment. Just listening to the waves will lower the heart rate. Sea air is full of negative ions that help increase oxygen to the brain, relieving depression and increasing alertness, calming the nerves, broadening perspectives and lifting the spirits. And whether your destination is a soothing waterfall, an ocean surf or the gentle sounds of a freshwater lake or stream, a frequent water escape will do your mind and body good, making you happier and stronger in every way. See you at the beach!

Until next time...

Deck of the Month...

   Mary-El Tarot...

XX. The Aeon ~ Mary-El TarotWhile the Mary-El Tarot has not yet been released, I have been waiting in high anticipation for its debut in the world of Tarot! Having quite literally stumbled upon it well over a year ago at author and creator Mary White's web site The Mary-El Tarot, I was instantly captivated by her use of colour, imagery and symbolism used in this fascinating deck. This tarot, as any worth while Tarot should, creates an atmosphere, a response unique to its own style. Stimulating the psyche, it helps to unlock hidden areas of the imagination, a valuable component in psychic work. Tarot is the paint and the mind is the canvas. And while it departs from the Rider-Waite a little more than I normally prefer, I see the Mary-El as an exception to the rule. Its eccentricities and vision outweighing any need for being practical. Boring it is not. Nor is it wimpy. The imagery will invoke secret places and strange people, beautiful fauna and an exceptional use of colour palates that coaxes out times and places which embody the stuff of dreams. While a seasoned reader can see the traditional Rider-Waite peeking through, this is not a deck for the faint of heart, as the portrayals could be somewhat confusing; a seasoned reader will find Mary-El a challenge and a delight. This is a good deck to use as a break away for the student who is ready for a challenge that travels a little bit to the left of what Waite and Smith had in mind. As provocative as it is stunning, each card has its own story to tell. Put together, the images create a powerful alliance perfect for the mining of deep psychic impressions. I can't wait to use this deck in future readings, as well as for personal Tarot journaling. Hurry up, Mary-El! We are waiting! :)
  Nature's Call...

Danburite   Zodiacal: Leo ~ Vibration: #4 ~ 2nd Ray

Danburite Danburite crystallizes in the form of prismatic crystals resembling Topaz in configuration. The colour range includes colourless, white, gray, yellow-white, yellow-brown, pale wine-yellow, amber, pink and dark wine-yellow. First reported in 1839 by C.U. Shepard, Danburite was named after the locality of its first discovery, Danbury, Connecticut in the USA.

Danburite encourages one to "let their light shine" and helps others to "get along". It brings a comforting energy and easiness to situations in which there is more than one person involved. It is also helpful in the rectification of recalcitrant attitudes, allowing one to maintain personal identity while flowing with the structure of the world.

Danburite is a powerful intellectual activator, bringing both stimulus and responsiveness to the user, and further promoting the utilization of both the mind and "common sense". The pink coloured Danburite has been used to activate the heart chakra and to bring self-love to the user. It has also assisted in furthering relationships of love within the family, providing support to help one overcome old hostilities and/or separations which have occurred due to misunderstandings  and miscommunications.

In addition, occasionally Danburite exhibits a "Buddha Crystal" configuration, bringing the aspects of enlightenment and love toward realization. This configuration intensifies all of the attributes of Danburite and assists in the actualization of promoting ease of traveling one's path.

Danburite has been used in the treatment of ailments of the gall bladder and the liver. If consciously directed, it has also helped to add weight to the body. It has assisted in the removal of toxins from the body, and has also been used to assist motor capabilities and to provide catalytic action to the muscular structure of the body.

Personally, when I use Danburite in my psychic work, I feel a stronger line of communication between myself and the realms of spirit. When I wear this crystal I can really feel its vibration and power through and through. This is a stone that I am unable to wear for an extended period of time, as it is just too overwhelming for me, what with all the energy it pulls in. So, if you are looking for a new and different stone to try that is not too expensive and easy to find, I think Danburite may have some pleasant surprises in store for you! Whether it is used to help pull people together on the earthly plane or to help open the lines of communication from one dimension to the next, Danburite is the go-to crystal that brings everyone closer together!

[Information gleaned from "Love is in the Earth" by Melodie.]

Leo: Ruling Planet: Sun ~ Rules: Heart & Circulation ~ Element: Fire ~ Polarity: Masculine ~ Nature: Barren ~ Colour: Gold & Orange ~ Symbol: Lion ~ Birth Dates: 7/23-8/23 ~ Keywords: Loyal, Proud, Generous & Expressive. *Medicinal Herbs: Angelica, Ash-tree, Bawm, One-blade, Burner, Butter-bur, Chamomel, Chelondine, Centaury, Eyebright, St. Johns wort, Lovage, Marigolds, Misleto, Peony, St. Peters wort, Pimpernel, Rosa Solis, Rosemary, Rhue, Saffron, Tormentil, Turnsole, or Heliotropium, Vipers Bugloss, Walnut-tree.

[*This is just a partial list found in Culpeper's Complete Herbal, ca. 1652.]

  Psychic Muse...

Q Question of the Month: Can I combine Tarot journaling with my daily draw?
...submitted by Heidi

Yes, you can combine both the tarot journaling and the daily reflection into one. Decide which deck you wish to use and ready a journal for your journaling of this particular tarot deck. Plan on drawing one card per day. After you draw your card, you will be putting it into a used; or already pulled pile so that you don't pull the same card twice. So, at the beginning of the day, dedicate about 15 minutes to do your journaling. Begin by pulling one card from the deck. Look at the card and really take in the image and reflect on it. What is it saying to you? What does it remind you of? How does the card and the image make you feel? Write all this stuff down on one page. Next, put the card in a special place like on your alter, sacred space or your night stand - anywhere where you feel it will be safe and in a special place. As you go about your day, reflect on the card and its image and see where it fits in as the day progresses. Finally, at the end of the day, go back to your journal and write down anything exceptional that happened that reminded you of the card you pulled earlier and any events worth noting. Lastly, look up the LWB meaning and see how it compares with what you felt the card meant to you personally. Make sure to write the LWB meaning in a little paragraph at the very end of the page. Do this every day, putting the card from the day before in the drawn pile until you have drawn and journaled every single card in the deck. By the time that you are done, you will have built up a special relationship with your deck and know that deck like a good friend. You can do this with any deck or oracle. The choice is yours. Daily reflection is done the same way and you can journal that or not, whatever way you prefer.

Some folks add more detail to their journaling, such as using a spare deck to actually tape or glue the cards right into the journal. You could do this a different way by printing out the images from the computer in a slightly smaller format to save space and cost of taping a real live deck into the journal. Some folks draw likenesses of the cards by hand into the journal. The way you journal is a personal thing and entirely up to you and, of course, the sky is the limit! I keep a special journal just for journaling decks. I have a second journal for ideas and quotes/notes from books I am reading and studies I am doing, and a third smaller journal for dream work. I think journaling is one of the most important things an intuitive person can do. It frees the mind up and helps keep track of things so you won't have to worry about remembering every little thing. Especially for dream work. :)

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