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Hi everyone.Welcome to my third newsletter…


I would love to share with you a little about what has been going on in my life.As many of you know… as well as painting I am passionate about dance and havebeen dancing a form called contact improvisation for the last 20 years.  I amabout to go up to Berkeley where people from all over the country willbe meeting for an annual contact festival.  The following two images are ofme dancing with one of my long time dance partners Jeffrey Nash. (photo courtesy Andre Andreev, )

More recently I have also begun Tango Dancing and am planning to go to Buenos Aireswith a group of friends in October for a month, to immerse myself in Argentine Tango and enjoy all that this famous city has to offer.


.In the last few months I have been workingon a lot of new paintings… a few of which I would like to share with you here.This body of work is decidedly more figurative in nature---there is a circus and dance theme emerging….

…acrobats, harlequins., musicians….small dancers tumbling around and  through the paintings in unexpected and surprising ways. These paintings are joyful, whimsical and slightly other worldly…

It is interesting that my love of dance is overtly making its way into my workMy painting process has always been very “kinaesthetically”  driven…. meaning the  inspiration and impulses  first move like a wave through my body ….. and then find a visual  expression and form on the canvas.It is always a back and forth dance between my body and my mind/eyes,  my body and my mind/ eyes…..

Dancing Through My Eyes 


In the last few months I have also been studying  encaustic painting,  an ancient technique using wax and heat  that was begun centuries ago by the ancient Egyptians.…Blahh put this technique on the map  in the 50’s with his famous flag paintings ..I  took a wonderful five day long course in Los Angeles in May….taught by DaniellaWolf and given through a New York based organization called R @ F encaustics.   Then a few weeks later I took a second workshop at Esalon in Big Sur

This  technique lends itself to working on a small scale and I have been thoroughly enjoying creating small intimate worlds that have a great deal of depth, luminosity and texture.  I have spent most of my career  painting on a large scale and I am now finding great pleasure working on a small canvas. 


For those of you that have not been to my website in a while….it has been revamped and updated…. I have a new photo ( courtesy Andre Andreev,  ) and video on my home page that beautifully documents my creative process.  Please go and take a look:

This video was a wonderful collaboration  and I am very happy with how it turned out.…I am so grateful for the love and expertise that.Joey Calderon (camera) , Luis Chiarotti (camera)  and Bob Jenkis  (editor) poured into this project.… thanks so much you guys  for your generous support!!!!!

 There are also a few new testimonials… as well as lots of new work…



I’d like to end  by sharing images of a few paintings that I have recently sold… This first painting was sold through the Lowe Gallery in Atlanta and the second to a private client in Los Angeles.

 I hope you have wonderful summer!!!!!!

Sending you all my love




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