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Dear Friends,
When I wrote my last letter it was the end of June and I  was on my way to Maui. I had such a great month there…. Surfing almost every day… both in Hookipa and at 1,000 peaks on the south coast near Lahaina.  It was such a blissful experience surfing in the warm water with NO wetsuit!!!  It was also a blessing to be able to spend so much time with my friend Hannah,  an  environmental activist and marine biologist and to witness some of the great projects she is working on.  I spent one entire night at Makena State Park  walking up and down the beach watching for a female turtle who comes up five times a year to lay her 200 eggs.  She is one of an endangered species and this process is carefully tracked and observed.   
Early September was interrupted by a week at Burning Man., a yearly arts festival/extravaganza  that takes place in the middle of the Nevada desert.  This year I was able to get a ride on a private plane directly into the little airport that is set up for the week of the burn. My favorite art piece was a group of four steel sculptures which was done by a group of  bay area artists, among them Laura Kimpton, Bob Hofmann and Jeff Schonberg.
Burning Man was not without its challenges.  The day of the infamous “Burn”  there was a nine hour dust storm (the longest in the history of the festival)  in which I found myself holed up in a camper (affectionately referred to as the “Pirates Den”  ) with two young male musicians from Brooklyn and three wild women who had left their husbands behind for a week of fun on their own.
The last few months have been rather a whirlwind in my studio.
I have four new large paintings which can now be seen on my website  
I have been selling my work to some wonderful collectors, among them Halle Berry, who has a stunning collection of contemporary paintings,  Meredith Baer , who has been a fan of mine for many years and has a very successful company staging houses (www.meredithbaer .com)  and John and Marilyn McLaughlin who bought an Africa inspired painting that has transformed their living room.   (scroll down to read her words)  
Last month, a tylenol commercial was shot in my living room  and kitchen and I rented out six blue paintings for a Bumble bee commercial that was shot in a loft downtown.  Soooooo fun!!!!! What a great experience it is to have so many creative people and such great energy in my house.  Speaking of my house,   I finally finished renovating my kitchen-  which has taken over two years…  I love it.   It feels very Mediterranean .  What an accomplishement!!!
As you all know this last month has been one of financial volatility, challenges and change.  The Bill Lowe Gallery in Santa Monica where I had been showing for the last two years closed its doors two weeks ago after five years.   Bill will be focusing all of his energy on his gallery in Atlanta ,  Georgia.
I’d like to end by sharing a piece that my friend and collector Marilyn wrote about her process of buying and owning my painting Tribal Song. I  was deeply touched by her heartfelt words.
"I found Amadea's work by accident.  I had looked on Google for a painter to do some interior painting and up popped Amadea's website.  I instantly loved her work and contacted her to get more information on her paintings.  As it turned out, Amadea and I had met years ago during a very important time in my life and to have one of her paintings hanging in my house would have been just perfect, an omen..  I knew I was at the point of no return when Amadea hung Tribal Song on my wall "just to see how it would look".   I knew it would never come down.  
I have a love for things African that I really can't explain. As a Jewish woman I have always been baffled by this intense connection.  The dance, music, languages, and people have always connected to some deep part of me.  When Amadea told me that this painting had been inspired by the time she spent as a child living in Africa it made complete sense to me.  Now I was sure it would never leave my house. 

Often I rest on my sprawling couch and dream in to the painting.  I feel the cool air, hear the water pouring down over the richly colored earth and rock.  I feel calm and inspired, as if I was sitting right there in the heart of a roaring waterfall.    I had never bought a piece of art like this before and was concerned that I would tire of it quickly  and regret my purchase.  In fact, it only continues to grow on me.  Sometimes it is simply a beautiful and personal finishing touch on my living room ,bringing in the  earthy colors that I was craving.  Other times, I indulge and allow myself a momentary escape into the powerful and grounding colors, sounds and smells of this far away,  familiar place. " 

-- Marilyn McLaughlin
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