Amadea Bailey Newsletter

Hi, Everyone.

Here were are already into October and moving into Fall!!

Would love to update you on some of the things going on in my studio at Alla Rd.

I had a great two weeks in Maui …. surfing and dancing on the gentle and sometimes not so gentle Maui waves. It was much quieter there this summer and I often found myself
surfing in the water with only 4 or 5 other people. Heaven!! The highlight of my trip was driving all the way around the island with my great friend Hannah in her red 1989 toyota forerunner. The back side of the island is EXTRAORDINARY! There is actually desert in Maui and a very dramatic shoreline and cliffs. Of course the road to Hana is famous but the continuation is also well worth the drive. I had never before grasped how diverse the island actually is. I have posted a little video on my youtube channel that I took there sending you big aloha from that very special trip!!


Three weeks ago I spent another week at Esalon, Big Sur, with a few of my L.A. painter friends taking an amazing painting workshop with Michel Cassou the author of Life Paint and Passion and Point Zero:..Creativity without Limits. She is a visionary and deeply inspiring. I am still reeling from this experience and there has subsequently been an explosion of energy in my studio...

I feel that some seriously new doors have opened inside of me as a result and am very excited to see where this is going to take me. One of the things I love about painting is that it is always a new journey. I honestly never know where a painting is going to take me…

A couple of weeks ago I donated two paintings to a benefit for Healing Bridges...

an organization run by Zebiba Shekhia that is raising money to build a school in the Sudan for a large group of “forgotten” Eritrean refugees that have been living there for many years.

She has already raised $120.000 and we were able to add another $13000 that afternoon. Fortuitously there was a gentleman named Alan Hashemian who saw my paintings at the benefit and ended up buying two large paintings for his beautiful office in Irive, CA.

I took six paintings one afternoon ( which he had chosen in my studio) and two of them remained in their new and happy home. I must say his lobby looked
beautiful at the end of the day!!!

I have been working on a number of paintings and wanted to share with you a few images that document the progression of a painting that I recently finished. It is called Twilight and is a part of a series that features circus imagery and in this case the central figure is a Harlequin.

This painting is 80” x 62” and is acrylic and oil on canvas.

Last but not least I wanted to tell you that I am going to Buenos Aires in the middle of October to check out the art scene and for a few weeks of intensive tango dancing . I am told it is “off the hook”…. Vibrant and ALIVE.
I will let you all know. I am VERY excited. I have never been to South America and am looking forward to an adventure.

Have a wonderful fall!!!!


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