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Welcome to rostrvm News! This month's edition looks at making the right improvements in the contact centre.

Top tips to improve the contact centre

Ken Reid of UK contact centre software developer, Rostrvm Solutions, says, “I would ask, is your contact centre making the right improvements?
It doesn’t matter how many ways a contact centre communicates with a customer – telephone, email, social networking sites, SMS, blog ... the crucial point is that the medium and the messages should be helping to build better relationships with customers.
This may sound obvious but so often, it is easy to get swept up in the act of ‘making improvements’ around everyday challenges and not make time to check ‘the bigger picture’. For example, is your contact centre focussed on understanding what your customer base really wants?
How can you meet or exceed customer expectations unless you understand their issues? Make time to go back to basics and ask questions like ‘how is our service viewed from the point of view of our customers?’ Do you spend time actually asking customers what they want and how your service compares?

Quite often, going back to basics in this way will put your strategy back on the right path. It may be, for example, that most of your customers are less worried about having the ability to contact you in seven different ways and are more concerned with finding the right person to answer their question as quickly as possible. It may be that they are not getting those answers quickly because the medium is not manned correctly. For example, it is all very well having social media but are staff trained and able to communicate and respond to it as effectively as they would over the phone? And if your business relies mostly on telephone contact, is it using technology such as skills-based routing to ensure each enquiry is routed to the person most able to help without delay?

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New free planning tools
A new calculator has been added to the suite of free planning tools for call centres and ‘back office’ tasks available to registered users on the rostrvm web site

The rostrvm Back Office calculator provides you with an indicative forecast of the number of staff required to manage a task workload such as  preparing contact documentation or processing insurance claims or any other off-phone tasks.


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