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Dear friends,

I am back from Buenos Aires after an amazing month of adventure and tango dancing. It was my first introduction to South America and I was not disappointed. Buenos Aires is a serious night time city. You don’t even eat dinner until 10 o'clock at night and the tango clubs are open every night until 6 a.m. I was in a taxi one night at 4 a.m. and there was so much traffic it felt like 6 pm rush hour.
I would say the highlight of my trip was the 6 day tango intensive …. taught by Luciana Valle a passionate and amazing tango teacher…in which we danced exclusively with young professional tango dancers…all of whom I had fallen in love with by the end of the week!! At night we would hire these same professionals to come out and dance with us in the clubs. Can you see how this could become a serious addiction? I miss them all dearly!! 
So I am now back in Venice and busily working in the studio. I am very excited to report that last month my work was shown in a video published in The Sunday New York Times that was connected to an article in the Sunday Magazine Section that came out on October   22nd. . Click Here  to link to the video. 
You can see my paintings through out the video and also on the opening page of this link.. The article is an interview with Meredith Baer who has a highly successful staging company in Los Angeles. She stages high end homes that are for sale and I have been working with her for many years. I have seven large paintings hanging in the home that was featured in this article.

And as we approach the holiday season I wanted to let you know that I now have eleven limited edition giclees of my works on paper…They can be made at the original size 37”x 24” or a smaller version 30” x 20”. A selection of these giclees can be seen below. 



I am also now selling beautiful necklaces with images of my paintings on them. They are being made by my friend Barbara Smith using a special process she invented called the Auratone . They are all done with a gold background and are a combination of ultra modern hip and vintage chic. These necklaces can be layered (three or four at a time) or worn individually.

Both of these items will make great unique holiday gifts…
Please let me know if you would like more information about either of these items!! Click Here to see all available paintings that can be made into pendants.

I am having a holiday party and open house next Sunday, December 13th, from 3-7 pm at my studio in Mar Vista.

3918 Alla Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Please come by for a glass of hot mulled wine... see my new work...including new giclees and necklaces... and celebrate the end of the year!!!
Hope to see you there!!
I hope you have a wonderful and safe Holiday!!!
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